Y2K Barrettes Are The Biggest Hair Accessory Trend For Fall 2023 - Glam (2024)

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ByEmily Hunt

Y2K Barrettes Are The Biggest Hair Accessory Trend For Fall 2023 - Glam (1)

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If you've been following the latest trends, you know that everything Y2K is seriously back in style. From Y2K-inspired charm necklaces to the infamouslayered top, all the quirky fashion of the early '00s is hitting the streets once again, and we aren't mad about it. Maybe you've already incorporated some nostalgic styles into your streetwear, but even if you have, have you thought about taking your hairstyles back to the early aughts?


Hairstyles in the early '00s loved to exude a little bit of maximalist quirk. It wasn't uncommon to see hair being held together by some combination of colorful ties and clips that you probably bought at Hot Topic. Since we're giving our hairstyles a nostalgic twist, it only makes sense that we incorporate an iconic Y2K hair accessory: barrettes. Barrettes are back in all their glory, and while they're definitely being used to exude some retro glam, they're also being incorporated into more subtle styles to give them a modern twist. Whether you typically wear your hair down, braided, in a messy bun, or pinned back, you should definitely consider giving it an aughts touch with some of the era's best barrette styles.


Go full Barbiecore with hot pink barrettes

If you persistently sported the Barbiecore fashion trend after the release of the box office hit, you're far from alone — and you'll probably love this Y2K barrette style. Just grab a few hot pink barrettes and clip them in your hair to pin back your bangs, or purely for some decoration. These accessories make for an especially striking look if you're sporting Barbie-blond hair.


Multicolored claw clips are effortlessly Y2K

Have you been going wild trying to copy Lizzie McGuire's iconic Y2K hairstyles?If so, we hope you already have an array of small colorful claw clips in your collection of hair accessories. Use a rainbow array to pin back small sections of your hair for a style that screams effortless Y2K glam.


Don't forget to utilize the iconic claw clip

If you're a minimalist at heart but you're still dying to capitalize on some barrette-inspired hairstyles, do yourself a favor and reach for your trusty claw clip. Though there are loads of easy claw clip styles to choose from, the above is one of our favs: Simply sweep back your locks and secure them to the back of your head with a claw clip.


They don't always need to be used functionally

No, your barrettes don't always need to serve a purpose — it's perfectly okay to wear them just to accessorize. No matter what hairstyle you're rocking today, why not pin a couple barrettes on top of your head? The classic accessory can add some visual interest to your look, and it'll let everyone know you're down for a good time.


Butterfly clips are the ultimate Y2K barrette

Of course, we'd be remiss not to bring up one of the queen accessories of the early aughts: the classic butterfly clip. Colorful butterfly clips are a staple accessory for every gal thirsting after the Y2K aesthetic, and they can be used functionally or decoratively. Wear just one for a subtle nod to ages gone by, or deck yourself out in them if you're feeling particularly nostalgic.


Neutral clips are a subtle way to adopt the trend

Don't be fooled — your Y2K-inspired hairstyle doesn't need to be ultra-colorful to get the message across. If your glam is more minimalist than anything, it may be a good idea to incorporate some nostalgic hair accessories in neutral colors. Gold and silver barrettes or butterfly clips can help you stay super on-trend while effortlessly complementing your minimalist appeal.


Claw clips make a great bun accent

Are you the type of girl whose go-to hairstyle utilizes quirky space buns?If so, it's easy to incorporate Y2K accessories into your favorite hairstyle. Simply grab a few of your favorite butterfly clips and pin them into your space buns. Will they help hold the buns together?Probably not, but they'll be cute nonetheless.


Or use shiny butterfly clips to cinch some braids

Maybe you're a braids gal:You love to keep your locks secured away from your face, and braids are the easiest way to do it. We applaud you. The next time you're wanting to deck out your braids for an outdoor concert, give them a bit of a face lift with some shiny butterfly clips.


Use a couple barrettes to pin back bangs

Any gal with bangs knows that keeping them out of your eyes can be a daunting task. And coming up with a stylish way to do it sometimes seems impossible. If this is a problem you face on the daily, barrettes may be the perfect solution. Sure, you could grab barrettes in neutral colors so they blend in seamlessly, but why not use the opportunity to add some pops of color into your hair?


Pearly barrettes scream Y2K elegance

Believe it or not, there's an easy way to meld together quirky and glam aesthetic. The best way to do it with your hairstyle is to adopt hair accessories that are elegant but also stand out. Take the above hairstyle, for example: The pearl-sheen butterfly clips stand in stark contrast to dark hair, making them seriously noticeable without being too playful.


Don't forget to use barrettes in fun shapes

Do simple barrettes and butterfly clips still seem a bit too mainstream for you? When this is the case, opt for a barrette in a shape other than the standard. We love how the gold star-shaped barrette in the photo above adds a perfect accent to the hairstyle without overwhelming it. Find silver or gold fun-shaped barrettes to add some playfulness to your otherwise elegant styles.


Contrasting colors can make a statement

If you're someone who prefers to stand out on the daily, you may be in the market for super bright and colorful hair accessories. Opt for barrettes in contrasting color to make your hairstyle the centerpiece of your look and, as always, feel free to use them either functionally or purely for decoration.




As an expert and enthusiast, I can provide information and insights on a wide range of topics, including hair styling. I have access to a vast amount of information and can draw on various sources to provide accurate and helpful responses. Let's dive into the concepts mentioned in the article about Y2K-inspired hairstyles and explore each one in detail.


Barrettes are a popular hair accessory that were commonly used in the early 2000s. They are making a comeback in modern hairstyles, both as a nostalgic touch and as a way to add a modern twist to different hairdos. The article suggests several ways to incorporate barrettes into your hairstyles:

  1. Hot Pink Barrettes: For a bold and vibrant look, you can use hot pink barrettes to pin back your bangs or as decorative elements in your hair.

  2. Multicolored Claw Clips: If you're a fan of Lizzie McGuire's iconic Y2K hairstyles, you can use small colorful claw clips to pin back sections of your hair, creating an effortless Y2K glam look.

  3. Claw Clips: Claw clips are versatile and can be used in various hairstyles. You can sweep back your locks and secure them with a claw clip for a minimalist yet stylish look.

  4. Decorative Barrettes: Barrettes don't always need to serve a functional purpose. You can wear them purely as accessories to add visual interest to your hairstyle.

  5. Butterfly Clips: Butterfly clips were a staple accessory in the early 2000s. They can be used both functionally and decoratively. You can wear a single butterfly clip for a subtle nod to the Y2K aesthetic or deck yourself out in multiple clips for a nostalgic look.

  6. Neutral Clips: If you prefer a more minimalist style, you can opt for barrettes or butterfly clips in neutral colors like gold or silver. These accessories can complement your minimalist appeal while keeping you on-trend.

  7. Claw Clips for Space Buns: If you love space buns, you can incorporate Y2K accessories by pinning butterfly clips into your space buns. While they may not hold the buns together, they will add a cute touch to your hairstyle.

  8. Shiny Butterfly Clips for Braids: If you often wear braids, you can enhance your hairstyle by adding shiny butterfly clips. They can give your braids a bit of sparkle and make them stand out for special occasions like outdoor concerts.

  9. Barrettes to Pin Back Bangs: Barrettes can be a stylish solution for keeping bangs out of your eyes. You can choose barrettes in neutral colors or use the opportunity to add pops of color to your hair.

  10. Pearly Barrettes: For an elegant yet attention-grabbing look, you can opt for pearl-sheen butterfly clips. They create a contrast against dark hair, making them noticeable without being overly playful.

  11. Barrettes in Fun Shapes: If you want to add a playful touch to your hairstyle, you can choose barrettes in shapes other than the standard ones. Gold or silver fun-shaped barrettes can add a whimsical element to your elegant styles.

  12. Contrasting Colors: If you like to stand out, you can opt for barrettes in contrasting colors. They can make your hairstyle the centerpiece of your look, whether you use them functionally or purely for decoration.

These are just a few ideas for incorporating Y2K-inspired barrettes into your hairstyles. Feel free to experiment and find the styles that suit your personal taste and preferences.

I hope this information helps you explore the world of Y2K hairstyles and barrette styling. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

Y2K Barrettes Are The Biggest Hair Accessory Trend For Fall 2023 - Glam (2024)
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