The Best Non-Slip Shoes of 2024 (2024)

The Best Non-Slip Shoes of 2024 (1)

Written by Anna Wenner, freelance writer, accessibility advocate, giant nerd.

Updated February 20, 2024

It should be a given that all shoes must be slip-resistant, but the reality is that many shoes are designed for aesthetics over functionality. This is especially true of feminine styles and dress shoes, where appearance often takes priority over everything else. While no one wants to slide around as they walk, for those who are older and/or have physical disabilities, wearing slippery shoe soles can be especially hazardous.

Luckily, many mainstream brands sell sturdy shoe soles as part of their designs. Whether you’re looking for comfortable and professional shoes for working long hours, lounging around the house, or heading off for a night out, there are some great non-slip options out there for you. Here are some of the best slip-resistant shoes for work, bad weather, and other important occasions.

Editor's Note: The recommendations in this guide are based on thorough product and market research by our team of expert product reviewers. The picks are based on examining user reviews, product specifications, and, in some limited cases, our experience with the specific products named.

The Best Non-Slip Shoes of 2024 (2)

Best For Work

Dansko Neci

Never settle for slippery, uncomfortable work shoes again with the Neci Black Leather shoes from Dansko, a simple solution that should suit most workplaces. The outside is easy to clean while keeping your feet dry inside. Because they slip on, they’re also ideal for those who may struggle with the lace designs that are all too popular in the work shoe category.

Slip resistance isn’t the only potential health benefit of this pair of shoes. With a seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and the provided removable arch support, you can wear these shoes with confidence knowing you’re caring for your overall foot health with every workweek you wear them.


  • Easy clean for dry, wet, and oily conditions

  • Removable arch support

  • APMA Seal Certification

  • Slip on/off


  • More expensive than some other clogs

Buy now at Dansko

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$114.95 from Walmart

The Best Non-Slip Shoes of 2024 (3)

Best For Rain And All Weather

Hytest Byron Waterproof Composite Toe 6" Work Boot

Weather can be a huge factor when it comes to slips and falls, particularly during seasons or in locations that see lots of rain, snow, and ice. Having a strong weather-resistant pair of shoes that stops slips can be vital to keeping your feet dry as you travel safely through your day.

The Hytest 13610 Unisex Boot is a great option for any type of weather you may face. Its outside is water resistant to lock out moisture, and its rubber sole will keep you standing firm.



  • Expensive compared to traditional shoes

  • Some reviewers reported sizes run large

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The Best Non-Slip Shoes of 2024 (4)

Best Non-Slip Crocs For Home

Crocs Bistro Work Clog

While these shoes can be (and are) used for plenty of purposes outside the home, they’re especially ideal for those lounging around the house. The Crocs brand is known for selling super comfy shoes that last, and these Crocs Bistro Work Clogs are no exception. They’re available in black, white, and navy so you can match them with any outfit, and they are specifically designed to withstand the long shifts of hospitality workers, nurses, chefs, and more.

Though these Bistro Clogs may not be dressy enough for many people to wear to work, their functionality and simple style make them perfect shoes for going about your business in your living space. Easily slip them on and off as needed, no tying required, and walk with purpose knowing every step is backed by Crocs’ ASTM-certified soles.


  • Budget friendly

  • Three neutral color options

  • ASTM F2913-11 tested, CE Certified, and water resistant

  • Easy slide on and off


  • Movable heel may be tough for dexterity

Buy now at Crocs

$39.47 from Amazon

$39.99 from Walmart

The Best Non-Slip Shoes of 2024 (5)

Best Athletic Non-Slip

Skechers Max Cushioning Elite SR - Rastip

Many athletic shoes are already slip resistant because of the nature of what they are designed for. However, not all tennis shoes and sneakers are created equal, and many are surprisingly slippery despite their intended purpose. The options for true “non-slip” athletic shoes can often default to black and other neutral colorways, since they are created to fit the needs of work uniforms rather than the average person being active.

Thankfully, being safe and comfortable doesn’t have to be boring. Skechers has a great contender in its Max Cushioning Elite SR - Rastips. Pink not your style? No worries. The brand has a full collection of work-focused shoes that are fun and colorful to help you stand out. If comfort is a priority, you’ll also love the memory foam cushioned insoles that feel great during chaotic use.


  • Memory Foam insole

  • Slip-on design with optional laces for tighter fit

  • Extra padding around collar of shoe

  • Bright and fun design


  • Expensive compared to other shoes

  • Too narrow for some buyers

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The Best Non-Slip Shoes of 2024 (6)

Best All Purpose, Non-Slip

Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue UC Made for the Makers

If you’re looking for shoes that are casual but stylish, the Sk8-Hi Reissue UC Shoes are a great place to start. They’re a part of Van’s “Made for the Makers” collection, a group of shoes created for “tough jobs and the creative communities around them.”

Shoes in this category emphasize all-day comfort and support for extended wear, sturdiness, slip-resistant soles, and durability. The brand and collection are both beloved by those who are on their feet every day, from those who work in a restaurant to career dog walkers.

This pair of stylish sneakers offers a great way to look good while staying on your feet. Like most of the shoes in this collection, they’re black so they can easily flex between wandering the house and heading to work. They go with just about any outfit.


  • Extremely comfortable

  • Gender-neutral, stylish design

  • Wide range of sizes

  • Suede treated to repel dirt and water


  • More expensive than other casual-style shoes

Buy now at Vans

$79.95 from Walmart

The Best Non-Slip Shoes of 2024 (7)

Best Non-Slip Heels

Shoes for Crews Olivia

While the work shoes listed above may be ideal for those who prefer a more masculine shoe style, when it comes to dressing up in a more feminine way, these Olivia Heels from Shoes for Crews are a great way to go.

Heels may seem like an odd choice for a non-slip list, but these heels offer the features wearers need most for a secure fit. Their low, thick heel and removable insole give them strong orthopedic value, and their carefully designed outer sole prevents trips and slips as well as any work boot.

If you already have trouble being steady on your feet, heels are probably not the right choice even with a non-slip tread. However, if you are primarily worried about the potential of slipping on slick floors or greasy surfaces, these heels are a great way to feel fabulous while staying safe.


  • ASTM F2913-19 certified and water resistant

  • Rubber sole TripGuard design

  • Slip-on style with removable insole

  • Thick heel for better support


  • Heel style not ideal for the naturally unsteady

$74.48 from Amazon

What Are Non-slip Shoes, and How to Tell If a Shoe Is Non-Slip

Many shoes claim to be non-slip, and others function well for non-slip activities but don’t advertise this particular element. Such irregularity can make it difficult to find a shoe you love that also provides the safety, stability, and security you need. Before jumping into the world of non-slip shoes feet first, take a look at some of the best ways to tell if a shoe is truly non-slip before buying it.

Rubber outsole

When shopping for a pair of slip-resistant shoes, start by looking for shoes that feature a rubber sole. This type of sole provides the best traction and grip, making it ideal for those who are unsteady on their feet and/or work in slippery environments.

If you aren’t sure if your shoe has a non-slip sole, you can always ask a store associate or look for the product details online where the material will generally be listed. Many brands list rubber soles as a key feature of a pair of shoes, because they know it is a positive for many shoppers.

Durable but flexible

While the depth and strength of a sturdy rubber sole is ideal, it’s important to look for shoes that have some flexibility to them as well. Lightweight, softer rubber provides improved grip and encourages you to walk with your normal gait over heavier, clunkier options. This helps you stay on your feet safely wherever you’re headed.

Examine the tread

One of the easiest ways to tell how slip-resistant a pair of shoes will be is by looking closely at its treads. This step is particularly helpful when shopping online, as many retailers provide a picture of the bottom of the shoe for precisely this purpose.

When looking for a solid tread, you should find one that easily lets water pass under and through its surface with the indentions that have been created. It should be a deep enough tread that it can grip around slippery and oily substances.

The best treads often have smaller shapes in their patterns, utilizing lines in a variety of directions, so the wearer has grip from every angle. Just make sure that, if you’re wearing the shoes somewhere muddy or snowy, the tread isn’t so tight it easily becomes coated in mud, rendering its slip-resistant qualities ineffective.

Take a look at the two shoes below that I pulled from my own closet. Both pairs have only been worn a few times for short amounts of time. With the heel on the left, you can see the tread began as barely a texture at all and has already worn nearly flat after just a few hours of use.

Note the band of smooth sole that encloses the tread. Because of this border, water has nowhere to escape from even if it is caught by the tread of the shoe, essentially trapping the substance beneath your feet and encouraging slips.

On the other hand, the boot on the right features depth and variety in the tread that lets slippery materials like water and mud get caught without impeding the security of steps. Because it has no border, the interlocked pattern lets water escape and move out from under you, thus helping you maintain balance.

The Best Non-Slip Shoes of 2024 (8)

Standards and certifications

Although some workplaces may require “slip-resistant” or “non-slip” shoes, there isn’t a labeling standard when it comes to rating a shoe’s slip resistance. This means there is technically no one regulating when companies use these terms or how accurate they may or may not be. Just because a pair of shoes shows up when you Google the term, or even because it has the term printed on its label at a department store, doesn’t necessarily mean the shoes truly have high slip resistance.

If you’re looking for a professional’s take on slip resistance, you should seek shoes that are certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials, most commonly with the indicator ASTM F3445-12 certified. Unlike the more general terms, a brand can only put this certification on its shoes if the product meets specific qualifications. However, because this is still a relatively new certification, not all great non-slip shoes have it.

Other certifications and seals you might see include SRC, APMA, and other ASTM standards. These signify slightly different tests, but each is designed to gauge a shoe’s ability to hold up in uncommon conditions.

Where to Buy Non-slip Shoes

The Best Non-Slip Shoes of 2024 (9)

Because non-slip shoes are a requirement for so many workplaces, many retailers have them. Your favorite shoe store probably has a section (though it may be small) devoted specifically to this need. If you want to step outside the black aesthetic offered by many slip-resistant work shoes, you may have to do some sleuthing in an average store to find the best non-slip variety of your favorite footwear.

Staples like Target, Walmart, and Amazon all have a solid selection of shoes to choose from. Certain brands are also known for their high comfort and slip-resistant qualities, such as those from Dansko, Dr. Scholl’s Shoes, and Crocs.

Thanks to the internet, you can also find stores dedicated directly to this need, such as Shoes for Crews, and any store specializing in uniforms for jobs such as healthcare professionals or restaurant workers.

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