RFK Jr discusses his candidacy, and talks about Operation Northwoods (2024)

54 minutes ago, John Cotter said:

Matt, William, Leslie. Deflection, deflection, deflection.

It's no wonder the USA and the west are going down the toilet.

Do you really want to go there, John?

What is your position on Shannon Airport's complicity in the success of US the Military-Industrial Complex over decades? How might that have contributed to "the west" going down the toilet? Or, are you among those who have spent their lives protesting what is the equivalent of a US air base at Shannon? If you're a native of the North of Ireland, I have additional questions.

And I'm curious, speaking of decades of symbiosis, are you familiar with this history relevant to the assassination of President Kennedy? Do you think Ireland should finally accept a degree of responsibility for indulging fascists and card carrying N(a)zis like Otto and Ilse Skorzeny?

The New Irish Economy and the Elusive Francois Genoud

As revealed earlier, theUS philanthropic arm of the global petroleum behemoth, Rockefeller Foundation provided the equivalent of $1.5 million in today’s dollars in search of the pure Aryan in Ireland. By 1960, Rockefeller consigliere John Jay McCloy was also representing American industrialist and avowed anti-Semite, Henry Ford in Ireland. The implications become even more relevant to Otto Skorzeny and his cabal’s proposal for Ireland’s economic strategy in the 1960s. “Skorzeny and two representatives of a German and a Swiss bank had protracted talks with members of the Irish Government and they promised to transfer considerable sums of capital to aid its economic development.”

We also know from author Martin Lee that “rumors of Skorzeny’s presence in Germany or of his influence being felt in N(a)zi circles are intermittently heard,” McCloy wrote in a cable to President Kennedy’s Secretary of State, Dean Acheson.

“There is a British Intelligence document dated 20 Nov 53, entitled ‘Francois GENOUD’ [Sic] which contains some background on this mysterious Swiss. It notes that he is the literary executor for both Hitler and Bormann and ‘possesses many N(a)zi documents.’ He is described as being in contact with British Fascist Sir Oswald Mosley at the time, as well as with Paul Dickopf (who would eventually become head of West Germany’s equivalent of the FBI, the BKA, despite his impeccable N(a)zi resume; indeed, he was even for a while a head of Interpol like his predecessor [and Skorzeny’s boss], Ernst Kaltenbrunner. Genoud worked for Dickopf in the Abwehr, and his credentials as an Abwehr agent are referenced in the British document, as well as his connection with Naumann Circle and with one Frau Lucht of Dusseldorf, which indicates the H.S. Lucht firm of Dusseldorf managed by Werner Naumann.”

Designated by Hitler as his titular heir, Naumann never relented from his commitment to resume the Reich in Germany, to the extent that he was arrested in 1953 and charged with attempting to infiltrate political parties. After his release, Naumann took charge of the H.S. Lucht Co. based in Dusseldorf, a firm that Otto would use as a front for years. The Lucht firm, along with Hjalmar Schacht’s Lombard Odier banking concern based in Dusseldorf, was a cornerstone for advancing schemes coming out of Bonn. No doubt it was through these business opportunities that Ilse Skorzeny had access to Princess Marbert, whom she pursued to purchase property near Martinstown House [County Kildare]. Also, critical during this time frame, were the tightly held negotiations between ChancellorKonrad Adenauer, Otto Skorzeny, and Dr. Wilhelm Voss who was then in Egypt pursuing efforts to collaborate with the Muslim brotherhood. Dealing with the Muslims was a feature for all of these players during the mid-1950s. By the late50s, the Republic of Germany and the US both were planning to flood the Irish economy. . . .

. . . In the early 1950s, [Sir Oswald] Mosley [British Union of Fascists] and his wife Diana Mitford had purchased Clonfert Palace, Co. Galway, Ireland—rumored to have been prompted by tax issues in the U.K.—wheretheyresided until a fire in December 1954 gutted their home.Early in 1955, the Mosleys purchased the elegant Georgian house, Ileclash, built on an elevation over the Blackwater outside Fermoy, Co. Cork.

Mosley married his second wife Diana Mitford—one of six Mitford sisters who captured the maelstrom of British and American press in their day—in 1936 in the Berlin home of National Socialist propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels with Adolf Hitler as one of the guests. Mosley, who would become a lifelong friend of N(a)zi Ulrich Rudel [who appears in the 1963 records of Pierre Lafitte], endorsed Hitler's policies following the outbreak of World War II led to his internment after which he was shunned by the British establishment. In a note of irony, Diana’s sister, Deborah married into the Cavendish family and eventually earned the rank of Dowager duch*ess of Devonshire. Her brother-in-law, the Marquess of Hartington married Kathleen Kennedy, the older sister of John F. Kennedy. Lismore Castle, the seat of the Duke in Ireland, played host to the young senator Kennedy, a trip he frequently recalled with deep fondness.

Mosley and his wife, both unrepentant fascists to their deaths, were entrenched in the Republic of Ireland by the time Otto and Ilse Skorzeny began visiting the country.

From his base in Ileclash,in the late ’50s, Sir Oswald was spending increasing amounts of time mixing with aspirant neo-fascists in Europe and with the theorists of apartheid in South Africa.. . .

US Ambassadors to Ireland

Within months of taking office, President Kennedy terminated the mission of America’s ambassador to Ireland under Eisenhower, R. W. Scott McLeod and replaced him with his good friend from Florida, Grant Stockdale. Kennedy had been one of the only senators who voted against McLeod’s nomination as ambassador in 1957.

Prior to the appointment by Eisenhower, McLeod, had served as head of the State Department’s Bureau for Security and Consular Affairs. A notorious hom*ophobe and rabid anti-communist whose photo held a space on the desk of Senator Joseph McCarthy had worked closely with the senator’s red-baiting hearings, placing him in immediate proximity to mob lawyer Roy Cohn as well as Robert Morris, two of American’s staunchest anti-communists. We read about Robert Morris and his cohorts in Dallas in our next chapter. Scott McLeod presented his credentials in Dublin on July 17, 1957, just weeks after the Skorzenys were feted at Portmarnock. During his four-year tenure in Ireland, he had ample time to become acquainted with Otto and Ilse and their newfound friends in Ireland.

John Kennedy’s good friend Grant Stockdale presented his credentials in Dublin on May 17, 1961, just weeks after McLeod left the post. As ambassador, both McLeod and Stockdale’s duties included hosting formal and informal events for dignitaries and Ireland’s elite. At this juncture, it is worth repeating the history between Stockdale and Otto Skorzeny . . . :“Frequently attending these gatherings in all their splendor were Otto and Else Skorzeny. . . . Without doubt, Stockdale was amply familiar with former National Socialist SS officer Otto Skorzeny, who often visited the embassy for meetings with various American businessmen, military officers, and intelligence officials, as well as various embassy staff members throughout 1960, 1961, and 1962. Former embassy personnel vividly recall Skorzeny coming to the embassy on a near ‘weekly basis.’ Evidence also reveals that the Skorzenys were occasional dinner guests joining the ambassador and his wife. . . .”

The ruggedly handsome forty-eight-year-old Florida businessman “fell to his death” from the 13thfloor of the DuPont Building in Miami, just ten days after his close friend John Kennedy was brutally taken down in Dallas. Asnoted previously, no author until now has identified Stockdale’s connections to Otto and Ilse Skorzeny and the possible impact of those connections on his untimely death.

With few exceptions, up until the 1990s, all US ambassadors to Ireland had backgrounds in either the military or intelligence (and often both), and/or served on the boards of military contractors.

Edited by Leslie Sharp

RFK Jr discusses his candidacy, and talks about Operation Northwoods (2024)
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