The Best Pickleball Shoes: Our Top Picks in 2022 — Pickleball University (2024)

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The Best Pickleball Shoes: Our Top Picks in 2022

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Pickleball paddles are important in the game of pickleball, but there is another essential type of equipment needed for playing your best game - pickleball court shoes. Not only does the game require you to have solid footwork, but the shoes you choose should allow for excellent lateral movement, be responsive, and feel as comfortable as any running shoes to help you stay on the court.

Here are some of the best pickleball shoes we’ve found in 2022.

#1 - FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes - Men

These casual tennis shoes are also perfect for men’s pickleball shoes. They provide full coverage of all necessary functional attributes required for the court. The anti-odor technology and breathable mesh upper material keep your feet dry, cool, and clean. FitVille sneakers are made for those with wider feet, with a larger toebox for freedom of movement and comfort.

The honeycomb insole on the shoe's interior and Ortholite material add provide extra support and cushioning. The EVA material offers dual-density for excellent durability while the TPU rubber absorbs shock while allowing ease of movement, allowing you to play your best on the pickleball or tennis court. The no-slip grip design lets you play freely on indoor and outdoor pickleball courts.


  • Slip-resistant outsole made of premium rubber

  • Soft and breathable upper

  • Torsion-resistant

  • Wide (2E) & extra-wide (4E) options

#2 - K-Swiss Women's Express Light Pickleball Shoe

K-Swiss is the first major shoe brand to create court shoes designed for pickleball. The Express Light Pickleball Shoe was made to be comfortable, lightweight, and breathable shoes to enhance performance.

It is an all-around shoe with solid features, perfect for all types of players. These shoes have a K-Swiss pickleball logo along ith a customized pickleball sock liner. These shoes are perfect for outdoor hard court or clay playing surfaces.


  • A 180-degree thermal plastic Plantar Support Chassis stabilizes the mid-foot

  • Features a Dragguard that offers increased abrasion resistance in the toe and heel

  • High-density Aösta 7.0 rubber compound outsole provides durability

  • The Durawrap prevents excessive toe-dragging

  • The structure of the OrthoLite sock liner foam wicks moisture, to provide a cooler, drier, environment

#3 - ASICS Women's Gel-RENMA Pickleball Shoes

These Asics gel shoes provide best-in-class comfort while the forefoot GEL technology absorbs shock from abrupt landings. The Trusstic System Technology reduces twisting and offers superior lockdown while providing extra support.

The wrap-up outsole of these shoes is paired with a wider gauge to create smoother and more balanced lateral movements. The outsole flex grooves are positioned to accommodate multidirectional movements so you can move freely and confidently outside the no-volley zone.


  • Flex grooved outsole help support balanced movement

  • High-durability shoes made from quality materials

  • Great for people who suffer from overpronation

  • Offers a limited one year warranty

#4 - Python Deluxe Men’s Indoor Court Shoes

Python finally delivered their own shoe line.These shoes come in three distinctive types featuring an Indoor Mid, Indoor Low, and Outdoor Low for those players that love outdoor racquetball or play a crossover of racquet sports, including pickleball and tennis.

These shoes have consistent feedback from players that fell in love with how lightweight, durable, and comfortable they were right out of the box. They are known to grip the floor well so you can play with confidence. To top it off, they're less expensive than brands like Skechers, Adidas, Fila, and New Balance while offering the same or better features.


  • Thicker back heel for shock absorption and landing stability

#5 - WILSON Women's Rush PRO 3.0 PB W Pickleball Shoe, CHAMBRY

Featuring a modified structure and fresh design to aid performance and comfort, the Rush Pro 3.0 pickleball shoe takes the popular Rush Pro Ace franchise to new heights for pickleball players. The chassis was made to offer stability while performing pivots while enhancing the cushioned feel.

The technologies like Endofit and Sensifeel remain for enhanced comfort and breathability, while increased rubber density on the outsole optimizes durability for pickleball players. For added effect, they have created a pickleball design element on the heel.


  • DF2 provides a cushioned court feel, and has a heel drop of 9mm

  • Endofit offers an intuitive fit made for women present in the full inner sock construction

  • Features asymetrical and elongated medial side TPU heel counter for arch support

  • Sensifeel 2.0 has a light mesh layered upper to enhance the breathability

  • The support chassis limits torsion and supination to aid in pivot movements and offers stability

The Best Pickleball Shoes: Our Top Picks in 2022 — Pickleball University (6)

#6 - YONEX Power Cushion Comfort Z2 Women's Indoor Court Shoe

These indoor court shoes offer support and cushion. The Graphite Drive technology present in the outsole helps forward movement while reducing impact on knees, ankles, and feet. This shock absorption provides usable energy feedback, keeping you light and nimble on your feet.


  • Asymetrical shoelace design for a unique look

  • Grooves in the rubber sole assist with court grip

  • Midsole has a power cushion and feather-like foam for comfort

  • Upper made from breathable double mesh

#7 - CFVKPT Pickleball Shoes for Men

These pickleball shoes for men are designed for those who enjoy raquet sports and have a wide toe box to ensure a comfortable playing experience. These have a fashionable, soft microfiber upper, made from breathable material with anti-odor technology.

The interior of these shoes is designed after badminton shoes, and has a honeycomb insole for plush cushioning and support made from EVA material. The exterior of the shoe features TPU rubber to absorb shock and has excellent energy transfer.


  • Anatomical arch support

  • Anti-odor fabric and foam

  • Breathable mesh to control moisture

  • Contoured heel seat

  • Multilayer cushioning foam

#8 - NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Women’s Pro Tennis Shoes

These Nike hard court tennis shoes help keep performance light and nimble while playing on outdoor courts. They feature asymetric lacing with an interior elastic band to keep feet anchored in place but allow for snappy movements. The Zoom Air cushioning is springy and provides underfoot energy transfer and traction that will help you win your next point.


  • Dynamic Fit integrated elastic banding keeps your feet from sliding by moving with your foot

  • Has a durable foundation for quick-change movements

  • Lace-up style with excellent lockdown to keep feet in place

  • The extra cushioned heel has excellent energy responsiveness

  • The insole can be removed for custom orthotics

#9 - Men’s Under Armour Lockdown 4

These responsive shoes have a synthetic upper and lightweight sock liner that allows your feet to breathe. They have an injection-molded midsole which makes for a light feel and responsive ride.

Under Armour shoes are known for great traction due to the rubber outsole and adaptive traction pattern. This helps you make snappy movements on the court without slipping and works well on any surface.


  • Ergonomic look and feel

  • Excellent shoe for those with wide feet

  • Great traction for indoor and outdoor courts

  • Lightweight shoe that weighs only 13.6 ounces

  • Molded upper that conforms to your feet and offers breathability

  • Several designs and colors to choose from

Looking for more pickleball shoe suggestions? Try this list of best shoes for men and women or our updated shoe picks for 2023!

The Best Pickleball Shoes: Our Top Picks in 2022 — Pickleball University (2024)
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