Things to Do in Carson City, NV - Visit Carson City (2024)

Carson City offers year-round recreation, museums, a thriving arts and culture scene, unique shopping and antiquing, Nevada-style gaming, and dining for every palate.

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outdoor recreation

Explore the mountains by hiking a trail, mountain biking or skiing. Play a round of golf at one of our 3 golf courses. Enjoy water activities on the alpine lakes or fish in the river. Whatever your preference, there are many ways to enjoy the outdoors in Carson City.

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Take a Walk

Kit Carson Trail

The Kit Carson Trail is a path through Carson City’s historic district. It features stops at landmarks including 1800s-era Victorian-style homes, museums and churches. Nearly 50 landmarks telling the story of the capital city’s history are featured along the Kit Carson Trail.

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Historic Railways

Following the discovery of rich silver and gold deposits in Virginia City, it soon became apparent that something beside freight wagons was needed to carry heavy ore from the mines to the mills along the Carson River for refining. To address these needs, the Virginia and Truckee Railroad Company was established in March 1868. Today, visitors can ride the historic train up to Virginia City, and learn more about the railroad heritage of Nevada at the Nevada State Railroad Museum.

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Arts & Culture

Carson City hosts a vibrant arts and culture environment with an eclectic and exceptional array of exhibitions, historic walking tours, art galleries, public murals, performing arts events, musical theatre productions, a summer jazz festival and more.

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Fun for All

Family Activities

There are many family-friendly activities in Carson City, ranging from interactive exhibits at the museums, riding the train to visit a historic city, children's theaters, exploring the outdoors and more. Carson City is the heart and history of Nevada, learn more about how to explore the capital city with your family today.

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Carson City has a selection of museums showcasing history, natural history, trains, and interactive exhibits for children. These museums exhibit an impressive collection of stories and artifacts from a history that spans not just through northern Nevada, but across the country, including Native American culture, trains, geology, wildlife, and wild frontier living.

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Downtown Shopping

The historic downtown Carson City shopping district is a treasure trove for the antique lover and shopper. Stroll through the beautiful historic west side and enjoy the unique shopping, friendly locals, and iconic scenery.

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Day Trips

Carson City's central location makes it easy to explore other local communities. Head to Virginia City, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Carson Valley or Fallon for a quick day trip.

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Put it on Black

Gaming in Carson City

While other states began to prohibit gaming in the mid-1800s, Nevada embraced it for its potential economic boon to the area. Today, the casinos in Carson City offer slot machines, table games, race and sportsbook, and family-friendly entertainment.

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Things to Do in Carson City, NV - Visit Carson City (2)

Carson City

Outdoor Surrounded by mountains, alpine lakes and the Carson River, Carson City offers plenty of options to explore and wander. Learn More
Family Friendly Carson City offers many family friendly attractions, as well as child-friendly events throughout the year, making it a great spot for a family getaway. Learn More
Historical Discover the rich history of Carson City and learn about the explorers in the 1840s, how the city became the state capital, American Indian Heritage, mining and more. Learn More
Arts and Culture From modern to historic, Carson City offers many displays of the arts including concerts, murals, theater, museums, public arts, festivals and more. Learn More



Carson City hosts special events throughout the year, including mountain bike races, the Nevada Day Parade, summer concert series and more. Mark your calendars for these can't miss events!

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Jun 14 - 16Father’s Day PowwowAll Day Stewart Indian School Facility There’s no better way to get to know Nevada’scultural identitythan the beloved Stewart Father’s Day Powwow, held in the heart ofNevada’s Capital Cityevery summer. American Indian dancers, drummers, artists, and… More DetailsJun 15Taste of Downtown5:30 pm - 9:30 pm Bob McFadden Plaza (Third Street Stage) Mark your calendars because the TASTE OF DOWNTOWN is June 15th! Enjoy a night of tasty eats and groovy beats with your community. Tastings from 5:30-9:00pm, with music until 10:00pm.… More DetailsJun 22Capital City Brewfest3:00 pm - 8:00 pm Bob McFadden Plaza (Third Street Stage) Kick off summer at the Capital City Brewfest. The annual event takes place Saturday, June 22th in Downtown Carson City. More than two dozen brewers will line Curry Street at… More Details

Carson City


Discover the history of Carson City, explore the outdoors, experience the arts, shop or play. Nevada's capital city offers many attractions to choose from.

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Things to Do in Carson City, NV - Visit Carson City (2024)
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