Muck – Best seeds for Night Blade Spawn Locations + Cave + Loots + Chests – Tips (2024)

Muck – Best seeds for Night Blade Spawn Locations + Cave + Loots + Chests – Tips (1)

This will list the some of the best seed in Muck


drugs/378638967 is one of the best seed in the game if you go to the cave near spawn you get Night Blade the best sword (i think)


This seed spawns you right in front of a cave with rubies, adamantite, gold, obamium, and mithril. There is also a hut with a complete furnace and a green chest with a boat map, mithrill sword, and iron boots.


Looking for a good headstart but not to op seed? This seed has a hut with an anvil right at spawn, and two green chests that contain the following items:

1. Mithril Sword
1. Steel Helmet (+4 Armor)
1. Steel Boots (+3 Armor)
1. Steel Pickaxe
78. Coin
19. Wood
29. Coal
2. Map


This seed is perfect for speedrunning Muck’s optional storyline. There is a boat right at spawn and a Guardian with a green gem.

There is also plenty of obamium, which is required for repairing the ship’s engine, all around the spawn.

The rest of the area is filled with chests of different rarities, full of plenty of loot.


In this seed, you’ll start on a hill with plenty of chests and a hut with a furnace. There are two green chests inside the hut that contain:

13. Mithril Ore
22. Rock
21. Coal
1. Steel Boots (+3 armor)
2. Map
The area further to the south has all the main ores and types of wood you’ll need.


In this Muck seed, you’ll spawn in a lush valley full of obamium, gold, adamantite, and iron.

There are also plenty of blue, black, and orange chests, as well as many types of wood.

The are also two carts with six green chests that contain three maps, +2 armor gold boots, and a gold axe.


This is another remarkable Muck seed that will take you to a plain full of chests and resources. The spawn area mostly has iron and adamantine available, as well as various types of wood.

The visible area around spawn has at least 50 chests, a hut with a workbench, and two green chests that contain a wood axe and a boat map.


Here, you’ll spawn in a lush area with mithril, adamantite, and obamium ores. To your left, you can find a Big Chunk Statue and a Guardian with a yellow gem.

This would be a great seed to start with if you want to complete the optional storyline really quickly.


Here is another great seed for speedrunning the optional storyline with Bob the Dragon. You’ll spawn right next to a Guardian statue with a green gem. There is also adamantite ore all around, so you can quickly craft great armor and weapons.

The rest of the area has a decent number of chests and other types of basic ores.


This is probably the most hardcore seed you’ll find in Muck, but it may find its fans. You’ll spawn right next to a cave full of rubies and gold ore. But there is a catch: the cave is protected by two Stone Golems.

This is definitely a challenging seed, but if you would like to spice things up, then it’s worth a try for all those shiny rubies.


Usually, players can only ores that need to be mined and stacked for further development into bars. But this seed gives you a hut near spawn that has a chest with two types of bars:

9. Mithril Bar
5. Adamantite Bar
There is also Mithril Axe and a boat map in the green chest. You can use both types of bars and craft top-tier gear right away.


Here’s a seed that might give you chuckle.

Muck is not a perfect game and has glitches of its own. Some are just too funny to ignore, like this one that spawns you at a location with a revive statue with a lump of coal for a head.

Loot-wise, the seed is pretty good too, so don’t skip on it.

The end

This is some of the best seed in the game my favorite is the drugs one an has help me get a fast time if you like this guide give it a like and if you like it a lot add it to your favorite.

Written by GamerBossHarmon

This is all about Muck – Best seeds for Night Blade Spawn Locations + Cave + Loots + Chests – Tips; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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Muck – Best seeds for Night Blade Spawn Locations + Cave + Loots + Chests – Tips (2024)
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