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"Park Vue boasts affordable urban apartments in the Ballpark neighborhood of downtown SLC, just steps from public transit options, Smith’s Ballpark and nightlife on State Street. Stay close to home with thoughtful community amenities or head out to explore the best of Salt Lake City, all at Park Vue. Discover trendy urban living with plenty of value at Park Vue Apartments. Modern floor plans, cutting-edge interior features and indulgent community amenities allow you to live the life you deserve in an unbeatable location. Stroll through the community to see the collection of exclusive resident amenities designed around your lifestyle. There is something for everyone at Park Vue apartments in downtown SLC."

Address: 1450 S West Temple , Salt Lake City 84115, UT, US

Phone: (801) 474-2006

State: UT

City: Salt Lake City

Zip Code: 84115

opening hours

Monday: 09:00-17:30

Tuesday: 09:00-17:30

Wednesday: 09:00-17:30

Thursday: 09:00-17:30

Friday: 09:00-17:30

Saturday: 10:00-17:00

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I deleted my first review. I suppose I needed time to adjust from Homeowner to Complex living. Application was easy, fast thanks to one on one with Destiny. Tour was also given by Destiny. Later I met the Complex Mgr. & ARMED Seucurity Officers. Gated electronically controlled Pool-gate. Main entrance gate opens automatically once electronic pass is placed on your windshield. There are assigned-covered-parking spaces. Playground for kids. Apartment is spacious, please see photos. Huge balconey with storage room. Upon entering unit there is the living room. There is a large Coat closet. Short open-hallway to dinning room and kitchen. Dishwasher, under counter microwave. Double stainless-steel sinks w/disposal. Large ceiling to floor closed door pantry. Electric range w/ vent-hood. Large refrigerator & large freezer. Plenty of Cabinets. Washer & Dryer are behind hallways double doors. Large storage shelf included. Large bath w/ tub. Storage closet. Very large mirror behind sink. Cabinet & drawers with sink. Very large bedroom with large windows & blinds. Huge closed door walk-in closet. Carpeted bedroom & Living room. Otherwise wood paneled floors. Some units have fireplaces in the living rooms. If you like this review & photo then ask Destiny for a tour.

I've been at park vue about a month and nothing bad to say. I read some negative reviews and I have to say they must have had a bad day when they write it. My air conditioner didn't work when I moved in was told will get it fixed asap. Now its fixed and nice and cool in my apartment. Everyone from management to other residents have been great!! Hope if anyone is looking for a place at least check Park Vue out. I wasn't disappointed at all and I bet you'll feel the same.

I relocated from another state and have been very happy with choosing Park Vue. I read some negative reviews but have yet to encounter any negative experiences. Staff and maintenance have been great, it is quiet, the apartment is spacious and was in great shape upon moving in.

Absolutely Loved it here! The staff was wonderful, Anytime I needed assistance, especially maintenance... Chips was the man! He would go above and beyond, and took so much pride in his work! As if it was his mothers house! Top notch!!!

I had made an appointment to tour thru their website and that a unit would be available on 10/22 and the price was right. When I arrived, I was told there was no appointnent and the apartment was taken. That was a little too convenient...

I am so upset at this apartments service they gave me and lack of communication from you guys. I think it’s very frustrating that I had gone in June and did all the paperwork on June 15th and tell me I got approved for the apartment, and when I went in to ask for the key in August 2nd you guys had barely told me I don’t qualify, it’s stressful as it is looking for an apartment and not communicating it with the person that didn’t qualify until the exact month and week your suppose to give it, is horrible service. The lady in the front desk gave me some apartments number and they were expensive apartments. It’s frustrating especially from a single mom.

Park Vue is a great option for the price, the only problem is that the building floors are dirty and you will see police cars in the complex more often than you should.

I think it's an incredible challenge to adequately run low income housing. The people in charge at park vue are truly doing their best. People like Jessica, Chips, Destiny and the whole maintenance staff have treated me like one of their own. Like I said there are always issues in a low income housing complex, but you want to be in one where you are confident the staff care and have your back. Everyone has flaws but these people try their best to make this a good place to live and nobody is perfect. Just know with confidence that they will do their best for you. That alone is worth 5 stars. They have gone out of their way Many times to fix issues I've had. All you have to do is ask. They have helped me step into a new chapter of my life. ParkVue Whoever Is owner I demand raises for them across the board!

Park-Vue apartments are the best apartments to raise children, live in a healthy environment, and feel safe. The property manager, Jessica, is great with children; she brings our children into her office and assists them with their homework; if you need assistance, they are there to help with an open heart and mind; the office team is one of a kind; Jessica is a great team leader she is very professional and caring, an excellent combination for a property manager. My children love to go to the office to visit "the office people," they tell me. In my opinion, grey star communities are lucky they have Jessica, and they should give her a raise because she goes beyond property manager! Have a good day, and again thank you, Jessica!

Last month starting June 25th me and my wife applied for this place. We got approved within the first week through management, after that its a final approval through the compliance department and we had to wait for that one. I asked the management what else do we need. They sent us a few forms to fill out and we thought that was the end of it. Turns out there was a few more times where we had to fill out forms due to them being low income housing. Fast forward a month later, just yesterday we didn't qualify because destiny said we'll since your wife is thinking about working your not going to qualify. Since I brought that up 2 weeks prior that she was starting work on sept 12th, why didn't you just say anything about it then instead of dragging it on and waisting everyone's time when I could of applied somewhere else. This place created a lot more stress in my life recently and I'm glad we're not going through with it. If your thinking about applying here, dont. Just stay as far away as you can from this place. They barley awnser the phone, and when they do, its like a dream come true, and if they email you, they won't respond for like 2 days. Big waist of time. Your better off elsewhere. Good luck!!!

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Park Vue Apartments - Salt Lake City (4)

Reviews, get directions and contact details Park Vue Apartments.

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