The Top Trendy Summer Travel Outfits For Europe (2024)

Whether you’re packing a carry-on or a checked bag, space is limited whenever you travel to Europe. Despite all of the clothes you want to bring, there is restricted number of clothes you can bring, especially if you’re trying to not pay extra for overweight luggage. Also, unlike the States, in Europe casual dress is more formal than just “athleisure.” Here are a few tips and tricks so you can pack the right summer travel outfits to prepare you for your European adventure.

What Clothes To Bring

When traveling the idea is to bring everything you need but not too many extra items to weigh down your suitcase. In order to make the packing easy on yourself, the best solution is to bring a few fashion statement pieces and lots of staple items. This way you’re able to have each outfit you wear defined by a key item and then accompanied by classics. This formula ensures that none of your outfits are too over-the-top or flashy.

1. Brightly Colored Jacket

There is nothing better than having a light-weight jacket to throw on when the night is getting chilly or the AC in the restaurant is turned up a little too high. Even if you are not convinced you’ll use a jacket in the summer, at the very least it will be perfect for the flights to and from your summer destinations. I’d strongly suggest looking for a jacket that is a color opposite from the dominant color in your closet. For an example, you can pack an orange jacket if most of your clothes are varying shades of blue. This way, your jacket will always add a bold aspect to your outfit without being too dominant a piece. Also, this purchase will help you balance your closet and you can learn to wear colors that you might steer away from at first in the mall. This is one of thesummer travel outfits that is so classic.


Get This Look:

Try this one from Urban Outfitters

2. Fun Silk Pants

I cannot stress enough how much I love silk pants, especially for the summertime. Not only are they cool and effortless, but they also are incredibly easy to pack! By rolling them up to avoid wrinkles, you will soon realize how small and compact silk pants can become, which is perfect for when you’re close to the weight limit and can only squeeze in a few more pounds. For this item, I’d suggest either looking for them in a bold pattern in black and white or a more neutral color with a smaller pattern, such as navy blue with white and green stripes on the sides. I promise once you try silk pants, you will not go back. This is one of thesummer travel outfits that is so preppy.


Get This Look:

Try these from Topshop

3. Bold Romper

While these are sometimes the hardest to shop for, rompers are undeniably a favorite item in everyone’s closet. My suggestion is to find the perfect fit and don’t settle. Because if you settle, you’ll never end up wearing it and the purchase won’t be worth it. In the case of rompers, you can’t go wrong with the pattern or style. Whether the romper is a solid color, a bright pattern, or simple stripes, it won’t matter. This is because the style of the romper will dominate your look— so let it BE your look. Just focus on finding a romper that’s comfortable and flattering so that you can wear it over and over again.


Get This Look:

Try this one from Free People

4. Fun Patterned Strapless Top

While something that is both strapless and patterned might seem daunting to pair with other articles of clothing, in reality it is simple. Whether it’s with high-waisted black shorts or a white skirt, this top actually goes with everything. Plus this item is so summery it will make you feel as though you’re on island time all the time whenever you wear it. Just like the romper, however, make sure you value fit over the color and or pattern because if it doesn’t fit then you’re likely to never wear it. This is one of the trendysummer travel outfits to show some skin.


Get This Look:

Try this one from Urban Outfitters

5. Wide Straw Hat

Whether it’s a beach background or an Italian vineyard— this hat will make any picture you take Instagram-worthy AND protect you from the sun. Try to find one that both fits your head and face shape, but don’t be afraid to play around with the size of the brim. Another good idea is to find one with a black ribbon around the base of the hat in order to jazz up the look.


Get This Look:

Try this one from Madewell

Ideas for NeutralsNow that we have our key items ironed out, here are some ideas for neutrals to pair them with!

1) White Lace Crop Top


2) Black Strapless Shirt

3) White Cotton Tee


4) Basic Shoes (think adidas or converse)

5) White Jeans

6) Jean Shorts


7) Neutral Baseball Cap (white or black)

8) Black Jean Skirt

9) High-waisted Black Shorts


10) Sunglasses

Which of thesesummer travel outfits are you going to try for your European trip? Let us know in the comments.

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The Top Trendy Summer Travel Outfits For Europe (2024)
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