Dak Prescott Is on Pace To Shatter a Number of NFL Single-Season Passing Records (2024)


Dak Prescott Is on Pace To Shatter a Number of NFL Single-Season Passing Records (1)


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Dak Prescott Is on Pace To Shatter a Number of NFL Single-Season Passing Records (3)

If the Dallas Cowboys could actually play defense, quarterback Dak Prescott could very well be in the conversation for NFL MVP. However, it’s highly unlikely that the leader of a team that will likely finish no better than .500 will get many votes.

Nevertheless, Prescott has put up record numbers over the Cowboys’ first four games and is on pace to break a number of NFL single-season passing records.

Dak Prescott is on pace to break Peyton Manning’s single-season passing yards record by more than 1,000 yards

Most passing yards thru the first four games of a season:
1. Dak Prescott, 2020 – 1,657
2. Kurt Warner, 2000 – 1,557
3. Tom Brady, 2011 – 1,553
4. Patrick Mahomes, 2018 – 1,510

— Pro Football Reference (@pfref) October 4, 2020

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Through the Dallas Cowboys’ first four games of the 2020 season, three of which were losses, Dak Prescott has thrown for a combined 1,690 yards, breaking Kurt Warner’s record for yards through four games. With his 502-yard performance in the Cowboys’ 49-38 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, which was just the 24th 500-yard performance in NFL history, Prescott became the first player to throw for 450 or more yards in three consecutive games. He threw for exactly 450 yards in Dallas’ wild comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons in Week 2 and followed it up with a 472-yard outing last week against the Seattle Seahawks.

If Dak Prescott continues on this current pace, he’ll throw for 6,760 yards, which would annihilate the current record by close to 1,300 yards. Peyton Manning threw for 5,477 yards in 2013 with the Denver Broncos, his second year with the team. The two-time Super Bowl champ also threw for a record 55 touchdown passes that season. Prescott is currently on pace to throw 36 touchdowns for the Cowboys, which would be a career high. He threw for 30 scores a season ago.

Currently averaging 422.5 passing yards per game, Dak Prescott would need to average 315.6 yards per game over the Cowboys’ final 12 games to reach Manning’s record.

Dak Prescott is also on pace to have the most completions in a single NFL season


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Through the Dallas Cowboys’ first four games, Dak Prescott has completed a league-high 137 passes, giving him an average of 34.25 completions per game.

If he continues on that pace, he’ll end up with 548 completions in 2020, which would break Drew Brees’ record of 471, which he set in 2016. Brees actually owns the top three spots on that particular list. He completed 468 passes in 2011 and 456 in 2014. Over the next 12 games, Prescott would need to complete an average of 27.9 passes per game to reach Brees’ mark.

He might also throw more passes than any other quarterback in history

Dak Prescott Is on Pace To Shatter a Number of NFL Single-Season Passing Records (4)

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Dak Prescott could also set the all-time mark for pass attempts in a single NFL season. He currently leads the league with 201, which puts him on pace for 804. The current record belongs to Matthew Stafford, who is the only quarterback in history to attempt more than 700 passes in a single season with 727 for the Detroit Lions in 2012. Currently averaging 50.25 attempts per game, Prescott would need to average 43.9 attempts over the next 12 games to reach Stafford’s record.

With the way the Dallas Cowboys have been throwing the football, the chance of Dak Prescott breaking all of these records actually seems high. Unfortunately for Prescott and the Cowboys, they’re only on pace to win four games in 2020, which is certainly a bigger deal than a few passing records.

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference

Dak Prescott Is on Pace To Shatter a Number of NFL Single-Season Passing Records (2024)


What NFL records has Dak Prescott broken? ›

  • Highest passer rating by a rookie quarterback (104.9)
  • Highest completion percentage by a rookie quarterback (67.8%)
  • Most wins in a season by a rookie quarterback: 13 (tied)

Who has the most single season passing yards ever? ›

. Manning 5,477

How many passing yards does Dak Prescott have so far this year? ›

2022Dallas Cowboys2860
2021Dallas Cowboys4449
2020Dallas Cowboys1856
2019Dallas Cowboys4902
5 more rows

Is Dak Prescott a top 10 quarterback? ›

Monday the worldwide leader released their quarterback rankings and Dak Prescott came in at number 9, shout out to his predecessor Tony Romo. One of the most polarizing figures on this list each year, Prescott remains a fringe top-10 passer — consistently voted in, yet never considered in the upper echelon.

Who was the greatest Cowboys QB of all time? ›

2 All-Time Cowboys Passing Yardage: 32,942. In nearly every Dallas quarterback ranking, Roger Staubach is going to come in at No. 1 due to what he meant to the franchise. While it's true he was the first true superstar in team history, there's another quarterback who surpassed him later on, which was Troy Aikman.

Who has the most 5000 yard passing seasons? ›

Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Patrick Mahomes are the only NFL quarterbacks to have multiple 5,000 yards seasons; Brees accomplished the feat a record five times, while Brady and Mahomes have accomplished it twice. Matthew Stafford is the only 5,000-yard passer with a 500-yard game in the same season.

Has anyone ever thrown for 6000 yards in a season? ›

While no quarterback has ever come close to 6,000 passing yards in the regular season, six have done it with the inclusion of postseason stats. Brees, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Brady, Marino and Stafford have all done so with the help of a few extra playoff games.

Who is the NFL all-time passing leader? ›

Tom Brady

What is Dak Prescott's win-loss record? ›

Dak Prescott has a 73-41 record as a starter in his career.
10D. Prescott8.4
11D. Prescott8.1
12D. Prescott7.7
13D. Prescott4.5
19 more rows

How many all pros does Dak Prescott have? ›

Quarterback Dak Prescott - Second Team

This is Prescott's first time getting on either of the All-Pro teams, after being named to his third Pro Bowl.

What endorsem*nts does Dak Prescott have? ›

Beyond his earnings as a professional football player, Prescott has secured lucrative endorsem*nt deals with major brands, earning him an additional $50 million. Some of his prominent sponsors include Jordan, Beats, DirectTV, Campbell's, Blockchain.com, Oikos, Pepsi, New Era, Citi Bank, and more.

Who leads the NFL in interceptions? ›

NFL History - Interception Leaders
Interception Leaders
1Paul Krause81
2Emlen Tunnell79
3Rod Woodson71
17 more rows

Who has 60,000 passing yards? ›

Interpreted as:
Tom Brady89,21497.2
Drew Brees80,35898.7
Philip Rivers63,44095.2
Ben Roethlisberger64,08893.5
3 more rows

How many times have the Eagles beaten Dak Prescott? ›

Dak Prescott has a record of 9-4 against the Eagles in his career.

What QB has the most rushing yards in a season? ›

L. Jackson

How many division titles does Dak Prescott have? ›

For a player with so many passing attempts, there is an expectation for a high interception rate, but Dak has consistently been in the bottom half of quarterbacks for the stat. All of this has happened while leading the Cowboys to four division titles over the eight seasons Dak has been at the helm.

How many times has Dak Prescott lost to Washington? ›

Dak Prescott has an 11-2 record against the Commanders in his career.

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