Qualifying Tour Guide and Tour Leader

Qualifying Tour Guide and Tour Leader

Travel Guide

A Travel Guide is required to have extensive knowledge of history, culture, ins and outs, as well as the latest updates of the city it presents. The broadest range of TL knowledge or Tour Guide is not everything they know. There are things that they may not know or even forget. So, don’t hurry to judge TL or the stupid Tour Guide and can’t understand anything.

Usually the Tour Guide concentrates with general historical and cultural knowledge and economics (not specific), so if tourists ask for example: “How much is Gross Domestic Income for this area?”, They may not know for sure because the questions asked are so specific (regarding macro economics). Or another example, TL was asked: “Why are there many models of houses in the Amsterdam area that are conical like gingerbread?” There may be TL who can answer, but many TL don’t know the answer because the question is a question about the local culture and should be asked to Tour Guide not to TL


Tour Leader

A TL is not obliged to know the history, culture, and the ins and outs of each city he visits because his job is not to explain but only to lead the tour group. However, it would have added value if a TL could also equip itself with knowledge about the cities it visited, because it could be that the language limitation between the Tour Guide and the participants made participants feel more comfortable asking TL rather than the Tour Guide (usually the Tour Guide is local residents who are licensed to become tour guides, rarely is there a Tour Guide that can speak Indonesian (if international))