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“Blind obedience makes you no better than a dog. I cannot associate with such a person, nor can I call us equals in any way. So for me to call someone a friend, he must be equal to me in every respect.”

— Lithica

Lithica (リティカ Lytica) is the daughter of the former Demon Queen Mirayo of the Demon Realm and the wife of the current Demon King Dabra. She left home long ago to find a purpose in life other than being a puppet for someone else’s benefit. Her main goal in life is to make something of herself that she can be proud of and to find like-minded individuals.

✯Basic Info✯

Name: Lithica

Aliases: Vixen, Blossom, The Crimson Fox, Demon Queen Mirayo

Race: Demon

Age: 36 (physically)

Gender: Female (she/her)

Height: 6’0” (6’3” in heels)

Weight: 145lbs

Blood Type: O-

Birth Date: Septermber 1st, Before Age

Birth Place: Demon Realm of Darkness

BWH Measurements: B35-W24-H39 (35-F cups)

✯Professional Status✯

Occupation: Queen of the Demon Realm, Mercenary (formerly)

Allegiance: Dark Empire, Planet Trade Organization (formerly)

✯Personal Status✯

Relatives: Paimon (father), Mirayo (mother), Dabra (husband), Abraka (daughter), Towa (sister-in-law), Fu (nephew)

Counterparts: Future Lithica, Xeno Lithica, Lilith


Lithica is a tall, slender, pink-skinned woman with a well-developed figure. She has medium-length pink hair that reaches her shoulder blades, which she usually wears in a high ponytail, and two parallel bangs that leave her face completely uncovered. Speaking of her face, it has a diamond shape with sharp features. Lithica has almond-shaped, crimson eyes and visibly long eyelashes and thick eyebrows. She has a very voluptuous figure, with large breasts and curvy hips that have become more defined over time. Her fingernails, while usually shown cut back and uncolored, are sometimes kept long and adorned with nail polish of various colors. She wears dark rose lipstick, with the upper lip noticeably darker, and has sharp canines that are visible when she smiles or clenches her teeth in anger. Finally, Lithica has a beauty mark under her left eye and a fox tattoo is stamped on the lower left part of her abdomen. Highlighting each of these traits is Lithica’s signature attire, which consists of a red coat with dark blue fur around the collar and belt loops at the end of each elbow-length sleeve. It’s completed with small black cufflinks at the ends of each sleeve and a tall white button-up collar at the neck. It’s usually open to show the white dress shirt she wears underneath, and that showcases her body’s natural curvature nicely. She’s dressed in high-waisted black pants with slits at the bottom and two belts: one to keep her pants up and a black buckle belt around the waist area on top of her shirt for her weapons. Lithica also dons fingerless gloves and three inch red heels, making her 6’3”. And as for accessories, a diamond earring.


Confident and sassy, Lithica is a woman who has been described as “foxy.” She is openly defiant about allowing anyone to tie her down. Lithica acts only of her own volition, as she is not loyal to a single person (other than her husband) or cause if it doesn’t benefit her in the slightest. Some may regard her as entitled, but she does things for other people based on their efforts and the value of what they have to offer attention. She portrays herself as a calm and composed woman, but she is still a demon at heart. Lithica has a penchant for deception and tricking others. It makes this woman laugh all the time.



Lithica, daughter of the first Demon Queen of the Demon Realm, Mirayo, is the first Princess of the Demon Realm, fulfilling her mother’s desire for a royal line that she could control to do her bidding, so that she would remain in power even after passing the title of “Demon King or Queen” to her successors. That said, it would be a wise assumption to make that Mirayo taught Lithica with an iron fist; she had a lot of expectations for her daughter, and if she didn’t meet them, Lithica would be “reprimanded” heavily. In hindsight, this was nothing more than pure child abuse, but in Mirayo’s words, “A tool that cannot perform a given task can simply be replaced or taken apart and refined again.” This was true of everyone who worked under Mirayo’s rule, for she was a malevolent ruler, and her daughter was no exception. To add insult to injury, Lithica’s father was no better than his overly domineering wife, as evidenced by his blatant disregard for his daughter’s own well-being because “mother knows best, and it’s not wise to go against her.” While he wasn’t as mentally or physically abusive as his wife, her father, Paimon, was a more docile man, too focused on his work as a general in the Dark Empire’s army, so his fatherly love for her could only go so far, much to Lithica’s dismay. As a result of her home circumstances, the princess had withdrawn into herself due to the constant stress of living up to such high hopes with little emotional support throughout her adolescence and into adulthood. This was another example of parents projecting themselves onto their children, but at least this girl still had the desire to make something of herself.

Around the time of Lithica's teenage years, which is different as demons have a rather pronounced longevity, she began to rebel more against her mother and do things behind her back, which was met with punishment, but she persisted. However, the one thing Mirayo would never let go of when it came to her daughter was the people she interacted with; she resented her daughter’s lack of contempt for people without power, as they were the most affluent demons in the demon realm and only associated with such. Therefore, Lithica was raised in an elitist manner to show her status and make it clear that she was on a pedestal compared to these “plebeians”. No matter how much Lithica tried to be friendly with those below her, Mirayo made sure they learned their place, threatening them with exile or even execution if they were deemed a bad influence on her daughter. Thus, Lithica’s attempts to mingle with those “lower” than her were always met with disappointment, as they kept their distance and remained obedient to her mother’s orders. For that reason by itself, she never had the opportunity to find someone she could consider an equal, let alone a friend. It seemed almost impossible for her to have any meaningful relationships, but this was to change when one day Lithica was called into her mother’s study to be greeted by two individuals she would become quite close to; Towa and Dabra, the grandchildren of Mechikabura. She was destined to marry Dabra when she succeeded her mother as queen, so this “friendship” was crucial for the near future.

“Beauty, brains, and brawn"—that was how the trio was seen when they grew up together. Though Lithica was reluctant at first, as a forced relationship was something she didn’t want to be a part of, she soon came to accept it, even though they had their differences. It was somewhat genuine. Unlike her relationship with her mother, who by this time had reached new heights of arrogance. Many years have passed, and when Lithica finally came of age, Mirayo was going to relinquish her throne to her daughter, as she herself was on the verge of becoming the Dark Queen, which would give her full authority over the entire Demon Realm. She set out to accomplish such a task with her husband and a personal army at her side, but her efforts were mysteriously thwarted, and she was never seen again after Lithica’s coronation day.This seems to be the end of Mirayo’s reign in the Demon Realm, as her daughter passed her power to her then-husband before venturing out to explore.

Dragon Ball Z:

Android Saga: Lithica is first mentioned in the Android Saga when, during her indeterminate years of exploring the entirety of Universe 7, she came into contact with King Cold and formed an alliance with him in which she would work as a mercenary in exchange for a planet of her own filled with riches. It was a pleasant life, but eventually Lithica grew tired of ruling over the planet’s inhabitants and slowly began to see a bit of her mother in herself. So she allowed the people to govern themselves and sought out her benefactor to see if there was anything she could do for him, but after asking around, she learned that King Cold and his son Frieza had gone to a planet called Earth, but had seemingly disappeared. There was a large power vacuum in the Planet Trade Organization, and while Lithica could have taken it all for herself or worked under a new leader that would emerge, she chose not to and decided to wander the universe once again, where she would have arbitrary adventures to pass the time. She was even arrested by the Galactic Patrol at one point, but that is a story for another time. From here on, nothing eventful.

Majin Buu Saga: This is where Lithica makes herself more known, as she could be seen in a few instances throughout the saga. She had finally come to Earth to find her husband, Dabra, after getting wind that he was nowhere to be found in the Demon Realm. Lithica had arrived around the climax of the saga, having somehow managed to enter the Otherworld without King Enma noticing, and had scoured the heavens to find her lover in his now “pure” state. It was strange to see him so consumed with joy and love, but Lithica didn’t seem to mind, as some of his more charming qualities were more apparent. With a bit of dark magic, she resurrected him, and the two set out to live a peaceful yet adventurous life. There was no need to return home for now.

End of Z Saga: After the events of the Buu Saga, Lithica and Dabra have visited Earth several times, begun to change the Demon Realm for the better or worse for those who seek their wrath, and become the proud parents of Abraka, the new Princess of the Demon Realm. This was the life she wanted.

Dragon Ball Super:

Future Trunks Saga: Almost identical events to the canonical timeline.

Other Dragon Ball Stories:

Xenoverse 2: In this alternate timeline, Lithica has come into contact with her nephew Fu on a few occasions, even helping him with some of his experiments. Abraka hasn’t been born yet. She doesn’t have much else to do.

Dragon Ball Fusions: Somehow finding her way through a Timespace Rift, Lithica finally reunites with her mother, Mirayo, who had mysteriously disappeared long ago. Though she still harbors a grudge against her mother, the two join Team Tekka for the Timespace Tournament. Nothing much there.


Anyone who has crossed swords with Lithica will know that she is well-trained, as she is the daughter of the former Demon Queen Mirayo. Lithica was engrossed in her training to become the prodigy her mother had always desired of her from a young age, learning from only the best the Demon Realm had to offer. Everything she excelled at was the result of hard work and dedication, but in the process, she became incredibly competitive with those who dared challenge her skills. Her strength would have been comparable, if not close, to Dabra’s at the time. However, after leaving the Demon Realm to embark on a long adventure and discover, she honed her skills over the years through the unparalleled challenges she faced as a mercenary. And while she is not as inept in dark magic as Towa nor as skilled a swordsman as Fu, she is a cunning strategist who knows how to use each of her attributes to catch her opponent off guard, even using the formidable “Sexy Smile” she inherited from her mother to stop anyone in their tracks with how pretty she is. Her power level or kili was comparable to SSJ Goku in the Cell Saga prior to leaving the Demon Realm, whereas at her current level, she would be able to keep up in terms of Dragon Ball Super power scaling and higher in other continuities.

Lithica is an excellent tactician, regularly displaying cunning, perception, and resourcefulness that allow her to take advantage of almost any situation. She is skilled in several advanced forms of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, allowing her to fight and hold her own against more powerful opponents and large crowds. And as a master of the sword, Lithica is able to constantly change her flow of movement to deceive and counter her opponents, as is common in the practice of Iaidō. Her fighting style is very defensive, as it’s the way of the fox; the best defense is distance. Her momentum never stops during a fight, constantly weaving, jumping, and ducking around attacks. It even includes some acrobatic flips and rolls. Their skills make them nearly impossible to hit, and they can escape from any brawl without a hitch. Lithica is also an expert in physiological warfare.



Flight - The ability to fly through the use of ki.

Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.

Ki Sense - An ability that allows the user to sense ki and power levels. Like her husband, Lithica uses Kili as a unit of measurement for power levels.

Magic Materialization - A magical ability used to create physical matter out of thin air.

Calamity Flare - This is Lithica’s version of Dabra’s Evil Blaze, the superior technique to its predecessor, Evil Flame. The dark flames are likened to the unquenchable flames of hell and cannot be dispelled until their target is incinerated.

Evil Impulse - A large sphere of dark energy, fired from one hand.

Dark Magic - Dark Magic is a type of magic used by members of the Demon Realm Race. Lithica can use it to enchant someone in order to manipulate or empower them, but she mostly uses it to increase her own power and enhance her other forms of magic.

Bloody Sauce - A ball of energy that is thrown at Lithica’s targets before splitting, poisoning and slowing them down on impact.

Baked Sphere - A miasma of dark energy that damages the opponent before detonating

Resurrection - Lithica is able to bring the dead back to life, which is how she was able to bring Dabra out of Heaven.

Time Bullet - A technique invented by her sister-in-law Towa that allows the user to create a space that limits an opponent’s movements.

Fiery Wall - Lithica makes a wall of fire appear from the ground.

Magic Regeneration - Lithica is capable of regenerating her wounds through magic.

Teleportation - Lithica is able to teleport using magic.

Magical Thunder - A magical, lightning-based Finger Beam wielded by her husband Dabra that can be enhanced to become more potent, much like Psychic Thunder or Illusion Thunder.

Dark Claw - Lithica channels dark energy into the blade of her sword before swinging, sending an offensive arc of energy forward. It can also be used in rapid succession to create a flurry of slashes that target multiple enemies.

Demonic Equinox - She slashes her opponents with her sword exactly a thousand times in multiple directions, leaving many slashes on her opponent, if not in pieces.

Devil’s Tango: Dark Ballet - A sword technique that emphasizes perfect, precise, and smooth movements similar to those of an elegant dance. Every step and movement of the technique is important and requires complete concentration. The main goal is to push back anyone who opposes the technique before finishing with a spinning sword stroke that inflicts a wound surrounded by dark energy.

Gravity Press - Lithica reaches out and creates a dark, energy-filled atmosphere around the target and surrounding area, crushing everything inside under its immense pressure.

Hell Stinger - Using a finger gun, Lithica fires a short burst of crimson ki rays from her index and middle fingers. It’s a versatile attack that allows her to use both hands or channel her ki long enough to unleash a powerful burst of energy.

Mirror Swipe - By swinging her sword at just the right moment, Lithica can block and reflect any attack that comes her way. This works on all offensive attacks, as well as attacks that don’t deal direct damage, such as when Fu reflects Dabra’s stone spit in Xenoverse 2. When used on a melee attack, the attack is simply parried and Lithica has an opening where the attacker is buried in a barrage of slashes.

Confusion Blade - Lithica performs a horizontal slice with his blade, sending out dark fireballs that fling themselves at the opponent after a few seconds delay.

Nefarious Intent - A simple rush down attack. After performing a series of combos on her opponent, Lithica will kick them high into the air. She will then appear behind them with a charging Evil Impulse, stunning them before slamming them to the ground.

Ominous Crash - Lithica has a binding spell on her sword that will return it to her hands if it is lost. This also works in reverse. If she throws her sword at an enemy, she will teleport to the sword and attack the enemy from her blind spot.

Phlox Bullet - Lithica fires an energy bolt into the air, causing a rain of light purple energy waves to fall on the enemy.

Energy Absorption - Lithica has the ability to absorb her opponent’s energy (or Time Rifts considering her Xeno counterpart). She could slice through most energy attacks and magical spells if she understood them well enough, land a fatal blow on her opponent and drain all of their energy, or absorb energy from time changes.

Revenge Impulse - Lithica encases the tips of her fingers in dark energy before landing a single or dual handed palm strike on her opponent, forcing all of her energy into them to override the nervous system in their body, negating durability.

Sneaky Strike - Lithica becomes invisible and completely undetectable, reappearing with an instant sword thrust that she drives into her target.

Solstice Swipe - Lithica forms shurikens of ki between her fingers and hurls them at her opponent. She can also control their trajectory and expand them to the size of a Destructo Disk at will.

Wormhole Slash - Lithica channels the Dark Energy within her sword, sending out a slash of energy capable of ripping through time and space, similar to Fu’s power.

Wraith’s Edge - Just before being hit by an incoming attack, Lithica will replace herself with an afterimage that will vanish in a puff of red smoke.

Forms and Transformations

Villainous Mode: While training under her mother, Lithica learned how to use Dark Magic to enhance herself. She can use it up to all three levels and is able to add it to her Kitsune/Dark Form in some continuities.

Kitsune/Dark Form: During her travels through Universe 7, Lithica had met a race of fox people, also known as “Kitsune’s”. She learned their history, philosophy, culture, and was given the opportunity to learn their magic, which led to her being able to take their form when she was stamped with the fox tattoo on the lower left part of her abdomen. And for some reason, the kitsune’s “fox magic” combined with Lithica’s dark magic changed her dark form, with her ponytail acting as a fox’s tail. Each time she grows stronger, a new tail is added, until she reaches the peak of Kitsune power, the 9 Tails, which is said to grant the user godlike power.


Towa x Lithica = Towica: Potara Fusion

Lithica x Mirayo = Lirayo: EX-Fusion

✯Appearances in other media✯

Sandland: In Akira Toriyama’s Sandland manga, set in a futuristic era, a character who bears a strong resemblance to the demon queen Lithica named Lilith is mentioned as the mother of the main character Beelzebub. She doesn’t play much of a role in this manga.

✯Voice Actors✯

Both voices of Albedo in Overlord

English: Elizabeth Maxwell

Japanese: Yumi Hara


Her name comes from the biblical character “Lilith”, the first wife of Adam who left the Garden of Eden and became the mother of demons, the supreme empress of hell, and the wife of Satan.

She is a Virgo


Favorite Color: Vermillion

Favorite Food: Inari-zushi

Favorite Drink: Sake

Sexuality: Bisexual/Demiromantic

Fears: Loneliness, becoming like her mother, and dolls

Hobbies: Lithica likes to do yoga to stay agile and flexible (also to spice things up in the bedroom), she does a little modeling in the demon realm from time to time, and she studies and practices psychological sciences and ancient manuscripts.

Likes: Reading fine works of literature and philosophy, bathing in hot springs, taking spas days, picking and receiving flowers, listening to music such as J-Hop, appreciating beautiful works of art and perhaps doing a little drawing and nude modeling, indulging in the latest fashion trends, going on fun and random adventures (especially with her nephew Fu), and generally just being herself.

Dislikes: She hates being the butt of a joke or being tricked, ruining her threads, being offered cheap alcohol, being tickled because she goes into a laughing fit, people who can’t tell investing stories, unexpected loud noises because she has big ears, speaking of her ears, she doesn’t like people touching them or blowing on them, expect for her husband and daughter, and overly sweet things, especially chocolate unless it’s dark.

The love between Lithica and Dabra is a very special case. At first, Lithica hated him because her mother had planned their marriage without her consent. But after getting to know him and finally seeing him in a different light when he gave her a bouquet of flowers, she felt comfortable calling him her husband. She is his equal.

When it comes to her relationship with Towa, Lithica has a slight disdain for her, but more in a sisterly way. While she doesn’t approve of most of what she does (like raising Fu the same way Mirayo raised her), the two can get along and it’s not uncommon for them to have a “girl’s night” together.

Theme Song/s: Most by AmaLee

Black Lagoon - “Red Fraction” (FULL Opening) | AmaLee Ver

Overlord - “Clattanoia” | ENGLISH Ver | AmaLee (feat. Jonathan Young)

Lithica’s voice changes when she transforms into her Kitsune/Dark form.Fox Devil First Appearance - Chainsaw Man

There will never be a version of Lithica outside of the Dragon Ball Heroes universe. I, the creator, don’t like the series very much because it’s all over the place for me, but I’m not afraid to use some elements here and there.

If Lithica were a character in our world, her race would be either Roman or Egyptian.

Character Concept: The concept of Lithica was around 2020-2021 when I first played Xenoverse 2 on the Switch. Her beta names were “Shinku Adsila” and “Shinku Himesaki” for the longest time, with “Lilith” being the last name before it was finalized as “Lithica”. She has gone through a number of race changes, from Saiyan, Saiyan-Kai, Saiyan-Demon, to just plain Demon. When it comes to her height, she has shrunk from 6’3” to 6’0”, but with the addition of her heels, she is 6’3”. I used influences from Amity and Eda from Owl House, Thompson from Girls Frontline, Cana from Fairy Tail, Kuvira from Legend of Korra, Fu from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, and a good amount of kitsune/fox references when it comes to Lithica’s characterization.

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