ZeroNemeziz’s Wandering Mind of Stories Chương 17 (2024)

A Virtual Reality Dive MMORPG, Kingdom Building, Open World, War, PvP, and various more genres.

This game presents 8 Classes of 8 different colors. The Red Faction represents barbaric warriors or Vikings that were able to thrive within volcanic areas and were able to utilize the powers of fire and lava.

Orange Faction is made up of craftsmen and users of Earth, Metal, and Crystals. Yellow Faction are people from the desert, capable of forming and manipulating the sand. Green Faction are lovers of nature, powerful hunters within forests and jungles, and capable of controlling plants and trees. Blue Faction is made up of voyagers, riders of the seas and skies, controllers of water and wind. Purple Faction is made up of knowledge seekers and magic users. White Faction are believers of gods, wielding holy magic, while the Black Faction is the opposite, believers of the Devil, wielding not only Dark Magic but also Shadow Magic and Death Magic.

Alexis logged into the game and appeared in the waiting lobby with her actual appearance. Like every other player, she has 6 characters to play and if any one of them dies, they're no longer useable and lose all progress for that character. Alexis chooses one of them and enters the game.

Starting from Neutral Faction Village as a Serf with Ragged Tunic, Ragged Trousers, Ragged Foot-wrap. The Serf profession provides 1 point into Strength, Vitality, and Agility. The profession also provides the Labor Skill that reduces the burden and consumption of stamina in labor-related tasks.

[>- - - - - < Info > - - - - - <]

Name: Alexis

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Faction: None

Alignment: Neutral

Wealth: 0 Copper | 0 Silver | 0 Gold | 0 Platinum | 0 Jade

Reputation: 0

Titles: None

[>- - - - - < Main Stats > - - - - - <]

Strength: 1

Vitality: 1

Agility: 1

Intelligence: 0

Charisma: 0

Leadership: 0

[>- - - - - < Professions > - - - - - <]

1: Serf(Ordinary) - Tier 1 - Level 1/20

2: Empty

3: Empty

4: Empty

5: Empty

[>- - - - - < Skill/Abilities > - - - - - <]

Labor - F Rank

[>- - - - - < Equipment > - - - - - <]

Ragged Tunic - 1 Defense - 100% Durability

Ragged Trousers - 1 Defense - 100% Durability

Ragged Foot-wrap - 1 Defense - 100% Durability

In the neutral village, she had to work for the village to earn some money, the game has been out for a year already and players have yet to explore much of the game. They're just growing up in their chosen faction. Also, players have to be careful with their lives as not only do they lose everything on that character but they'll be given a 1 year time off from the game and then they can come back with all 6 starting characters.

To exit the Neutral Zone, she needs to reach max level with the Serf Profession, 5 Gold, and choose a faction, along with completing their trial to even join the faction. Though she could do all that, she could also obtain all the opportunities within the zone to grow even stronger before leaving. Unlike most others, she was creative, and smart, along with daring enough to implement them. The Colored Fantasy Online provided all sorts of things Alexis wanted to try out, and she knows that they would work as she saw other players who shared information on various things that were discovered.

One of those things is related to Production Professions and expanding the Profession Limits through things discovered within the Neutral Zone.

She took up these things and started to plan out how she was going to build the greatest character.

Spawning in the village center, she was brought into the village's Labor Center, the place where Serfs are given work, experience points, and money. In the beginning, when the game was released, players had tried to play how they played in other MMORPGs and got f*ckin murdered or beaten up. First off, they retaliated against the guards who are leading around Serfs to their workplaces and those who went out to hunt for creatures were instantly killed as they weren't prepared or armed. The game was following more realistic medieval times thing and the starting villages would help them adapt to how it would be like out in the world, outside the neutral zone.


When it was Alexis's turn to obtain work from the reception desk, she was given 3 work areas and was told 2 of them were nearly full. Her starting village was Neutral-3 Village and was situated in the mountainous region where it was higher than usual and it was freezing, it was one to worst starting areas.

The 2 work that was nearly occupied were Mining and Labor, while the less desirable work was farming as they would work in the cold and it is hard to grow anything within these mountains.

Alexis chose to farm and was given a wooden plaque that'll identify where would belong to. She was pointed to where she could get her equipment and brought to the farmland. Alexis walked over to the guard, showing her wooden plaque, and knocked on the door with a certain rhythm.

A person came out, he looked at the guard who then point at Alexis. The man looks at her before letting her in, presenting a large number of tools and bags.

"Alright, pick out a Hoe and sickle." Alexis picked out a random hoe and sickle as they were all the same, and was given a belt to hold the sickle, along with a few bags which he mentioned one of them being the seeds she would be growing and the other 2 bags being Lesser-Grade Growth Boosting Fertilizer which increases the growing process of the crops. She was warned to not use too much or too many times on one crop as it could be ruined for growing past the ripe stage or it mutating.

Alexis was soon escorted out and to the farmland where she saw some struggling players trying to protect and grow their crops. The guard told her where things are such as the warm waterfall, the warehouse, the place to earn what she had grown, before lastly warning her that she cannot move freely without earning a certain amount to purchase a free-movement plaque. He leaves and Alexis went to work because she was confident in being successful in the farming area within this region, as she had played other games and truly experienced farming, so she knows what she's doing.

Observing her surroundings, the village was embedded into the mountain and it had a roof over it. The village had carefully expanded flatland for the farm. The warehouse and all were built into the mountain.

Getting where everything was, Alexis chose the place to grow her crops and used her past farming experiences. Skillfully digging around and using some of the materials around to help. Planting and using the fertilizer, the crops slowly grew up. It would have been faster if the soil wasn't terrible and the environment wasn't trying to kill it.

She was growing wheat, in a few hours, it grew ripe and was harvested. In her free time, she developed more of her plot to speed up the growth. Other players who had discovered her growing speed were surprised she was growing at a much faster speed than them. Which is reasonable as they were just growing them without protecting the crops and using the soil as it is. Some players came to ask her how she was doing this as she told them she was experienced in farming. Alexis could tell that they were players who just fought monsters and did raids than did any production occupations, they were most likely stuck in this stage for a long time.

They asked for tips and she just told them to develop their soil as it was terrible with how it is. They took that advice and quickly developed their land as they wanted to get out of this stage quickly.

Alexis took her time and the time dilation was pretty long, 1 hour in the game was 20 minutes Irl.

With a large bundle, she went to the processing station and gathered 3 Small Bags of Wheat. As for their straw stalks, Alexis kept them for something as she knows to weave them. As for why she's confident she could do so was that Colored Fantasy Online wasn't just realistic in their medieval era, but their mechanics were also very on point. To keep it to the top realistic, they created an A.I that would monitor and run the game, as the human control wasn't viable for consistent realism.

Alexis delivered the bags to the warehouse and to the manager who checked the product quality and was surprised.

"This is Low-Grade Wheat! How did you do this? Usually, we get Lesser-Grade Wheat from these areas." Alexis told him that she improved the environment and soil for the crops. He nods in understanding and told her the conversions.

"Let me tell you this, villages within mountains and deserts, we would provide double the rates for crops while other regions would provide half of our rates. Here, we give 10 Copper per bag of Lesser-Grade Wheat, 50 Copper per Low-Grade Wheat, and 1 Silver per Mid-Grade Wheat. Any higher we don't accept and it's impossible to grow High-Grade and higher Wheat."

He then give her 1 Silver and 50 Copper, along with showing her what she could purchase from him, but she had to know that after purchasing the plaque to move freely, she wouldn't be able to buy from him again. As these products are meant only for Serfs working on the farmland. The moment she leaves, that means she can move to a different workplace. She could apply to move to another workplace to be able to purchase their commodities. After purchasing all 3 plaques, she could no longer purchase their commodities but she could work in any workplace freely.

Looking at the manager's commodities, 5 things, including the plaque that costs 10 Silver, he has a Lesser-Grade Storage Bag which can only hold up to 5 items, it cannot stack, and it costs 5 Silver. There was Lesser-Grade Bread for 3 Copper, Lesser-Grade Waterskin for 10 Copper, and Profession-Scroll: Farmer(Ordinary) for 1 Silver.

Alexis purchased bread and the waterskin to satiate her hunger and thirst before going back to farming. During her waiting times, she crafted a pair of sandals and stalk-woven clothing pieces to keep herself warm. She even improve the ragged clothing to keep herself warmer. Alexis wasn't able to check her status board, various UIs, notifications, and all to keep the realism. To check them was through the Status Board Terminals and Tablets. The terminals are used in modifying or adding free points into their stats, while the tablets are for just checking things. Also, players cannot create skills as skills are just buffs to various actions. Players are able to craft anything without needing the crafting skills, but their products and crafting speed could improve if they have the crafting skills.

When it got dark, Serf players are led to shacks to rest or players could keep working but it would be much colder than when it was day. Alexis kept working and used the Status Board Terminal meant for their area.

[>- - - - - < Info > - - - - - <]

Name: Alexis

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Faction: None

Alignment: Neutral

Wealth: 37 Copper | 1 Silver | 0 Gold | 0 Platinum | 0 Jade

Reputation: 0

Titles: None

[>- - - - - < Main Stats > - - - - - <]

Strength: 3

Vitality: 3

Agility: 3

Intelligence: 0

Charisma: 0

Leadership: 0

[>- - - - - < Professions > - - - - - <]

1: Serf(Ordinary) - Tier 1 - Level 3/20

2: Empty

3: Empty

4: Empty

5: Empty

[>- - - - - < Skill/Abilities > - - - - - <]

Labor - F Rank

[>- - - - - < Equipment > - - - - - <]

Stalk-woven Ragged Tunic - 2 Defense - 99% Durability

Stalk-woven Ragged Trousers - 2 Defense - 99% Durability

Foot-wrapped Sandal - 1 Defense - 97% Durability

Stalk-woven Bracers - 1 Defense - 98% Durability

Lesser-Grade Storage Bag - 5/5 Slots - 100% Durability

Alexis expanded her plot, processed the wheat, and crafted more sandals and bracers, along with baskets that would hold her bundle of wheat. She sold the extra to other players for 1 copper and they were willing to buy as they felt uncomfortable with wearing the footwraps. The bracers helped shield their arms from the cold breeze and the baskets helped them carry around the harvested crops. Earning a silver and 5 coppers.

Alexis crafted a mattress and blanket with the straws to take some naps then or now. By the time the manager came back, Alexis brought 16 bags, earning her 8 Silver, and used 6 Silver to get a Lesser-Grade Storage Bag and Profession-Scroll: Farmer(Ordinary). The storage bag was a primitive satchel and she stored the scroll in it. Buying 3 bread to keep around and went to work. Plowing the field, watering the crops, etc.

As time passes by, Alexis was able to gather together more and more players developing the land, making it more fertile and the betterment of coming players. Together, they were able to reduce the growth length to a few hours. Alexis had to spend 20 Copper to restock on Lesser-Grade Growth Boost Fertilizer.

Each day in real life, Alexis makes 25 Bags of Low-Grade Wheat, earning her 1250 Copper, or 12 Silver and 50 Copper per IRL day. Within a week she managed to max out her Serf Profession and replace it with the Farmer Profession. Gaining 2 points into Strength and Vitality, 1 point into Agility, and the Farming Skill. Since a week had passed, she was able to pile up a wealth of 87 Silver, 50 Copper. Though each day she had to purchase Growth Boosting Fertilizer and sold her Stalk-woven products, they canceled each other a bit and managed to make 88 Silver within the week.

With the Farming Skill, the crops grew much faster along with developing the land.

Alexis leveled up her Farmer Profession to 5 before applying to go Mining. Alexis gave the manager 10 Silver and she was then escorted by the Guard. Along the way, she was told that she was lucky that applied at the right time to enter the mines as most of the players had moved on.

Alexis was brought into the Labor center to return the Hoe, Sickle, Belt, and various bags that she had obtained here. She was then brought to the other place where she picked up a Pickaxe and Backpack before going straight to the mines.

On the way, Alexis was told by the escorting guard that the mines were blessed by the gods to infinitely regenerate at the cost of having low chances of spawning important minerals such as Iron. The only things that can be found there infinitely were Copper and uncommonly Tin.

Reaching the mines, Alexis went to work and started digging around. With her high Strength, Vitality, and Agility, she could work far quicker. She gathered a large basket of copper ores and received 50 Copper per filled basket.

After the first few transactions, Alexis was allowed to purchase the commodities from this area's manager. Everything was the same other than the Profession-Scroll. Obtaining the Miner Profession, she went on a mining spree to level up her Miner Profession.

It took her a few IRL days to max out the mining and she was going to venture out of the working areas. buying another Lesser-Grade Storage Bag and a Status Board Tablet before buying the Free-movement Plaque. Alexis left the mines and visited the village where she could fully admire the medieval times' appearance.

Alexis walked over to the shop that was selling clothes. There she found there wasn't much variety of clothes and very deep into medieval times. For men, it was Tunics and Trousers, while women had just a dress. Looking back in her self-study about medieval times, it was after the times of primitive clothing but before they start doing fashion and advancing clothes to a higher degree where they start developing undergarments. It's currently on the stage of just having something to cover. Alexis bought a pair of leather sandals, 2 Hemp Dresses, and a belt to hold her dress, purse, and coming weapon. Alexis stores them away and went to explore more of the place.

Other than the Field, Mines, warehouses, clothing shop, and Labor Center, there was the Village Hall, Blacksmithy, Butchery, 2 Inns, and various houses.

Alexis admired the place and recalled that every Villager in the Neutral Zone knows they are real people and would call themselves Guides to new or returning players. They know their purpose and are just making the place as medieval and primitive it could be to help players adapt to the environment players would be after leaving the Neutral Zone. They're like actors who liven up the environment and make the place as realistic as possible for what they were given to be doing.

Walking to the Blacksmithy and seeing its large appearance, Alexis was reminded of Neutral-3 Village's Specialty, Blacksmithing. Within the forums, it was told that Neutral-3 Village has the highest production of Copper and Bronze, which is its specialty than the products made with them. Neutral-7 Village that is in the borders between forest and this mountainous region is second this village's specialty.

For the specialties in other villages...

Neutral-1 Village Specialty: Meat/Leather

Neutral-2 Village Specialty: Crops

Neutral-4 Village Specialty: Fighters/Combat

Neutral-5 Village Specialty: Seafood/Sea Creatures/Combat

Neutral-6 Village Specialty: Magical Knowledge

Neutral-7 Village Specialty: Crafting

Neutral-8 Village Specialty: Tradings

Neutral-1 Village is situated in the jungle and is faced with numerous beasts to hunt. Neutral-2 Village is situated in a half-half forest and plains where their soil is very fertile and has bountiful harvest all the time. Neutral-4 Village is within the desert part of the Neutral Zone, It has a Colosseum and many battle-hardened warriors to teach players how to fight fiercely. The desert is a pretty harsh environment, but since it was in the Neutral Zone, it wasn't too harsh, compared to the one outside, and the enemies in the desert were pretty deadly, so the inhabitants have to be prepared and not get killed.

Neutral-5 Village is within the beach or coastal part of the Neutral Zone. It is faced with aquatic enemies the inhabitants have learned how to traverse the seas without too many difficulties. Neutral-6 Village is within the Beach Region but more into the center of the zone and it's surrounded by rivers. The village is inhabited by Shamans who have a vast amount of magical knowledge to assist players in acquiring magic or mystical and ancient knowledge.

Neutral-7 Village is as you know situated on the borders between the Mountainous Region and Forest Region. Their specialty is Craftsmanship and have more variable productive professions that deal with Wood, Metal, and sometimes cloth. Neutral-8 Village is situated in the Jungle region but it is closer to the very center of the Neutral Zone and it is well connected to every village, it is the center for trades to happen and it is more often to find all sorts of stores there.

Entering the Blacksmithy, she is greeted with a wave of heat washing over her along with the smell of a sweat from the Blacksmiths Hammering ores or smelting ores in what she guesses as Bronze.

One of the free blacksmiths greets her and asks what she wanted. Alexis told them she work in the Blacksmithy for a while and obtain the Blacksmith Profession. He looks at her oddly and tells her that it's rare to see a woman work in the Blacksmithy, but he allows her in, teaching her the ropes around the Blacksmithy.

Going to one of the Furnaces, he tests her forging skills by turning a Copper Ore into a Copper Ingot. Checking the working area, There was a furnace burning with coal, iron anvil, tongs, a series of hammers, and whetstones on the side. There weren't bellows to increase the heat, and a few others to use. It was going to be purely hammering into shape.

Alexis used the tongs to place Copper Ore into the blazing furnace, when it reached a certain point, she took it out and started hammering it into shape and even started to refine the copper to remove impurities. The blacksmith nods in approval after seeing her techniques in forging, and when she reached the point of creating an ingot, she stops and lets the blacksmith inspect it after cooling.

The blacksmith checked it out and nods in appreciation, bringing Alexis to one of the storages. There, she could see various scrolls rolled up on the shelves.

"Ok, after checking the ingot you made, I could say enough that you're a pretty good Blacksmith yourself and you all basics down. You're worthy of higher tiered Blacksmith Profession and a few other things to award your skills. I hope you could revolutionize the game."

He takes out 3 Scrolls, "In reward for your amazing performance, you're awarded the Forger Profession, which focuses more in the Metalworking than a Blacksmith delving into other parts than focusing on the metal. Do you accept this?"

Alexis infers that the Forger Profession is more efficient in Metalworking than a Blacksmith, so she accepts it. Blacksmiths could be a diluted Forger, and Alexis going to obtain every other Profession that worked in their own specialties.

With 2 left in his hands, "Through the powers of the Overseer God, I could tell that you have the Farmer and Miner Profession, along with the desires to obtain every other profession, I felt like giving these two scrolls to you, the Temporary Profession Expansion Scroll and Profession Fusion Scroll. I am unable to give the permanent one and the effects would disappear after leaving the Neutral Zone. Use the Profession Fusion Scroll after filling up your slots, as it doesn't have a limit in how many you want to fuse together."

Alexis thanks him after receiving them. Using the Profession-Scroll: Forger(Ordinary), and Temporary Profession Expansion Scroll. The Forger Profession had the max level of 25, adds 3 Strength, 2 Vitality, 2 Agility per level, and obtain the Skill Metal Forging, Metal Refining, and Metal-Product Inspection. From what the tablet presents, Metal Forging increases the production speed and quality in forging any metal related. Metal Refining increases the refinement speed on anything metal-related. Metal-Product Inspection provides deeper insight on any metal-related products. Though seem vague in its effects, Alexis knows it would help her inspect things like impurities within the metals of the product, as these mental-affecting abilities were nowadays common in VRDMMORPGs. Players would experience improvement in their performance for what they were doing or done in the game, such as reactions.

Well, continuing on, she went to work in the Blacksmithy to improve her skills, adapt to the environment, and level up the Forger Profession. She was told to just work on creating and refining ingots before they let her go on to making weapons or armor.

Spending a few in-game days, Alexis forged a bunch of Excellent-Quality Copper Ingots that are near pure. She earned a few coppers from making Copper Ingots and the amount wouldn't change no matter the quality or grade.

Soon they let Alexis start making equipment, they asked if she knows how to handle wood which she said, yes. They gave her 5 choices, a sword, a spear, an arrow, a shield, or an ax. Alexis went for the sword as it was much easier than making the others, as there weren't any proper tools to make it easy in making the other choices.

Going to work, Alexis heats up one of her copper ingots and hammers the ingot into shape. The most commonly forged blades were normal, straight swords. Making the blade, she noticed that she couldn't make a proper guard or pommel, then there was the wooden grip, she didn't know what to do. After processing the copper blade, she asked the blacksmith about her problems, and he understood her dilemma and taught her how things were done in medieval times when they don't have the tools or materials to create proper handles, handguards, and pommels.

The blacksmith went to her forge and praised her blade when seeing it before bringing her to one of the storages. There she saw the various materials and he showed her some of the materials that she could find. Alkema Wood is a common wood that can be evenly split no matter what, other than cutting it at an angle. Alkema Wood was from Alkema Tree, which is very common and found nearly everywhere. Alkema trees are very large than the real world's common trees.

Then there was the Mealdean Resin, easily obtainable from Mealdean Trees which are less common than Alkema Trees, but in a way still common everywhere. The Mealdean Tree drops Mealdean Resin every second, but if it isn't collected quickly and piled up in a gallon quantity, it would quickly lose its adhesive properties and become just a clear white amber. It won't lose its adhesiveness if it was bundled up with more and more resins or contained.

She was given a bottle of Mealdean Resin, two nearly thin and small pieces of Alkema wood, along with a carving knife. She was taught how to make a pommel, guard, and how to make an entire sword without the wood, and resin. She watched and learned the way he made the sword before completing her copper sword with a wooden grip, sharpened it, and put it aside before working another but making it with two copper ingots to create one entire sword.

The sword wasn't really good, but better than a non-functional sword. Alexis fixed it up, smoothen it out the best she could, and sharpened it before showing it to one of the leading blacksmiths. He shows her the flaws and what she could do to make the sword better. Alexis took the advice and started to make more and more swords, practicing her skills in making an entire sword with just copper.

Alexis was again praised for her quick growth and mastery. Time went by and Alexis improved her forging skills and learned much from the Blacksmiths and other players who came by and were Blacksmith professionals, some had attained the Forger Profession.

Soon she reached Maxed Level with Forger Profession and she was going to reach Tier 2 but she was told before that she leave it at that as her stats gained from Tier 1 would be removed and she had to regain them with the higher growth from the Tier 2, it was a sort of balance, and would have also gained another or few more Skills in reaching Tier 2. Keeping it Maxed Tier 1 during the fusion would be more beneficial, so left it at that before moving on.

After all her work, she was allowed to make something with their materials and keep the product as a gift for her hard work.

She used the foundry to smelt herself a Bronze Ingot, after becoming solid, she then started to refine and forge it out, forming a Gladius and tempering it. Putting the finishing touches, she was greeted with a greyish shine, similar to an aura. Equipment without a certain shine than it wasn't much special and very ordinary. Those with a shine show a more spectacular performance than those without and below it.

Her Bronze Gladius showing a grey shine meant it was on the first level. She then packed a few things to bring with her before leaving the village. She also cleaned and modified the ragged clothing to wear the Hemp Dress over it.

Her destination was the highest point in her region, there, she would find the Wind Temple, one of the many hidden temples that allow players to obtain 1 of 3 rewards, Element Affinity, Blessing, or an Elemental Class.

There 6 Temples discovered, on the highest mountain in the Wind Temple, within a hidden inactive volcano is the Fire Temple, in the largest lake of the neutral zone hides a Water Temple underwater, among the many caves and caverns in the mountainous regions lies the Earth Temple, hidden by nature lies the Life Temple, and in the desert where the entrance was through quicksand could players find the Death Temple.

Through the lore that players found, there are 12 Elements and only 6 Elemental Temples were found. Players were sure that there are the Ice Temple, Lightning Temple, Dark Temple, Holy Temple, Poison Temple, and Neutral Temple. Many are trying to find the remaining temples to no avail. They tried every possible location but many think the remaining ones require certain times and requirements to access them. One such thing was the Life Temple and players who were acknowledged by nature were given access. As to how to gain acknowledgment, well, players have to be very eco-friendly and do much for nature itself, otherwise, they are denied. Some try to force their way to the Life Temple but they were faced with brutal punishment with parasitic plants growing from their bodies and slowly killing them.

There was another thing that Alexis had to look out for than the temples were the Mysterious Monoliths that vanish upon discovery and usage. only 20 players found such monoliths and found 2 types, the Profession Expansion Monolith, and Random Rewards Choice Monolith. The Profession Expansion Monolith had an obvious gift, while the Random Rewards Choice Monolith gives the players 3 random things to choose from and whatever they pick, they can have. The players could not wait for other players as it'll vanish within a short amount of time, and only the discoverer would receive the reward.

The monolith was the size of a child and would float off the ground, its material appearance was of dark black stone mineral. Alexis hopes that she was lucky enough to find them and even be luckier enough to get them multiple times.

Carrying 2 Lesser-Grade Storage Bags with Water and Bread, she leaves the village, goes to the closest temple to her location, and it was the Wind Temple and then the Earth Temple. She would reach the Neutral-7 Village before going to the Fire Temple.

Following the trail to the highest mountain, she hears a growl and looks to the upper left where there was a Mountain Cougar. It was a browner cougar with rock-like plates on its body. From what she understood, Mountain Cougars are just durable than normal cougars, their weak points are just the spaces between the plates.

Wielding the Bronze Gladius, she prepared herself as the cougar pounces at her, dodging to the side, Alexis stabs the gladius into one of the gaps in the cougar's armor as it lands right beside her. After injuring it, Alexis jumps back as the cougar tries to swipes its claws at Alexis.

Fighting it carefully, Alexis went around taking chances in puncturing wounds into its body until it died. She wasn't much of a professional in combat and hadn't played games professionally, other than achieving a lot in games.

After it was dead, Alexis skins the cougar to only retrieve the rock plates, everything else was useless for her, especially the skin. Mountain Cougar Skin is in no way capable of being intact after the removal of the plates, and the hide parts are like any other leather after treatment. Alexis brings out a few small stalk-woven pouches she made in cases of this, from her normal hemp bag. Using the small bronze hammer she brought along to smash and break apart the rock plates into powder. Players had researched about the various materials within the game, as it was not only realistic but players have to discover much about everything within the world and nothing wouldn't be easily given. Some players had researched the rock plates of a Mountain Cougar and discovered it has hardening properties. By turning it into powder and it can be forged together with Copper or Bronze to strengthen its hardness. It is warned to use when making a product than making it an ingot as it'll be less malleable after increasing the hardness.

Collecting a few small bags of Mountain Cougar Plate Powder, Alexis moves on. Encountering a few Mountain Cougars along the way and fought with a few Aero Hawks and a Pebble Golem. Aero Hawks were difficult to fight as came diving and before going back into the skies and it repeats. Alexis was only able to kill them when it clashed with her blade and she quickly grabbed it and slammed it onto the floor before stabbing it. the feather was collected and bundled up before being stored in her storage bag. Pebble Golems were small golems made out of pebbles. It could shoot pebbles off its body to deal massive blows and it's very durable. The only weakness it had was the hidden in its chest, to get it revealed was when it shot most of its pebbled body away or dropped it from a high place and it'll fall apart. Those from below could finish it off before it reforms back together. Alexis dealt with it when it shot away most of its mass and destroyed the core after a few direct hits.

She stored the broken core for future use and she reached the path to the peak. Before going, she went on a potty break and feasted on a cooked cougar meat sandwich.

When her break was done, she walked and climbed the mountain. It took her a week to reach the mountain and a few days to finally reach the peak. In the journey, she had to face a small group of Aero Hawks and they tore much of her dress. At the top, much of her clothes were torn apart and thankfully no one was at the top and no player or player guild would ever keep camp and block benefits from other players in the neutral zone, outside, it would happen.

Entering the temple, she was amazed by the structure. It was referenced by a greek temple and there were so many structures and patterns resembling the wind in the temple. Soon she finds an altar with a floating statue representing wind.

Walking before it, she hears a monotone voice. "Welcome to the Wind Temple, do you wish for a Test or a Reward?" Alexis recalls that doing the test would give much better and suitable rewards while getting the reward now would some random Wind Element Reward.

"I'll take the test," she says and stairs appear around the altar. "Walk down and receive your test."

Going down, Alexis is soon greeted with a parkour course above a misty pit that doesn't look like has a bottom.

"First Trial, Movement of The Wind, reach the end for the next Trial."

Taking a deep breath, Alexis quickly changed out her clothes and fixed some areas, she even scrapped the torn hemp dress to make strips that'll tie the dress close to her body so they go anywhere.

She takes another breath before sprinting, jumping, and swinging from platforms and poles. She slowly started to feel the flow and rhythm. It ends when she reached the end of the course, she got a bit excited for feeling such a thing as she felt this before in other games, the feeling of growth in mind and body.

Continuing on, she went through the trials that were related to the Wind, completing the last trial, she was given 3 amazing gifts.

The Wind Affinity, Grand Blessings of the Wind, and Rare Tier Rider of the Wind. There were no descriptions and she picked the one she needed for her plan. Wind Affinity, a permanent one at that. Within the forums, players had talked about gaining an Elemental Affinity from the Temples are the only ones that are permanent. Other means to gain affinity weren't permanent and there was the possibility of losing it. The Blessing seems nice but wasn't something she needed, even if it was a Grand version, she didn't fall for temptation and followed through with her plans. the Profession was something desirable and she was filling her slots with Production Professions which would be then fused to form the ultimate Production Profession.

Alexis was then brought to the bottom of the mountain and journies to the Earth Temple, taking up to 10 days to reach. Within her bags and backpack were filled with mostly broken golem cores and Mountain Cougar Plate Powder. She had given up collecting the Aero Hawk Feathers as they'll take up to much space and she has enough to make a bunch of arrows. Those that she killed were left behind and used as baits to avoid any more fights with creatures.

At the entrance, Alexis takes a random cave to enter and tries to navigate herself to the Earth Temple as there is no set entrance to the Earth Temple. The moment anyone enters a cave would the first trial begins.

Alexis patiently walks through the many tunnels. Thinking up a theory on the spot, Alexis calmly meditates and tries to sense her surroundings, connecting to the Earth and searching for the end. As to why she's doing this crazy and abnormal thing was that this game is Low-Fantasy, the world is near realistically normal and has some supernatural things. Some of those supernatural things were magic and the elements. Using the fantasy game knowledge she has, she's would be trying to connect with the Earth Element to find her way.

It was a long process that requires a lot of patience and she would soon manage through. Only a few managed to pass this test, many have died through starvation and quitted along the way. Those with enough patience and smart enough were able to pass this trial.

Facing a wall, Alexis touches and connects to it, in return to connecting to the wall was an entrance to the Earth Temple. Similar to the Wind Temple, the Earth Temple has various designs related to the Earth.

"You have passed the first trial, now, do you wish to continue or receive your reward?" "I wish to continue." "Very well then."

Moving on, Alexis was faced with more trials and in the end, she obtains the Earth Affinity.

Within 8 days, she reaches Neutral-7 Village amazed by the number of facilities. First, she went to the Wood Workshop to obtain the Woodworker Profession or at best, the Carpenter Profession, which she soon got after proving her skills.

Now she had 2 more slots left, she went to the Clothes Shop and obtained the Tailor Profession, another higher leveled profession, it being above Weaver. She worked in the shop, producing cloth and leather products. She didn't need to obtain the Leatherworker Profession, as the Tailor Profession also works Leather Products. Staying around until reaching max and wearing new clothes. Carrying around a new backpack and have a new assortment of Storage Bags, being Low-Grade Storage Bags, the highest to obtain within the Neutral Zone.

From the owner of the Clothes Shop, she learns of a place she could obtain a Temporary Profession Slot Expansion Scroll. Going over there she finds that players could only buy it once and have to use it upon obtaining it, and the price was pretty high. 10 Gold and she only has 2 Gold she made within a month or so.

Leaving, she went to the next place to obtain the 6th Profession, talking with the owner, she studied under the owner about the herbs there is and how to make potions in this game. After studying for a few weeks, she was given a test and nearly passed full marks. It was then onto the hands-on work where she must obtain the herbs herself and make some of the potions she could make.

Alexis did her best and completed the herb collection while the potion making she did spectacular. She did it with amazing eye-balling precision, quick mixing, and completed her potion with the highest grade potion allowed within the Neutral Zone, Low-Grade. Happy with the results, Alexis was awarded the Alchemist Profession than the Herbalist Profession. The Herbalist wasn't much below the Alchemist Profession, the Herbalist would excel more in growing and gathering Herbs than Alchemists.

Alexis worked within the shop to earn some coppers per sale, the cost for potions was pretty high and Alexis would obtain half of the sales. The only things she could make in the neutral zone were Healing Gel, Regeneration Potion, and Healing Potion. The Regeneration Potion would boost the player's current health regeneration by a certain amount. The Healing Gel would quickly heal the wound it was smeared on and Healing Potion was like an instant healing potion, amount and potency vary on the grades and how it was produced. There are many different ways to make the same potion but sometimes their effects would change a bit due to the effects of the ingredient(s).

As time goes by, Alexis has amassed up to 6 Gold within a month. Before, she thought she would obtain about 1 or 2 gold as potions were pretty expensive and there wasn't much need by players who try to play this game professionally. But from the words going around, Alexis learned that there have been player conflict and the judgment of whose going to take down a Region Boss that was discovered. Thanks to that, she was able to earn a lot of coins, the demands rose when it was full-out conflict and the Region Boss was much stronger than expected. The death count was rising and the conflicting player guilds finally made a truce to beating the Region Boss first then the decision on who's getting what.

A few more days goes by and the demands for more gels and potions came in. Alexis was surprised by the amount of money they had to purchase so many pretty expensive potions. Alexis and the others in the shop went overdrive in producing more and more potions and gels for the demanding players. The materials required for the products were quickly dropping and finding the ingredients was becoming harder to find, and growing them was much slower than growing crops.

Within a week, herbs found in the nearby forest were gone and they could no longer make any more potions. The growing herbs were unusable at the moment and Alexis was finding it crazy that those players needed so much. Sure they would be life-saving but the amount of damage they were taking was maddening.

With no choice, they had to bring out the sign of "Sold Out" and temporarily stop any more purchases so they can stock up on ingredients. Alexis worked on growing the herbs and through them that her Farmer Profession started to go up. Using the Growth Boosting Fertilizer she could get and with the effects of the Farming Skill, the herbs were growing at a pretty good rate but they were situated in a not too large plot and could only make 30 pieces of each kind per day.

Alexis had reached maxed level with the Alchemist Profession and focused on growing the herbs. New players came in seeking the Herbalist or Alchemist Profession, they were tested and given to those that passed and the profession they were suited for.

Soon her Farmer Profession reached max from growing a bunch of herbs, it was time for her to move on. She was also almost amassed enough to buy the scroll, to obtain the remaining without going back to the Alchemy Shop, Alexis returned to the Wood Workshop and worked there for a while until she maxed out her profession and held 11 Gold in her money pouch that can hold up to an unlimited amount of coins.

She went back purchased and used it, now having another slot for another Production Class to search for.

Currently, she has the Farmer, Miner, Forger, Carpenter, Tailor, and Alchemist. Next was the Chef class which was easy for her to obtain. Though she wanted the Enchanter Profession, that was in Neutral-6 Village, which would take nearly 2 months or more to reach. Not going to waste 2 months to travel to another location, she was willing to just get the Chef Profession.

In the room she's renting from the Inn, she takes out the Profession Fusion Scroll and uses it. It teleports her to a strange structure, similar to the temples.

"Welcome to the Fusion Temple, here, you can fuse anything if you have the correct scroll. You have used the Profession Fusion Scroll, so you're momentarily only able to fuse any or all of your current Professions."

Holograms of herself appeared around her, wearing clothes related to their profession. "Choose."

Looking at all of them, "I choose all of them to become one." "Very well."

The holograms converge on her and then pushed back as she felt something missing from her, if she checked, her Professions, Stats, and Skills were gone. Those holograms became more vibrant and converged above her, forming an orb before becoming a light pillar beaming Alexis.

The beam vanished and felt that the missing thing returned but with much more with it.

"To finalize your Profession, you're given 3 Professions that'll set on where you want to go with."

Three holograms appeared.

"Ordinary Rarity Class: Craftsman, Rare Rarity Class: Foraging Craftsman, or Rare Rarity Class: Crafts Inventor." "Could you explain these Professions?"

"Craftsman, a generic profession that deals with every craft there is. Foraging Craftsman, a variation from the Craftsman Profession, not only focuses on crafting but also obtaining materials out in the world. Crafts Inventor, a variation from the Craftsman Profession, not only could it do any type of crafts but also find new ways to make things and create all sorts of products that are from the norm."

Thinking about which to choose, she decided to go with the Crafts Inventor as she could see the potential in it and would provide much more than other given professions. The Hologram representing the Crafts Inventor merges with her and was sent out, returning to her room and she felt so much more. Checking her profession's stats, skills, she was surprised by how it even provided 2 new sections, Talent, and Ability. The Talent was called Inspired By Crafts, which make her comprehension ability rise to a high level and she would be able to learn how to do those crafts and probably do other ways of crafting in those branches. The Ability was Omni Item Inspection which allows her to obtain information to her mind such as weakness, quality, the way it was forged, measurements, etc. it gave some detailed information that was only limited to items and materials.

With this, she started to explore her current capabilities by relearning and learning skills from other professions that are available in this village. What she got was magical, the feeling of understanding mostly any crafts rose and could practically make anything skillfully and quickly. She even experienced the feeling of enlightenment and somehow knows how to make something in an unorthodox way.

With this Profession, Alexis didn't need to have any more Production Profession. All that was left was Combat, Defense, and Support Professions. Though what she found out, most of the Non-Production Professions were just Apprentice Professions, like Sword Apprentice, Axe Apprentice, Spear Apprentice, etc. But despite its weak and not so much varied Professions, these Professions wouldn't limit much of the holder and would change to an actual Profession after having the User acting out his desired playstyle. An example would be that a player with Sword Apprentice plays out as a Greatsword wielding person and after constant usage and leveling it to the max, it would grant the player a profession related to Greatswords. If the player was dual-wielding, then it'll relate to the Dual-Wielding profession. Though there are limits as those professions would be Tier 1 Ordinary Professions and rarely it goes to Tier 1 Rare and higher Professions.

If Neutral-7 Village was the best place for crafting professions, then Neutral-4 Village would be the best place to get the right training for the desired profession. Neutral-7 Village only had the Bow Apprentice Profession and so took it. Taking a test to be sure she was ready to use the bow, and she was, obtaining it quickly. She reoutfitted herself and journey off to the Fire Temple, Life Temple, and Death Temple, before going to Neutral-4 Village.

Venturing through the mountains, Alexis would see creatures ahead of her, using her bow, she draws an arrow whose head was crafted by herself and hardened by the Mountain Cougar Plate Powder, making it stronger and more usable.

When the enemies got up close, she switched her to shield and reforged gladius that would now hold its blade and wouldn't easily break. The Shield was a buckler, a small round shield that wouldn't burden her much. It's just made from Alkema Wood and reinforced with Bronze that was hardened by the Mountain Cougar Plate Powder.

As she reaches halfway to the Fire Temple, she felt a disturbance, through the Wind and Earth Element, Alexis went over to the place where those elements were disturbed. There, she finds a cave, she spots a floating monolith, stunned and excited, she hears the monotone voice from the monolith.

"This is the Talent Reward Monolith, you are given the talent: Polearm Genius." Then it disappears, the disruption was gone and Alexis obtained the talent to easily master any polearms. Alexis didn't know what to feel, happy to find a never seen before monolith and obtain talent from it, but was also pretty sad as it wasn't the one she wanted.

Back on her journey, Alexis paid more attention to her senses to the Elements and search for any disturbance that would most likely be Mysterious Monoliths.

As she was one-fourth away from the inactive volcano, she felt a disturbance, and it was far from where she was. Taking the chance when it could delay a bit of her time to the Fire Temple, she wanted to obtain Profession Slot Expansion Monolith to obtain nearly every powerful class she could think of.

As she reaches a certain point, she discovered other players were going after the disturbance, players who were like her, attuned to the elements. They fought each other the moment they meet, Alexis took the chance to slip through them and avoided many conflicts.

Soon, it was becoming a race as she and others were getting closer. To prevent others from ever reaching it, they threw out projectiles and quickly made traps to block others. Alexis managed to pave her way through, reaching a place with caves echoing disturbance, it was like there were monoliths in all of those caves, but it seem more like those caves are connected to each other and the monolith is somewhere there.

She quickly went in before players plan to barricade the caves to prevent any more players from seeking the monolith.

Running the series of tunnels that somehow naturally has them, running into players a few times, some were fought and in victory, while other was peacefully passing each other to continue searching.

With Lady Fortune's actions, Alexis was luckily able to discover a small problem when reaching a dead end. Discarding her visual senses, she sensed and envisioned the world around her that wasn't blocked by walls. And then, she found it, the Monolith that was actually within the walls, using the Bronze Pickaxe that she brought along in cases for mining ores. Digging out the wall, she soon revealed a piece of the monolith and it vanished, the monotone voice was heard in her head and she was awarded.

"You are the first to complete a Monolith Event, with the discovery of one of the hidden monoliths, you have found the Random Reward Monolith. As the first player to complete a Monolith Event, the reward has been changed to 5 Random Rewards, and choose 2."

5 Images appeared around her with descriptions explaining what they are and what they do.

"Top-Grade Storage Bag - Can hold up to 50 Items and Stack similar items up to 20."

"Akashic Record's Map of Neutral Zone - has the location of everything on the map, except for living beings, just spots, buildings, locations, etc..."

"Permanent Profession Slot Expansion Scroll - permanently increase the maximum profession allowed to have by 1."

"Profession Upgrade Scroll - Upgrade a profession to the next rarity for free."

"Omni-Fusion Scroll - Able to fuse any 5 things together"

Of the 5, thinking about the long run, she went with the Permanent Profession Slot Expansion Scroll and the Akashic Record's Map of Neutral Zone as this map is like a high-tech tablet and knows where everything is and how to get there. Through this, she can reach places that Players have yet discovered, the only downside is that it's limited to mapping the Neutral Zone only.

The disturbance echoing within the tunnels vanishes. Alexis uses the Permanent Profession Slot Expansion Scroll and tries to leave without being suspicious. At the entrances, there were players searching for the person who found the Monolith, and when it was her time to be questioned, she tried her best to get through it without being revealed and it was a major success.

Moving on, leaving the area and away from other players, Alexis looked on the map and could see where the 12 Hidden Temples are, along with the Villages, Monoliths, Event Locations, and some special buildings, some she didn't exist before. There 5 Unique places that would further strengthen players. The Garrisons, are only accessed by players who achieved the Lord or Warlord Profession. Lord being able to own land and have a town or village to rule. Warlords are able to own an army, though both can also do what the other can, but what they start off with is different. The Garrison is where Troop Units can be recruited from in the Neutral Zone.

The other places are Dungeons, Mysterious Stores, Ancient Ruins, and the Hidden Rewards. Dungeons are labyrinths that players can venture into to obtain some money and items. Dungeons are a one-time thing, the mobs wouldn't respawn and upon conquering, the dungeon would collapse, but the rewards are amazing. Mysterious Stores are like Mysterious Monoliths but these stores sell magical products that are expensive and unique. Ancient Ruins are special places that do certain things, one of them leads to the Lightning Temple. Hidden Rewards vary and are like buried chests that players have to look carefully for and sometimes dig for.

The map also has highlighted each area for certain materials to be found in and there are Iron Ore Deposits. But she's going to ignore them for the moment as her bags are filled with supplies and she's in the hurry to get to the Fire Temple to receive the Fire Affinity and obtain Mysterious Monoliths on the map.

Reaching and finding the entrance into the inactive volcano, her eyes were greeted with players preventing other players from entering.













Spoilers ahead as there will be part 2, it has a near-solid foundation, so it will continue for a bit, part 3 might not appear.















Penalties in joining either Good or Evil Factions, other than White and Black, most of the factions are neutral until joining the side of Gods for Light and Gods for Darkness.

Alexis will receive lore about the game:

Prototype Lore 1: "To the world outside, you and many others will land on the Continent Atva, which was once ruled by Empire with an iron fist. A rebellion had ensued outside and inside the Empire. Soon, the empire fell the land it controlled was divided into 8 Factions which later had internal problems and again divided, but still whole at the same time. Slowly they started to digress, they became less educated and more internal conflict ensued. Many things were lost and returned to tribal times. All of this happened within 500 years, and you must bring back the glory of civilization."

Prototype Lore 2: "To the world outside, you'll face a much large world filled with many untold dangers. You'll be dropped off to the continent Atva which is more than 100 times this island. It was once ruled by a powerful Empire, but it ruled with an iron fist and the actions of its later generation of Emperors brought dissatisfaction to its people. Rebels started to appear, the internal and external conflict happened and the Empire became the 8 Factions. A conflict then happened between factions and Faction Leaders were constantly replaced, and things such as knowledge and technology were lost, most of them, within 500 years.

The Red Faction was once made up of soldiers with chivalrous and loyal mindsets who had joined with many tribes. Over the years, they kept their honor and chivalry, but discarded their loyalty to their lords and adopted the tribal lifestyle.

The Orange Faction was the citizens of the Empire who had escaped from the escalating civil war and lived within the mountains and canyons. Most of the citizens there were people of their own crafts. They lived a new lifestyle and became a faction made up of only craftsmen, their Military Strength isn't good but their usage of their skills and tools made them strong defenders of their territory, making up for their weak strengths with their techniques and usage.

The Yellow Faction is made up of the Empire's nobility who fled and were corrupt. Indulging in their wealth and commanding their people without much care for their well-being. Their constant rule and habits had made their civilization digress and their towns are very poor in structure. They don't have proper and clean structures, and the only thing clean was the noble's residences. Their Military Strength and nearly everything had degraded very much, but they do have a very strong grip over the people due to fear and constant control over them. They're also wealthy, and very well educated, the Nobles that is.

Green Faction is made up of villagers and citizens of the Empire who had hunting and farming skills. They took care of nature as it keeps them fed and there were times they overdid it and destroyed their environment, the life cycle, and had starved. So mid-way of their 500 years was where they have grown fat and comfortable, letting go of any thoughts of the situation of their land until it was too late. Through that lesson that they changed drastically and became people of nature. Like the Red Faction, the Green Faction regressed to a tribal lifestyle.

Blue Faction are made up of Sailors, Marine Soldiers, and Citizens who lived by the seas. They ventured away from the continent and into the nearby Archipelago where they thrived and had a different lifestyle. Becoming Voyagers and enjoying their time with the sea, no matter the dangers it had, was better than facing war. After the empire's fall the territory separated, they took the lands that snows forever, making them not only strong fighters of the sea but also in the cold.

Purple Faction is made up of Magic-Users, and Scholars. They had stayed away from the Civil War and watched the Empire fall. They become secluded and just sought for Magical Knowledge and improve their mastery over the knowledge they have obtained.

White Faction was once made up of Rebel Forces and situated in the place that was once the Empire. At first, it was reviving the empire with a new image, a kingdom that didn't rule with an iron fist, but they diverged a bit and had interaction with the Goddess of Honor and Valor, leading them to become believers of hers. She awarded them for Valor against the Tyrannical Empire, the 12 Elemental Knight Thrones, created with the assistance of the Goddess of The Elements. Each seat has a consciousness that'll choose worthy users and awards them elemental armor and a suitable elemental weapon, the element being of the throne's element. The existence of these Thrones brought a new structure to the ruling the kingdom, but with the loss of political power, they would be granting power to those with merits. They become powerful but lost a lot of things, such as the technology that the Empire held, the rebels had lost a lot of important people who held important knowledge on various technologies and regressed to an era of knights and honor.

The Black Faction is made up of another part of corrupt nobles, but these nobles had kept Forbidden Knowledge, making contracts and deals with Demonic Beings and creatures from the Abyss. They became mad and they were no longer corrupt nobles but mad and evil cultists thriving on evil magic."

As a Warlord or Lord, joining the Red Faction would grant Red Tribesmen, strong warriors that cannot be easily defeated by Tier 2 Units. Orange Faction would grant Orange Pheasants, units that are more adept in wielding their weapons, combating Tier 1 Units skillfully. Yellow Faction would provide Yellow Serfs and they're more easily controlled than other Faction Units. Green Faction would give you Green Tribesmen, stronger than other units when in forests and jungles, and when wielding bows. Blue Faction would grant you Blue Nomads, units best fought in the seas, wet and cold environments. Purple Faction would give your Purple Recruits, units that are well knowledged and capable of wielding magic. White Faction would provide White Recruits, units that are well unified and have amazing teamwork compared to other units. Black Faction would give you Black Serfs, units granted with Demonic Powers, and mutations that could be either good or bad."

Black Faction Unit's Mutations:

Crab Mutation: Scissor Claws

Scorpion Mutation: Tail Stinger

Bear Mutation: Bear Physique

Red Faction are barbaric warriors

Orange Faction are armored craftsmen

Yellow Faction are oppressive monarchs

Green Faction are Nature Lovers

Blue Faction are Sea Voyagers

Purple Faction are Knowledge Seekers

White Faction are God's Believers

Black Faction are Dark Cultists

God of Evil and Madness

9 Demonic Aspect Angels: Pleasure, Greed, Hunger, Jealousy, Anger, Fear, Sloth, Depravity, and Ignorance

Demonic Aspect Angel of Pleasure will bring about absolute joy in life.

Demonic Aspect Angel of Greed will bring about desires for wealth.

Demonic Aspect Angel of Hunger will bring about starvation and famine.

Demonic Aspect Angel of Jealousy will bring about the desire to have what others have.

Demonic Aspect Angel of Anger will bring about uncontrollable wrath within others.

Demonic Aspect Angel of Fear will bring about absolute terror within others.

Demonic Aspect Angel of Sloth will bring about inaction and inactivity.

Demonic Aspect Angel of Depravity will bring about corruption.

Demonic Aspect Angel of Ignorance will bring about the inability of cooperating with others.

[ - | _ S M A L L _ N O T E _ | - ] [ - | _ S M A L L _ N O T E _ | - ] [ - | _ S M A L L _ N O T E _ | - ]

Pheasant -> Commoner -> Military Rank -> Noble -> Royalty

Gel -> Tonic -> Potion -> Serum -> Elixir

Sewing Kit: Bronze Needle, Linen Skein(Ball of Thread),


Outlaws have groups, Examples: VenonFangs, Blackhand,

To become a Lord, owning land or an army, one must pass a test which would set players to being a temporary lord and they must successfully win a war and protect their property. They're evaluated by their actions in attacking the enemy and protecting the people and land.

Types of Mysterious Monoliths: Profession Expansion Monolith, Talent or Ability Reward Monolith, Random Rewards Monolith

Temples Found: Wind(Mountain Peak), Earth(Caves), Fire(Inactive Volcano), Life(Forest), Death(Quicksand), Water(Lake)

Temples Not-Found: Poison(Jungle's Hidden Swamp Pit), Ice(Hidden Coastal Cave), Lightning(Ancient Ruins), Neutral(Neutral-8 Village), Light(Plain's Flower Field), Darkness(Spot where No Light Shines upon)

[ - | _ S M A L L _ N O T E _ | - ] [ - | _ S M A L L _ N O T E _ | - ] [ - | _ S M A L L _ N O T E _ | - ]

[ + ] _ W O R D S _ [ + ] _ W O R D S _ [ + ] _ W O R D S _ [ + ] _ W O R D S _ [ + ]

Adept, Absolve, Prototype, Augmented, Prestige, Adjustment, Discipline, Authority, Terror, Frontier, Prestige, Comaraderie, Presence, Slick, Tribute, Strafe, Demeanor, Aftershock, Atomic, Nuclear, Radioactive, Waste, Saga, Dominion, Scar, Ruin, Eloquence, Mania, Maniac, Lethal Dose, Dimensions, Triad, Rust, Echelon, Dukedom, Bakery, Tectonic Plates, Casket, Mineral Deposit, Brittle, Pilgrimage, Cathedral, Mail Armor under Robes, Invasion, Dusk, Sunrise, Manure, Midnight, Oasis, Posthouse, Penthouse, Soil, Surrender, Downtrodden, Aspect, Colony, Colonize, Adrenaline, Pilfering, Comprehension, Anatomy, Stance, Reserves, Solid, Extraction, Concoction, Seige, Maneuvering, Utilization, Resting, Survival, momentum, Influence, Shamanism, Monarch, Reminesience, Atrocity, Primal, Promodial, Maniacal, Legacy, Robust, Hefty, Tissue(Cells), Marble, Echo, Vanity, Serene, Serenity, Obelisk, Stinger, Spiritism, Prime, Servitude, Rebellion, Tar, Barricade, Brimstone, Decoy, Grinder, Scorcher, Despenser, Pounder, Spitter, Anxiety, Hideout, Valley, Tent, Shelter, Chicken Coop, Moss, Competition, Cathedral, Chapel, Suspicious, Obelisk, Destiny, Prophecy, Digress, Colonist, Supply Caravan, Conqueror, Victims, Contestant, Temperament, Grievance, Resent, Tension, Province, Prefecture, Bruiser, Volley of Arrows, Casualties, Development, Overwhelming, Superior, Brethren, Perilous, Wandering, Refuge, Warchief, Wolfbane, Treachery, Auxiliary, Embedded, Usurp, Savour, Revelation, Sorrow, Succumb, Ensared, Instigator, Incursion, trespasser, Eager, Unleash, Clairty, Carrion, Fatal, Grotesque, Horde, Deceptive, Dessenter, Rebel, Traitor, Ancestor, Crossroad, Garrison, Slaughtered, Devotion, Purge, Salvation, Strife, Banishment, Regiment, Harmony, Brutality, Leniency, Elude, Foretelling, Trinket, Lodestone, Valiant, Reinforcements, Catheter, Talons, Deminishing, Solar, Halo, Devout, Devotion, Hegemony, Malice, Superior, Harlot. Resonance, Pendant, Amulet, Warband, Channeling, Affluence, Enslavement, Blissful, Promiscuity, Captivating, Standard, Victor, Victory, Shattered. Transported, Traverse, Maw Staff, Pact, Pestilence, Cyclone, Repulsive, Worshipper, Dawn, Wavered, Hesitation, Tear, Carnage, Absorb, Indomitable, Cleave, Cleaver, Conquest, Shackle, Restore, Coalition, Dejection, Despondency, Outpost, Handcannons,

[ + ] _ W O R D S _ [ + ] _ W O R D S _ [ + ] _ W O R D S _ [ + ] _ W O R D S _ [ + ]

States/Condition: Dazed, Knockbacked, Stunned, Bleeding, Injured, Starving, Parch, Concussion,





Village: Specialty | Professions

Neutral-1 Village Specialty: Meat/Leather

Neutral-2 Village Specialty: Crops

Neutral-3 Village Specialty: Minerals(Copper/Tin), and Bronze

Neutral-4 Village Specialty: Fighters/Combat

Neutral-5 Village Specialty: Seafood/Sea Creatures/Combat

Neutral-6 Village Specialty: Magical Knowledge

Neutral-7 Village Specialty: Crafting

Neutral-8 Village Specialty: Tradings

Neutral-8 Village has the Faction Representatives.


[>- - - - - < Neutral Zone: Enemies > - - - - - <]

Mountainous Region: Mountain Cougar, Aero Hawk, Pebble Golems,

Forest/Plains Region: Brown Wolves, Crazy Rabbits, Furious Bull

Desert Region: Sand Snake, Sand Worm, Trap Scorpion

Jungle Region: Venomous Lizard, Emerald Tiger, Combative Gorilla

Beach Region: Acid Octopus, Blood Shark, Blue Slimes

[>- - - - - < Enemies > - - - - - <]

Monsters: Werewolf, Ghoul(cannibal), Siren, Harpy, Goliath, Behemoth, Leviathan, Gnoll, Giants, Manticore, Chimera, Mimic, Doppelganger, Naga,

Beasts: Boars, Bears, Wolves, Eagles, Rhino, Elephant, Crocodile, Shark, Leopard, Mammoth, Sabertooth, Boar, Rabbit, Sparrow, Hyena, Dire Wolf, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Bat

Mystical: Griffin, Hippogryph, Mermaid, Wyvern, Dragon, Minotaur, Nymph, Pixie, Vixen, Titan, Ancient Constructs, Stone Fortress Golem,

Animals: Bird, Rabbits, Deers, Fish, Dog, Cat, Crows, Armadillo, Capybara, Mouse, Tortoise,

Humanoid: | Adversary/Rival | Zealot, Dark Devotee,

Outlaws: Looters/Poacher/Pillager/Ransacker/Robber(Small Groups) -> Bandits/Deserter/Highwayman(Owns Camps) -> Brigands/Pirate/Skirmisher(Large Group) -> Raider(Strong) -> Marauder(Elites) | Grave Robber, Treasure Hunters,

[>- - - - - < NPCs > - - - - - <]

Tribesmen: Gatherer, Huntsman, Warrior, Chieftain, Carver,


Mercenaries: Guard, Swordsman, Scout, Marksman, Horseman,

Enlistable/Draftable/Hireable: Refugees, Serfs, Plebian, Pheasant, Recruits, Watchman, Footman, Volunteer,

Soldiers: Infantry, Guards, Legionary, Crossbowman, Light Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Scout, Palace Guard, Royal Guard,

[>- - - - - < Undead > - - - - - <]

Common Mobs: Skeleton, Skeletal Soldier, Wisp, Specter, Zombie, Skeletal Hound, Drowned, Infected Walkers, Remenants,

Stronger Mobs: Ghost, Mummy, Corrupted, Blighted(Plague), Withered, Wraith, Plague Carriers, Necrotic Walker,

Elite Mobs: Banshee, Revenant, Draugr, Mummy Soldier, Death Knight, Fallen, Forsaken,

Boss Mobs: Lich, Dreadlord, Draugr Warlord, Dullahan, Death Lord, Vengeful Spirit,

Region Mobs: Lich King, King Dullahan,

Continent Mobs: Lich Emperor

World Mobs: Eternal Lich Emperor, Grim Reaper,

[>- - - - - < Demons > - - - - - <]

Common Mobs: Imp, Blood Imp, Inferno Imp, Frost Imp, Hellhound, Demon Devotee,

Stronger Mobs: Succubus, Flesh Abomination, Demonic Butcher, Tormentor, Friends

Elite Mobs: Succubus Mage, Succubus Knight, Dark Reaver, Herald

Boss Mobs: Succubus Queen, Fiend Overlord,

Region Mobs: Daemon Prince

Continent Mobs: Cerberus, Daemon King,

World Mobs: Eternal Lich Emperor, Daemon Emperor

[>- - - - - < Abyss > - - - - - <]

Common Mobs: Voidlings, Dark Horrors,

Stronger Mobs: Screecher, Ravager,

Elite Mobs:

Boss Mobs:

Region Mobs:

Continent Mobs:

World Mobs:

[>- - - - - < Divine Sacred Beasts > - - - - - <]

Divine Bear of Volcanoes | Divine Bull of Earth | Divine Shark of Seas | Divine Eagle of Skies | Divine Deer of Forests | Divine Wolf of Hurricanes | Divine Lion of Thunder | Divine Rabbit of Shadows | Divine Scorpion of Plagues | Divine Snake of Devouring | Divine Fox of Stars | Divine Rhino of Destruction | Divine Elephant of Peace | Divine







| - | > N O T E S < | - | > N O T E S < | - | > N O T E S < | - | > N O T E S < | - | > N O T E S < | - |

Equipment Aura Levels: None, Grey, Lime, Cyan, Pink, Yellow, Rainbow | Effects or Bonus Stats

Cursed Equipment Aura: Red and Black

Blessed Equipment Aura: White and Bright

Clan/Tribe Levels: 1 -> 100

Poor Quality: Lesser-Grade, Low-Grade

Good Quality: Mid-Grade, High-Grade

Excellent Quality: Top-Grade, Peak-Grade

Premium Quality: Pinnacle-Grade, Apex-Grade, Divine-Grade

Storage Bags: 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, 100, 250, 500

Stacking begins on High-Grade: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 250

Special Shotgun Shells such as Cyro Blast Shells,

Require Reagents to make Tattoos

Bronze and Copper Blades are easily dull, much rarer or not(you choose)

Each faction provides Traits, Skills, or some sort of Factional Benefits, such as the Red Faction with Fire Resistance.

Furnace: Forging | Foundry: Smelting

Tempering is Heat-Treatment on Iron-Based Metals | Cold Forging

Folding helps removes impurities as the impurities create weak spots on the blade

Casting is through using Mold | Forging is through hammering

Slag is residue from refining ore | Forged Metal

Fermenter makes beverages and anything that requires fermentation

Cauldron use in boiling liquid

Tavern is like an Inn

Realism Notes: Pee, Poop, Eat, Drink, Fight Freely, Build Anywhere, Craft, Hire Mercenaries, Make Army, Troop Morale/Loyalty, Affection,

Primitive Medieval Era Age: No Civilizations, just tribal factions or just Tribes. There are hidden ancient ruins of past advanced civilizations, monoliths are one, while Sacred Monolith Totems are, well, sacred. Tribes are town-sized and are between Tribal and Civilized, there is an economy, civil wars within factions, and very slow advancements when there are improvements, it won't automatically continuously improve, players have to do it themselves to advance the civilization, they are like pioneers and NPCs are satisfied with what they got, leaving things how it is.

Max Level to Reach next Tier

Achieve outstanding performance to upgrade Rarity Tiers

5 Ways to Acquire Magic:

1 - Through Hidden Temples in the Neutral Zone

2 - Acknowledged and Gifted by the Sacred Monolith Totems

3 - Totem Tattoos, Rune Tattoos, Aether Tattoos, Nether Tattoos, or Tribal Tattoos

4 - Connecting with the Spirits or Elements through spiritual means

5 - Using Magical Mediums to cast Spells

Sigil and Runes.

Runes can give off effects and the effectiveness varies by chance.

Sigils are similar to runes but more like a magic circle of runes that cannot be removed and provide heavy effects.

Titles: Gained through Amazing and Difficult achievements

Profession-Scrolls, Title-Scrolls, Skill-Scrolls, Magic-Scrolls, Profession Fusion Scroll, Profession Expansion Scroll, Skill Fusion Scroll, Profession Upgrade Scroll, Profession Mutation Scroll,

Dungeon Difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Hell, Nightmare

EX, SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, F

Lesser-Grade, Low-Grade, Mid-Grade, High-Grade, Top-Grade, Peak-Grade, Pinnacle-Grade, Apex-Grade, Divine-Grade

Damaged/Crude, Poor, Ordinary, Quality, Premium,

Flawed/Dull, Crude, Normal, Refined/Fortified/Enhanced/Sharpened

Indestructible, Unbreakable,

| - | > N O T E S < | - | > N O T E S < | - | > N O T E S < | - | > N O T E S < | - | > N O T E S < | - |

[>- - - - - < Dilation > - - - - - <]

1 Hour in-game = 20 minutes IRL

3 hours in-game = 1 hour IRL

3 Days in-game = 1 day IRL

1 Month in-game = 1 week IRL

3 Months in-game = 1 month IRL

1 Year in-game = 4 months IRL

3 Years in-game = 1 year IRL

Aging 3 Times Slower than NPCs

[>- - - - - < Costs > - - - - - <]

Leather Sandal = 1 Silver

Hemp Dress = 35 Copper

Leather Belt = 70 Copper

[>- - - - - < Stats List > - - - - - <]

Main: Strength, Vitality, Agility, Intelligence, Charisma, Leadership

Secondary: Endurance, Dexterity, Mind, Mana, Magic, Recovery, Resistance, Stamina, Fury, Rage, Wisdom,

Hidden: Tenacity, Persistence, Willpower, Resilience, Physique, Constitution, Penetration, Luck, Fortitude, Toughness, Vigor, Focus, Flexible, Persuasion,

Strength = Damage, Muscle Power

Vitality = Health

Agility = Speed

Intelligence = Mana, Magic

Charisma = Influence

Leadership = 10 points per 1 Max Unit

[>- - - - - < Appearnace > - - - - - <]

Eye Color - Brown

Hair Color - Brown

Skin Color - Neutral Tan

Chest Size - C Cup

[>- - - - - < Info > - - - - - <]

Name: Alexis

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Faction: None

Alignment: Neutral

Wealth: 51 Copper | 10 Silver | 1 Gold | 0 Platinum | 0 Jade

Status: Commoner

Reputation(renown/prestiege): 0

Titles: None

Affinity: Wind | Earth |

[>- - - - - < Main Stats > - - - - - <]

Strength: 0

Vitality: 0

Agility: 0

Intelligence: 0

Charisma: 0

Leadership: 0

[>- - - - - < Professions > - - - - - <]

1: Crafts Inventor(Rare) - Tier 1 - Level 0/50 | +5 Intelligence, +3 Agility/Vitality/Strength per level

2: Bow Apprentice(In-Trial) - Tier 1 - Level 0/50 | +2 Agility, +1 Strength per Level







[>- - - - - < Talent > - - - - - <]

Inspired By Crafts - Increase Comprehension of Any Crafts

Polearm Genius - Increase Comprehension and Mastery of Polearms

[>- - - - - < Ability > - - - - - <]

Omni Item Inspection - Obtain Information From Held-Object/Item

[>- - - - - < Skill > - - - - - <]

Craftsmanship - F Rank | Gatherer - F Rank | Invent - F Rank | Item Refining - F Rank

Archery - F Rank |

[>- - - - - < Equipment > - - - - - <]

Bronze Gladius(Grey) - 94% Durability - Low Increase in Capabilities

Linen Blouse(Grey) - 100% Durability - Low Increase in Durability

Leather Tunic - 100% Durability

Linen Breeches - 100% Durability

Leather Belt - 100% Durability

Leather Boots(Grey) - 100% Durability - Low Increase in Movement Speed

Linen Innerwear Top - 100% Durability

Linen Innerwear Bottom - 100% Durability

Lesser-Grade Storage Bag - 5/5 Slots - 100% Durability

Lesser-Grade Storage Bag - 5/5 Slots - 100% Durability

Lesser-Grade Storage Bag - 5/5 Slots - 100% Durability

Lesser-Grade Storage Bag - 5/5 Slots - 100% Durability

Lesser-Grade Storage Bag - 5/5 Slots - 100% Durability

Low-Grade Storage Bag - 0/10 Slots - 100% Durability

Low-Grade Storage Bag - 0/10 Slots - 100% Durability

[>- - - - - < Inventory > - - - - - <]

1: Profession Fusion Scroll | Copper Knife | Lesser-Grade Whetstone |

2: Small Bronze Hammer | ... | ... | ... | ...

3: ... | ... | ... | ... | ...

4: Lesser-Grade Water Skin(Full) | Lesser-Grade Water Skin(Full) | Lesser-Grade Waterskin(Full) | Lesser-Grade Waterskin(Full) | Lesser-Grade Waterskin(Full)

5: Lesser-Grade Bread | Lesser-Grade Bread | Lesser-Grade Bread | Lesser-Grade Bread | Lesser-Grade Bread

[>- - - - - < Relations > - - - - - <]


Relations(people): Enmity, Hostile, Hated, Disliked, Nuisance, Neutral, Acquaintance, Amicable, Friends, Trusted, Exalted, Devoted/Lover, Spouse/Married

Relations(groups): Hostile, Hated, Adversary, Unfriendly, Nuisance, Neutral, Friendly, Trusted, Exalted, Devoted, Revered

Spirits: Gnome(Earth), Undine(Water), Sylph(Wind), Salamander(Fire), Yeti(Ice),

Elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning, Ice, Light, Darkness, Life, Death, Poison, Neutral

[>- - - - - < Gods > - - - - - <]

Goddess of Creation | Goddess of Honor and Valor | God of Craftsman | God of War

God of Knowledge | Goddess of Elements | God of Wealth and Trades

God of Evil and Madness

[>- - - - - < Neutral Zone > - - - - - <]

8 Starter Villages, 12 Hidden Temples, 5 Regions, Unknown amount of Mysterious Monoliths

Regions: Forest, Jungle, Mountains, Desert, Beach

Hidden Temple: Fire Temple, Earth Temple, Wind Temple, Water Temple, Ice Temple, Lightning Temple, Dark Temple, Holy Temple, Poison Temple, Neutral Temple, Life Temple, and Death Temple.

3 Types of Mysterious Monoliths: Profession Expansion Monolith, Random Talent Monolith, Random Rewards Choice Monolith

[>- - - - - < Biomes > - - - - - <]

Natural: Canyon, Highland, Plains, Savana, Beach, Mountainous, Wetlands, Rainforest, Jungle, Swamp, Barrens, Sand Dunes,

Unnatural: Dread/Cursed Lands,

[>- - - - - < Continents > - - - - - <]

Atva | Mystic Lands | Frostlands | Livatha | Al'thet | Dt've | M'eagh

[>- - - - - < Atva Regions > - - - - - <]

Red Faction: Volcanic Highlands

Orange Faction: Mountainous Canyon - has a bunch of caverns

Yellow Faction: Desert with Canyon

Green Faction: Half-half Jungle Forest

Blue Faction: Archipelago and Wetlands

Purple: Mystical Floating Lands

White: Plains

Black: Half-half Barrenland Swamp

Unclaimed Highlands

[>- - - - - < Atva Tribes > - - - - - <]

Red Faction(Totem): Dveata Tribe(Bear), Alava Tribe(Tiger)

Orange Faction(Totem): Oimaro(Mole), Goera(Mammoth)

Yellow Faction(Totem): Ulifa(Cobra), Miltiva(Scorpion), Isva(Vulture)

Green Faction(Totem): Lvam(Wolf), Rakoin(Gorilla), Nimona(Fox)

Blue Faction(Totem): Valoia(Shark), Laimio(Wayfinder)

Purple Faction(Totem): Melteva(Owl)

White Faction(Totem): Leaono(Lion), Tevalie(Eagle),

Black Faction(Totem): Makil(Ram)

[>- - - - - < Races > - - - - - <]

Elves: From Al'thet | Sub-Races: High Elves, Shadow Elves, Snow Elves, Wood Elves, Sea Elves, Cavern Elves | Status: In Conflict

Dwarves: From Dt've | Sub-Races: Forge Dwarves, Steel Dwarves, War Dwarves, Giant Dwarves | Status: Ancient and Extinct

Green Skins: From M'eagh | Sub-Races: Goblin, Orc, Ogre, Troll, Oni | Status: In Conflict

[>- - - - - < Materials > - - - - - <]

Common Minerals: Copper, Tin, Zinc, Coal,

Uncommon Minerals: Iron, Obsidian, Gold, Silver, Sulfur,

Rare Minerals: Steel Iron, Titanium, Adamantium, Mythril, Orichalcum, Meteorite,

Alloy: Bronze(Copper+Tin), Brass(Copper+Zinc), Steel(Iron+Carbon),

Variations: Pig Iron, Pure Iron, Pure Gold, Pure Silver,

Fabrics/Cloths: Hemp -> Linen -> Wool -> Cotton -> Silk -> Synthetic Cloth

Cloth Variation: String, Thread, Sheet, | Required Tools: Needle, Scisscors,

Animal Skin: Leather, Hide, Fur Hide, Pelt, Fur Pelt,

Berries: Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberry,

Crops: Barley, Flax, Turnip, Carrot, Corn, Onion, Wheat, Lemon, Lettuce, Lettuce, Potato, Rice, Tomato, Soybean, Peas, Garlic, Cabbage, Grapes, Olives, Date Fruit, Beats, Banana, Nuts,

Processed Crops: Barley Flour, Bread Dough, Noodles,

Natural Products: Mushroom, Honey, Egg, Ginseng, Fruits, Coconut,

Meat: Steak, Chicken, Mutton, Jerky, Sausage, Tendon, Poultry,

Seafood: Fish, Salmon, Tuna, Bass, Trout, Kelp, Prawn

Food: Soup, Bread, Skewer, Cornbread, Porridge, Ramen, Cheese,

Drinks: Milk, Water, Liquor, Liqeour, Wine,

Spices: Pepper, Salt,

Ingredients/Reagents: Jasmine, Lavender, Rosemary, Saffron, Oil, Butter,

Metal Material: Nails,

Animal Material: Claws, Bones, Chitin, Scale, Fang, Antler, Mane, Sac, Wing, Tail, Tentacle, Iron Bone,

Forest Material: Branch, Resin, Root, Stone, Rock, Tar, Wood, Flint, Twine, Bark, Sand, Clay, Saltpeter, Hardwood, Oak Wood, Pine Wood, Birch Wood, Spruce Wood, Iron Wood, Shrub, Bamboo,

Processed Material: Gunpowder, Straw Rope, Chains, Charcoal, Ash,

Processed Mineral: Crude Iron Ingot, Pig Iron Ingot, Wrought Iron Ingot,

Delicate Crafts: Necklace, Bracelet, Piercings, Flute, Ring, Bottle


Bronze for equipment, Brass for crafting

Found in M'eagh Continent: Firestones, Waterstones, Earthstones, Windstones, Icestones, Lightningstones, Holystones, Darkstones, Lifestones, Deathstones, Poisonstones, Neutralstones.

[>- - - - - < Medicine > - - - - - <]

Gels: Healing Gel,

Pills: Ration Pill,

Potions: Regeneration Potion, Healing Potion, Potion of Swiftness,

Elixir: Elixir of Swiftness,

[>- - - - - < Mastery Skill List > - - - - - <]

Sword Arts | Spear Arts | Dagger Arts | Axe Arts | Mace Arts

Whip Arts | Halberd Arts | Glaive Arts | Bow Arts | Crossbow Arts

Gun Arts | Throwing Arts | Javelin Arts | Fist Arts |

[>- - - - - < Resistance Skill List > - - - - - <]

Cold Resistance | Heat Resistance | Toxin Resistence | Disease Resistance | Burning Resistance

[>- - - - - < Utility Skill List > - - - - - <]

Acrobatic | Athletic | Riding | Tracking | Stealth | Speech | Training | Learning | Studying

Lockpicking | Pickpocketing | Looting | Decyphering | Learning | Virile

Farming | Researching | Archaeology | Gambling | Educated | Berserk

Commandeering | Footwork | Concentrated | Disciplined | Dashing | Unstable Charge

Formation Drills | Insight | Prestigious Presence | Sprinting | Swimming

Mediatation | Fierce Strike | Crushing Blow | Crashing Smash |

[>- - - - - < Weapon Skill List > - - - - - <]

Striking | Slashing | Stabbing | Piercing | Strong Punch | Strong Kick | Deflecting

Bashing | Smashing | Shield Breaker | Unarming | Quick Draw | Deadshot | Rapid Fire

Sniping | Sweeping | Steady Aim | Impale | Frenzied Assault | Mighty Strike

Powerful Bash | Armor Piercer | Deadly Stab | Vital Puncture | Thrust | Feint |

Afterimage |

[>- - - - - < Armor Skill List > - - - - - <]

Blocking | Shieldwall | Fortress Stance | Shield Bash |

[>- - - - - < Magic Skill List > - - - - - <]

Ore Detection Spell | Herb Detection Spell | Life Detection Spell | Nourishing Spell

Ceremonial Ritual Spell |

[>- - - - - < Gathering Skill List > - - - - - <]

Harvesting | Mining | Fishing | Lumbering |

[>- - - - - < Artisan Skill List > - - - - - <]

Forging Arts | Trading Arts | Bartering Arts | Engineering Arts | Alchemy Arts

Painting Arts | Medical Arts | Labor | Jewel Crafts | Leather Crafts

Herbalism | Butchering Arts | Enchanting Arts | Cooking Arts | Rune Crafts

Tailoring Arts | Architecture | Stone Masoning | Woodworking | Sculpturing

Bartending | Foraging | Flora Gardening | Salvaging | Dismantling |

Thrust, Feint, Concentration, Meditation, Diplomacy, Domestication, Spectral, Bombards, Leap, Warcry,

[>- - - - - < Talent List > - - - - - <]

Deft Hands | Dauntless Will | Strong Grip | Well-Fit Form | Nimble Feet |

Glance to Divine Crafts |

[>- - - - - < Ability List > - - - - - <]

Movement of Swiftness | Tough Body | Strong Endurance | Elemental Resistance

Weak spot Detection | Unburdened by Weight | Aura Manifestation

[>- - - - - < Additives for Professions > - - - - - <]

Spartan: Disciplined and Skilled | Nordic: Strong and Relentless

Imperial: Authoritative | Royal: Loyal | Amazonian: Strong Matriarch

Light: Lightly equipped and Quicker | Heavy: Heavily equipped and durable

Master | Grandmaster | Divine | Godly | Amateur | Unwavering | Dwarven | Elven

Tier 1 -> 3: Require Nothing

Tier 3 -> 5: Requires certain requirements

Tier 5 -> 9: Requires certain achievements, similar to rarity evolution.

Rarity: Ordinary Tier, Rare Tier, Epic Tier, Heroic Tier, Legend Tier, Myth Tier, God Tier

Rare Tier Example: Fiery Marksman, Frost Swordsman, Dark Warrior, Polearm Guardian, Spear Knight, Honorable Knight,

Epic Tier: Frost Knight, Dark Knight, Unrivaled Chivalrous Knight,

Heroic Tier: Frost Archknight, Dread Knight,

Legend Tier: Glacial Knight of Ice Age

Myth Tier:

[>- - - - - < Production Professions > - - - - - <]

Tier 1 -> Tier 2 -> Tier 3 -> Tier 4 -> Tier 5 -> Tier 6 -> Tier 7 -> Tier 8 -> Tier 9

Note: Always starts on Tier 1, the higher it is, the stronger their capabilities.

Serf -> Farmer/Miner/Lumberjack

Blacksmith -> Forger | Herbalist -> Alchemist | Weaver -> Tailor

Chef -> Gourmet | Merchant -> Trader | Woodworker -> Carpenter

Sailor -> Ship Captain | Bard -> Musician | Explorer -> Adventurer

Doctor -> Apothecary | Leader -> Commander -> General

Logistician | Scavenger | Inventor | Craftsman | Orator | Pathfinder

Trainer | Peddler | Vendor | Florist | Strategist | Tactician | Maid | Butler

Seamstress | Dancer | Gambler | Jester | Scholar | Mayor | Philosopher

Artificer | Armorer | Gemsmith | Mechanic | Perfumer | Scribe | Architect

Tamer | Coachman | Collector | Courtesan | Detective | Fisherman | Brewmaster

Magister | Magistrate |

Harbinger, Shadowblade, Dreadhunter, Abolisher, Liberator, Blighter, Bloodreaver, Enforcer, Stalker, Argent, Ravager, Outrider, Warpriest, Hellweaver, Spellsword, Shadowknight, Shadowbane, Arcane Hunter, Shadestriker, Demonologist, Trickster, Shaman, Bastion, Thaumaturge, Nightblade, Battlemage, Justicar, Scion, Revenant, Phantasm, Edgewalker, Oracle, Spellsong, Exorcist, Reaper, Doombringer, Infiltrator, Evoker, Gypsy, Hitman, Keeper of Prophecy, Vanquisher, Tempter, Spellcaster, Invoker, Headhunter,

Ensign(In-Training), Soldier(Troops), Sergeant(Stronger Troops), Lieutenant(Vice-Leader), Captain(Leader), Colonel(Army Vice-Leader), General(Army Leader), Lord

Status: Pheasant -> Commoner -> Noble -> Royalty

Nobility: Lord, Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis, Duke, Prince, King, Emperor

Ideas: Witch Doctor, Plague Doctor,

Add Faction Color before the professions to have distinct differences.

Ex: Red Swordsman, Orange Caster, Green Horseman, Yellow Assassin

Note: The Tier is where they begin.

Tier 7 to 9 have no Professions

[>- - - - - < Offense Professions > - - - - - <]

Tier 1 -> Tier 2 -> Tier 3 -> Tier 4 -> Tier 5 -> Tier 6 -> Tier 7 -> Tier 8 -> Tier 9

Tier 1 Melee: Sword Apprentice, Spear Apprentice, Dagger Apprentice, Rider, Martial Apprentice

Tier 1 Ranged: Bow Apprentice,

Tier 2 Melee: Swordsman, Spearman, Axeman, Horseman, Scout, Fighter, Buccaneer,

Tier 2 Ranged: Bowman,

Tier 3 Melee: Squire, Thief, Ninja, Duelist, Brawler, Halberdier,

Tier 3 Ranged: Ranger, Javelineer, Musketeer

Tier 4 Melee: Warrior, Rogue, Shinobi, Assassin, Barbarian, Vandal, Crusader, Pugilist

Tier 4 Ranged: Gunner, Huntsman, Sherif

Tier 5 Melee: Striker(Fist), Vanguard, Calvary, Gladiator, Templar, Samurai, Corsair, Demolisher

Tier 5 Ranged: Sharpshooter, Hunter/Huntress,

Tier 6 Melee: Berserker, Martial Artist, Blade Dancer, Valkyrie, Champion, Dragoon, Arbiter, Executioner, Inquisitor,

Tier 6 Ranged: Sniper, Grenadier, Specialist(Handgun/Sniper/Shotgun)

Shadow Hunter, Deathblade, Gunslinger, Artillerist, Gunlancer, Soulfist, Scrapper, Wardancer, Bomber, Oath Keeper, Gatekeeper,

[>- - - - - < Magic Professions > - - - - - <]

Tier 1 -> Tier 2 -> Tier 3 -> Tier 4 -> Tier 5 -> Tier 6 -> Tier 7 -> Tier 8 -> Tier 9

Tier 1: Magic Apprentice

Tier 2: Caster,

Tier 3: Mage, Cultist,

Tier 4: Wizard, Arcanist, Witch, Elementalist, Summoner, Necromancer,

Tier 5: Archmage, Sorcerer, Warlock, Mystic, Druid,

Tier 6: Sage,

Red Necromancer(Fiery Skeletons), Yellow Necromancer(Mummy), White Necromancer(Holy Skeletons)


[>- - - - - < Defense Professions > - - - - - <]

Tier 1 -> Tier 2 -> Tier 3 -> Tier 4 -> Tier 5 -> Tier 6 -> Tier 7 -> Tier 8 -> Tier 9

Tier 1: Shield Apprentice,

Tier 2: Guard, Shieldman,

Tier 3: Knight, Warden, Defender, Monk

Tier 4: Paladin, Guardian, Sentinel,

Tier 5: Juggarnaut, Lancer,

Tier 6: Dreadnaught

[>- - - - - < Support Professions > - - - - - <]

Tier 1 -> Tier 2 -> Tier 3 -> Tier 4 -> Tier 5 -> Tier 6 -> Tier 7 -> Tier 8 -> Tier 9

Tier 1: Clergy, Acolyte,

Tier 2: Priest, Healer, Trapper, Puppeterr, Tracker, Spy

Tier 3: Cleric, Mystic

Tier 4:

Tier 5:

Tier 6:

[>- - - - - < Traits: Personality > - - - - - <]

Confident | Hopeful | Optimistic | Generous | Loyal | Adventurous | Affectionate

Curious | Deceitful | Calm | Cold | Clever | Cheerful | Composed | Courageous

Eager | Energetic | Friendly | Quiet | Anti-Social | Honest | Loving | Respectful

Brace | Considerate | Intelligent | Sly | Flexible | Fair | Pessimistic | Lazy | Coward

Ambitious | Irresponsible | Forgetful | Impolite | Daring | Hyper | Strict | Sensitive

Serious | Anxious | Humorous | Dramatic | Imaginative | Rude | Unfriendly | Immature

Dishonest | Devious | Cruel | Obnoxious | Narcasstic | Impatient | Hot-Blooded | Resislient

Agoraphobic | Clumsy | Timid | Pacifist | Benelovent | Caring | Courteous | Debonair

Cultured | Decisive | Dedicated | Discreet | Disciplined | Dignified | Direct | Earnest

Eloquent | Empathetic | Enthusiastic | Faithful | Gallant | Gentle | Genuine | Heroic | Humble

Idealistic | Incisive | Individualistic | Innovative | Kind | Masculine | Moderate | Modest

Observant | Open | Passionate | Patient | Patriotic | Peaceful | Perfectionist | Playful

Protective | Prudent | Punctional | Rational | Romantic | Selfless | Shrewd | Socialable

Studious | Aggressive | Competitive | Cute | Deceptive | Determined | Dominating

Emotional | Religious | Abrasive | Blunt | Calculating | Childish | Compulsive

Confused | Desperate | Disloyal | Dull | Envious | Extreme | Faithless | Fanatical | Greedy

Forgetful | Fraudelent | Gulliable | Haughty | Hedonistic | Hesitant | Ignorant | Impulsive

Inconsiderate | Insincere | Mannerless | Mechanical | Messy | Miserable | Misguided

Morbid | Naive | Obsessive | Opportunistic | Paranoid | Pmpous | Possessive | Predatory

Prejudice | Repressed | Resentful | Scornful | Schemful | Rediculous | sad*stic | masoch*st

Selfish | Indulgent | Shy | Shortsighted | Softhearted | Stupid | Submissive | Treacherous

Venomous | Weak-willed | Wishful | Vindictive | Unreliable | Unrealistic

Note: NPCs have certain personalities that could affect their growth, they can be changed

NPCs do have limits.

[>- - - - - < Common Units Evolution > - - - - - <]

Tier 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 6 -> 7 -> 8 -> 9

- + - + - = Tier 1 = - + - + -

Slave ( Club ) -> Militia ( Sword/Spear/Pike/Axe )

Slave ( Rocks ) -> Militia ( Bow )

Serf ( Club ) -> Militia ( Sword/Spear/Pike/Axe )

Serf ( Rocks ) -> Militia ( Bow )

Pheasant ( Sickle | Shield ) -> Militia ( Sword )

Pheasant ( Hatchet | Shield ) -> Militia ( Axe )

Pheasant ( Pitchfork | Shield ) -> Militia ( Spear )

Phaesant ( Knife | Shield ) -> Militia ( Sword )

Phaesant ( Bow ) -> Militia ( Bow )

Tribesman ( Spear ) -> Tribal Militia ( Spear )

Tribesman ( Knife ) -> Tribal Scout ( Bow and Dagger )

Tribesman ( Bow ) -> Tribal Archer ( Bow )

Recruit ( Spear | Shield ) -> Militia ( Spear )

Recruit ( Warhammer ) -> Vanguard Militia ( Warhammer, Claymore, Glaive, or Great Axe )

Recruit ( Shortspear | Shield ) -> Militia ( Sword )

Nomad ( Saber | Shield ) -> Nomadic Militia ( Saber )

Nomad ( Shortspear | Shield ) -> Nomadic Militai ( Spear )

- + - + - = Tier 2 = - + - + -

Militia ( Sword | Shield ) ->

Militia ( Spear | Shield ) ->

Militia ( Axe | Shield ) ->

Militia ( Pike ) ->

Militia ( Bow ) ->

Scout ( Dagger ) ->

Scout ( Bow ) ->

Horseman ( Spear | Shield ) ->

Horseman ( Sword | Shield ) ->

- + - + - = Tier 3 = - + - + -

Light Footman

Armored Footman




Light Calvary

Crusader ( Sword | Shield )

Crusader ( Mace | Shield )

- + - + - = Tier 4 = - + - + -


Armored Archers




Armored Calvary


Templar ( Sword | Shield )

Paladin ( Mace | Shield )

- + - + - = Tier 5 = - + - + -








- + - + - = Tier 6 = - + - + -

Knight ( Sword | Shield )

Knight ( Spear | Shield )

Palace Guard




- + - + - = Tier 7 = - + - + -


Royal Guard


- + - + - = Tier 8 = - + - + -


Legionnaire ( Sword | Shield )

Imperial Warden

- + - + - = Tier 9 = - + - + -

Imperial Legionnaire ( Sword | Shield )

Cannoneer, Rifleman,

Samurai, Conquistador, Teutonic Knight



Warhorses: Trained Horses

Soldier: Military Unit

Infantry: Group of Weaker Troops

[>- - - - - < Fleet Units > - - - - - <]


[>- - - - - < Artillery Units > - - - - - <]

Battlewagon, Wagon, Cannon, Cannonballs, Catapult, Battering Ram, Ballista, Mortar, Trebuchets, Seige Artillery, Turrets,

[>- - - - - < Mercenary Units Evolution > - - - - - <]

Mercenary Guard | Mercenary Scout | Mercenary Horseman | Mercenary Swordsman | Mercenary Archer | Mercenary Crossbowman | Mercenary Calvary |

[>- - - - - < Unit Template > - - - - - <]

Name: None | Race: None | Faction: None

Personality: None | Alignment: None | Potential: Tier 1~9

Unit's Profession: None | Stage: Novice/Adept/Expert/Veteran/Elite

Talent: None

Condition: None

Relationship: None

[>- - - - - < Rarer Units Evolution > - - - - - <]

- + - + - = Tier 1 = - + - + -

- + - + - = Tier 2 = - + - + -

- + - + - = Tier 3 = - + - + -

- + - + - = Tier 4 = - + - + -

- + - + - = Tier 5 = - + - + -

- + - + - = Tier 6 = - + - + -

Ice Guardsman

Dragon Guards

- + - + - = Tier 7 = - + - + -

Celestial Guards

- + - + - = Tier 8 = - + - + -

- + - + - = Tier 9 = - + - + -

[>- - - - - < Magic Spells > - - - - - <]

Fire: Flamethrower | Fireball | Ignition | Incerneration | Fire Blast | Flame Circle | Burning Grasp | Blazing Storm | Ember Missiles | Scarlet Destruction | Flaming Cape | Explosive Combustion | Searing Ember | Explosive Bombardment |

Water: Water Bomb | Hydro Beam | Tsunami Wave | Geyser Eruption | Rain Storm | Water Whip | Piercing Drops | Watersprout Maelestrom | Water Stream Tide |

Earth: Pebble Barrage | Rock Wall | Stone Binding | Rock Tomb | Crystal Missile | Earth Eruption | Earthquake | Impaling Spikes | Sand Tsunami | Sand Burial | Stone Armor | Sand Shield |

Wind: Wind Blast | Wind Blade | Wind Barrier | Gust | Flight | Vaccum Bomb | Hurricane Storm |

Ice: Frostbite | Icicle | Frozen Tomb | Icy Invasion | Hail Barrage | Freezing Mist | Winter Domain | Frozen Armor |

Lightning: Tase | Lightning Chain | Spark Missile | Lighting Bolt | Electrical Discharge | Thunder Storm | Shocking Armor | Thunderous Ray | Plasma Blast | Thunder Coil | Plasma Surge | Thunderous Obliteration |

Holy: Healing Hands | Purification | Low-Class Angel Summon | Holy Barrier | Healing Light | Curse Dispel | Blinding Light | Holy Radiance | Cleansing Light | Disentigrating Beam | Redemption Judgement | Holy Seal |

Dark: Curse of Weakness | Dark Spears | Dark Crip | Nightmare | Low-Class Demon Summon | Petrification Curse | Life Drain | Mana Drain | Cure of Slowness | Doom Beam | Shadow Shroud | Cursed Seal | Consuming Darkness | Touch of Decay |

Neutral: Power Boost | Speed Boost | Defense Boost | Forcefield Barrier | Alarm | Invisibility | Sleep | Aura | Attack Reversal | Gravitation Pull/Push | Elemental Infusion | Metamorphosis | Tranquility Boost | Restraining Chains Seal |

Poison: Toxic Cloud | Toxic Mist | Corrosive Spray | Acid Splash | Poisonous Touch | Silent Containmination | Disease Infection | Toxic Skin | Rancid Plague Stench | Rot Decay Miasma | Defiled Land | Putrid Acid |

Life: Rejuvenating Heal | Root Entanglement | Flora Nourishment | Life Rejuvination |

Death: Skeleton Summon | Zombie Summon | Skeletal Soldier Summon | Bone Grasp | Bone Spears | Banshee Summon | Decaying Touch | Vengeance of The Damned |

Water + Wind: Misty Fog |

Fire + Wind: Inferno Tornado |

Fire + Earth: Magma Eruption | Meteor Shower |

Fire + Water: Steam Blast |

[>- - - - - < One-handed Weapons > - - - - - <]

Sword, Rapier, Saber, Katana, Cutlass, Khopesh, Knife, Dagger, Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, Mace, Mallet, Cudgel, Sickle, Shears/Scissors, Dao, Ningato, Falchion, Shortsword, Gladius, Broadsword, Scimitar, Machete, Longsword, Hatchet,

[>- - - - - < Two-handed Weapons > - - - - - <]

Claymore, Clubs, Hammer, Battle Axe, Scythe, Hoe, Odachi, Zweihander, Great Sword, Great Axe, Maul,

[>- - - - - < Polearm Weapons > - - - - - <]

Spear, Atgeir, Pike, Halberd, Lance, Glaive, Naginata, Guandao, Poleaxe, Pronged Spear, Staff

[>- - - - - < Ranged Weapons > - - - - - <]

Bow, Crossbow, Gun, Javelin, Ballista, Harpoon, Recurve Bow, Longbow, Shortbow, Compound Bow, Crossbow Repeater,

Arrows, Bolts, Darts, Throwing Knives, Chakram, Boomerang, Tomahawk,

[>- - - - - < Shields > - - - - - <]

Heater, Round, Heavy/Tower, Kite, Celtic, Buckler, Oval

[>- - - - - < Magic Weapons > - - - - - <]

Scepters, Wand, Grimore, Orb, Harp, Flute, Tome

Tome of Death, Grimoire of Fate

[>- - - - - < Metal Equipment > - - - - - <]

Common: Chainmail-Shirt/Cowl/Leggings, Cuirass/Tasset/Pauldrons/Gauntlets, Armguard,

Uncommon: Mask, Helmet, Greaves, Padded-Helmet, Plated Cuirass, Scaled Mail,

Rare: Circlet,




[>- - - - - < Leather Equipment > - - - - - <]

Common: Cap,

Leather Tunic/Trousers/Boots/Cape/Cloak/Hood/Coat/

Fur Cloak/

Uncommon: Trench Coat, Surcoat,





[>- - - - - < Cloth Equipment > - - - - - <]

Common: Wrap, Mane, Rags, Mits, Hood, Veil, Mantle, Plackart,

Ragged Tunic/Trousers/Footwrap,

Hemp Tunic/Trousers/Breeches/Cloak/


Padded Tunic,





[>- - - - - < Fabric Equipment > - - - - - <]


Linen Tunic/Trousers/Breeches/Chemise






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