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Aren’t the bat and the ball the most crucial pieces of baseball equipment? Once a student asked me which one is the most important. My answer was one is incomplete without another. Have you ever considered the weight of a baseball bat? I’ll go over all you need to learn about baseball bats and their weight in this article.

Are you in search of the best baseball bat? Then before buying first you need to know everything related to baseball bats.

Picking the correct baseball bat can be difficult if you’re new to the game. Making an informed decision is the main factor for the best match for yourself or your kid.

To regulate the amount of a baseball bat, you must first understand the many varieties of baseball bats.

One-piece baseball bats, two-piece baseball bats, alloy baseball bats, composite, and hybrid bats are the five types of baseball bats you now find available in the sports market.

You need to understand the internal parts of the bats. Firstly, wood and metal are among the materials used to make the above-mentioned baseball bats. Bats made of solid wood are mostly heavier, whereas hollow metal baseball bats are much lighter.

So, if you’re looking for the best baseball bat and want to learn how to swing like a pro and how much does a baseball bat weigh, continue reading.

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How You Can Pick A Correct Baseball Bat?

According to my observation, examining as many baseball bats as possible is a smart technique to find out the best and most suitable bat for you.

You may choose the finest one by considering a few factors such as the length of the baseball bat, the average weight of the baseball bat, how is the bat’s grip, and the substance.

However, the most considerable option is measuring the weight.

To begin, you must understand how the height and heaviness of a baseball bat can affect your sportsman’s spirit and performance. How can you determine which baseball bat is the finest one for you?

Learn How Much Does A Baseball Bat Weigh? | Honest Baseball (2)

If I start expressing my entire journey then this will take a long time. You have to consider the following variables when deciding the ideal length of a baseball bat for you:

Your Length

  • Firstly, you have to place the bat at your side, upright. You have to observe whether the knob of the bat nears the center of your palms, it is dose then it is the perfect baseball bat for you.
  • Can you place the bat’s knob against your chest? Are you getting surprised? Yes, by placing a baseball bat’s knob against your chest you can find your perfect baseball bat. I if you can grab the barrel of the baseball bat by the arms then you can be sure that it is the perfect bat for you.
Learn How Much Does A Baseball Bat Weigh? | Honest Baseball (3)
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  • Thirdly, can you straighten your arms by keeping the bat knob nearby to your chest? It is also a strange method but trusts me. My every baseball bat buying experience has these types of strange and innovative stories. and you can trust me that by this can find the best one for yourself. When the barrel touches your forefinger, you’ve reached the correct length.
  • Lastly, You can also select your baseball bat using your leg. Are becoming more surprised? Yes, you can place the bat on any side of your legs. You will get the correct length whenever the bat’s end reaches the middle of your hand.

Your Height

The optimal weight is largely determined by your feeling after holding the bat. If you feel the bat is too heavy after holding it or you start dropping your bat after a few swings, it’s probably too big or inappropriate for your needs.

Learn How Much Does A Baseball Bat Weigh? | Honest Baseball (4)

Do you want to test? At first, you need to extend your arms to any side while holding the bat’s handle. Are you sensing it is too heavy for you? It won’t be the one for you if you can’t hold the bat stretched for only 30 to 45 seconds. Through this, you can understand that the weight factor of the baseball bat is the most important factor in choosing the right baseball bat.

Do You Know The Purpose Of Weighting Baseball Bats?

Proper grip, balance, and force are needed while swinging a baseball bat. Everything is interconnected with each other. If a single thing falls then you can’t score well.

In this case, baseball bats are essential. So now you can sense that the average baseball bat weight and the length of a bat have a direct connection and impact on its performance.

Many facets of your game are influenced by the total mass weight of your baseball bat. If you disagree, you can research MLB (Major League Baseball) players. They always carry bats of various sizes and weights.

You can achieve a full swing by properly holding a baseball bat. As a result, you must keep a close eye and always concentrate on your grip.

What Size Bat Should You Get?

A beginner or the parents of a new baseball player firstly research how much a baseball bat weighs.

They should compare all the following aspects, how heavy is a baseball bat, how heavy are MLB bats, the average bat weight, how heavy is an MLB bat, how much does a metal baseball bat weigh, how much does a professional baseball bat weigh, how much does an aluminum baseball bat weight, how much should a baseball bat weight.

Baseball bats come in a variety of sizes. You can find baseball bats in the sports market ranging from 24 to 34 inches in length. It is the average measurement. The following is a list of bat sizes based on the player’s age:

5 to 724” to 26”
8 to 926” to 28”
1028” to 29”
11 to 1230” to 31”
13 to 1431” to 32”
15from 32” to 33”
Learn How Much Does A Baseball Bat Weigh? | Honest Baseball (5)

Moreover, the weight and size of the bats can be changed as a result of minor adjustments in the handles.

You can look from the link below how baseball bats are made properly if you want to.

How much should a baseball bat weigh?

The average weight of a baseball bat varies in different aspects. It mainly depends on players’ age and height. How heavy a baseball bat is sometimes affected a player’s full playing spirit.

It’s crucial for you to know how much does a baseball bat weigh before purchasing one for yourself or for your kid.

Do you know how baseball bats are made? How the baseball bats developed? You can have a look at how baseball bats are made to learn everything on a baseball bat. 
(Video) How does BAT LENGTH influence exit velocity? | 32" vs 32.5" vs 33" vs 33.5" BBCOR Baseball Bat Test

A good playing tip is to gather knowledge on how heavy is an MLB bat and the average bat weight.

A 31-inch length is recommended for players who are 5’1″ to 5’4″ tall and weigh from 71 to 120 pounds. If you are a player weighing between 121 and 180 pounds then you should use a 32-inch bat.

Do MLB Players Buy Bats Depending On Ball Weight?

You should ask the question “how much does a baseball bat weigh” to any professional baseball player if you want excellent tips on baseball bats.

Every new beginner wants to know how heavy are MLB bats. If you follow the footsteps of any MLB (Major League Baseball) player you should first ask him how heavy are MLB bats.

When it comes to weighing your baseball bat, the minimum range is more important than the maximum, according to the MLB.

Players typically select a bat that is on the mild side of the weight spectrum.

Your bat could not weigh less than 32 ounces or 2 pounds, according to MLB bat regulations.

How do you calculate the weight of a baseball bat?

The weight of a bat is calculated in ounces. A bat’s weight is commonly calculated by its size- “weight drop,” or the ratio of its length in inches to its weight in ounces. If you want to know the accurate baseball bat weight calculation, you may follow the formula below: Drop Weight = Your Bat length (Inch) – Your bat weight (Ounces).

Baseball bats’ weight is calculated using the negative or drop weight.

You will be surprised to know that the old, professional, and trained baseball players believe that the larger drop weight always comes from the lighter bat.

So before you buy a baseball bat, you must calculate how much does a baseball bat weigh.

If you want to know more about baseball you can see the link below:

Read More About: how much does a baseball weight

What Is The Weight Of A Baseball Bat In Different Measurements?

Bats can be made of different materials. The weight also depends on it.

How much does a baseball bat weigh in grams varies according to personal preference of picking bats.

If you want to know how much does a baseball bat weigh in grams. The answer is a normal baseball bat weighs 465 grams on average. However, it always varies on personal preference of picking bats.

It is believed that baseball bats weighing up to three pounds were once common and accepted by players and leagues. But now bats weighing only 33 ounces are more common and preferable ones. The top weights range between 34 and 36 ounces.

There are various bats available on the market. Those bats are made of various materials. Based on that the measurements also change. The answers for how much does an aluminum baseball bat weigh and how much does a metal baseball bat weigh are different as both are made from different materials.

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Likely, the answer for how much does a baseball bat weigh in grams will be different for different materials like wooden, aluminum, and metal formed baseball bats.

Before buying bats you should always research and take suggestions from elders. You should gather information on how much a professional baseball bat weighs and how heavy is an MLB bat.

You can also compare the answers of how much a professional baseball bat weigh and how heavy is an MLB bat. By comparing you may get a good understanding.

How Do You Measure A Child’s Youth Baseball Bat?

The average weight of a baseball bat for a kid is different from a grown man.

From my experience, once a newbie student bought a 32-inch baseball bat without any knowledge or suggestions. His height was approximately 4’11” and his weight was nearly 50 pounds. He couldn’t even hold the bat properly.

In this situation, he stopped his training and thought it wasn’t his cup of tea and he almost gave up. When I met him in the market he told me about his experience and I quickly found where he was wrong and took him to a nearby baseball accessories shop.

I showed him the right bat for him to measure the average bat weight. He was very happy and now after almost 7 years he always thanks me whenever we meet for the previous suggestion I gave. He even won some matches in his school and is now ready to play state-level matches.

Learn How Much Does A Baseball Bat Weigh? | Honest Baseball (6)

From this story, you can understand how important it is to know how much does a baseball bat weight.

If you’re purchasing a bat for your youngster, the measuring process will be very different. If your youth player is between 3′ and 3’4″ tall he should start with a 26-inch bat. You can also increase the size by 1 inch for each and every minus four to minus five inch plus in tallness.

Young players weighing less than 60 pounds must use a baseball bat with a size of 26 to 29 inches. Children weighing 70 pounds plus should use a bat that attempts to measure 28 to 32 inches in length.

How You Can Reduce Baseball Bat Weight?

Yes, it is also possible to reduce your baseball bat weight. Cupping is a weight-reduction technique that involves indenting the top of the bat.

The vast majority of baseball players have been brainwashed into believing that swinging a lighter bat would then enhance their efficiency.

Learn How Much Does A Baseball Bat Weigh? | Honest Baseball (7)

However, only metal bats are subject to the weight-drop regulations. The wood bat with the lightest weight is the weakest.

Bat speed is unaffected by swinging a -2 wood bat against a -3 wood bat. Keep in mind that some of the weight is spread evenly throughout the handle. Increased bat weight can be used to slow down the swing speed of a bat.

How much does a metal baseball bat weigh?

Baseball is always an enjoyable game. Baseball bats will not always be built in accordance with MLB guidelines due to league and practice factors, according to MLB guidelines.

You will be shocked to know the differences that bats produced from wood weigh 32 ounces, whereas metal or polymeric made baseball bats weigh the bare minimum of 18 ounces.

(Video) Weighted Bat Routine for POWER | Ferrante Baseball Training | Tee Hitting Drills

Once a student of mine asked, how much does an aluminum baseball bat weigh? Answering the question I said, because of their lighter weight, aluminum bats can be lengthier and thicker, giving the batter more plate coverage and a faster swing.

There is less input to the batter while using an aluminum bat.

What Effect Does the Weight of a Baseball Bat Have On Ball Travel After Your Hit?

The weight of the baseball bat has the greatest influence on the total distance by the ball. Some critical factors influence how far a baseball might very well travel.

Hard bats provide more power when throwing the ball. With heavier bats, the ball ultimately flies farther. You need to know that if you swing a heavier baseball bat then it is more tricky than swinging a thin one.

Learn How Much Does A Baseball Bat Weigh? | Honest Baseball (8)

As a result, as your swing method and bat speed improve, using a heavy baseball bat will be favorable for your performance.

Conversely, if you use a lighter bat then it will give a stronger swing and faster speed, which will balance out the heavy bats’ force. When the bat speed is increased, the ball travels even farther. The slimmer bat has grown in popularity over time.

Now you know everything about the baseball bat’s weight. Doesn’t it make you interested to learn about the balls? We have covered that also. Read how much a baseball ball weighs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the average weight of a baseball bat?

A baseball bat should weigh 32 ounces, or 2 pounds, according to MLB bat guidelines.

  1. What is the maximum size of an MLB bat?

A bat can not cross a diameter of 2.61 inches and a length of more than 42 inches, according to MLB rulebooks.

  1. What is the weight of a baseball end cap?

Baseball caps are typically three to four ounces in weight. Based on the hat’s shape, it might be an ounce or two either way.

  1. Is It Better To Have A Lighter Or Heavier Bat?

If you can maintain the same bat movement speed while using a heavy bat then you can use it. Heavier bats will result in greater ball path lengths.

  1. What is the weight of a major league baseball bat?

In MLB, bats average weight is between 31 and 33 ounces.


I hope you can select the right length and weight for your needs now that you know everything there is to know about baseball bat weight.

Because it was based on real-life experience, I believe the above-mentioned suggestions will be extremely useful to you.

Choosing the correct baseball bat for you is not always straightforward if you are new to the baseball field. Making an informed selection is the key to choosing the best potential match for yourself or your child. From the above, you should have enough general information at this point to make an informed decision.

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Learn How Much Does A Baseball Bat Weigh? | Honest Baseball? ›

Bat weight can vary from player to player. However, the standard weight for the MLB is around 32 ounces.

How many pounds does a baseball bat weigh? ›

Although historically bats approaching 3 pounds (1.4 kg) were swung, today bats of 33 ounces (0.94 kg) are common, topping out at 34 to 36 ounces (0.96 to 1.02 kg).

How much do bats weigh? ›

Bats are very light weight to make it easier for them to fly. The western pipistrelle bat weighs less than a penny, while the greater mastiff bat weighs about two ounces (57 grams). Bats have fur on their bodies, sometimes including their head. Their wings, however, do not have fur.

How heavy was Babe Ruth's bat? ›

The most amazing thing about these bats, though, is that the 36-inch, 38-ounce Ruth bat is the model the Babe used late in his career. According to the Babe Ruth Museum, the bat he used as a younger player weighed 42 ounces.

How much does a full grown bat weigh? ›

Most domestic cats should weigh about 10 pounds, though that can vary by breed and frame. A Siamese cat may weigh as few as 5 pounds, while a Maine Coon can be 25 pounds and healthy.

How much does a male bat weigh? ›

While historically, bats weighed anything up to three pounds, modern bats are normally between 33 and 36 ounces.

How much does the largest bat weigh? ›

The golden-crowned flying fox (Acerodon jubatus) is a fruit-eating megabat found only in the Philippines. It is one of the planet's largest bat species, with a wingspan up to 5 feet 6 inches long and a weight of up to 2.6 pounds.

How much does the smallest bat weigh? ›

Kitti's hog-nosed bat is small at about 29 to 33 mm (1.1 to 1.3 in) in length and 2 g (0.071 oz) in mass, hence the common name of "bumblebee bat". It is the smallest species of bat and may be the world's smallest mammal, depending on how size is defined.

What kind of bats are used in MLB? ›

Wood baseball bats used in Major League Baseball are generally made from one of three types of wood: maple, birch, or ash. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks, making it important for players to choose the right make for them. Maple wood is the most popular.

Is it better to swing a lighter bat or heavier bat? ›

If a player can maintain the same bat swing speed with a heavier bat, the heavier bat will produce higher batted ball velocity and an increase in distance. But, any player who has experimented swinging bats with widely different weights knows that it is easier to swing a light bat than a heavier bat.

Is it better to have a lighter or heavier bat? ›

The data shows that a heavier bat produces a faster batted ball speed. This makes intuitive sense since a heavier bat brings more momentum into the collision. Doubling the mass of the bat results in an increase of almost 12mph.

Who has the heaviest bat in MLB history? ›

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson

Prior to the scandal, Jackson was one of the many players of the era who used heavy bats. His bat, “Black Betsy,” was 34.5 inches long and weighed 40 ounces. He finished his 13-year career with a Hall of Fame-worthy . 348 batting average.

How heavy was Barry Bonds bat? ›

Bonds' bat, at 34 inches, and weighing around 32 ounces was based loosely on the C331 Louisville Slugger model that was originally turned for Carl Crawford.

What weight of bat did Hank Aaron use? ›

Hank Aaron used a bat similar to Babe Ruth's; except his was 35” long and weighed 33 ounces. Mickey Mantle used a medium handle and a small to medium barrel (at 35” long and 32 ounces).

How do I choose bat size and weight? ›

Those measuring between 3'9" and 4' in height are encouraged to buy a 28-inch bat if they weigh 60 pounds or less. A 28-inch bat is also ideal for those in this height range who weigh between 61 pounds and 80 pounds. A 29-inch bat is recommended for players in this height range that weigh between 91 and 120 pounds.

How much can a bat lift? ›

He found that bats could carry approximately 60–80% added weight, and that the maximum lift per unit muscle mass for bats was similar to values for birds and insects that do not use clap-and-fling kinematics.

How many pounds does a bat eat in one night? ›

Some bats eat about 1/2 their body weight in insects each night!

What is the lifespan of a bat? ›

Although most bats live less than 20 years in the wild, scientists have documented six species that life more than 30 years. In 2006, a tiny bat from Siberia set the world record at 41 years . The Townsend's big-eared bat's average lifespan is 16 years.

What is white nose syndrome? ›

White-nose syndrome is a disease that affects hibernating bats and is caused by an invasive, cold-loving fungus. The fungus grows on bats' skin, disturbing their hibernation and resulting in dehydration, starvation and often death.

Why is a bat called a bat? ›

Middle English had bakke, most likely cognate with Old Swedish natbakka ("night-bat"), which may have undergone a shift from -k- to -t- (to Modern English bat) influenced by Latin blatta, "moth, nocturnal insect". The word "bat" was probably first used in the early 1570s.

How much is Babe Ruth's bat worth? ›

Babe Ruth's Baseball Bat Is Worth $1.85 Million

A baseball bat formerly used by Babe Ruth sold for $1.85 million in a private sale, breaking auction records to become the world's most valuable bat.

Do any MLB players use a 32 inch bat? ›

The shortest MLB game-used bat we have yet to find is a Tony Gwynn's bat measuring just over 32 inches at 32 1/4. Gwynn, maybe the best hitter in the modern era, using a short bat is unexpected considering most players work under the assumption bigger tends to be better.

What did Babe Ruth call his bat? ›

A baseball bat that might have been the one Babe Ruth used to make his 1932 “Called Shot” realised $212,587 in an online auction at Lelands on March 23. Ruth hit the famous homer during the third game of the World Series against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.

How big is the world's largest bat? ›

Flying foxes are the largest bats, some attaining a wingspan of 1.5 metres (5 feet) with a head and body length of about 40 cm (16 inches).

Are male bats smaller than females? ›

In Vespertilonid bats, males are usually smaller than females and it has been suggested that the males are displaced by the larger females to inferior regions [17]. We found no significant difference between the sexes in wing area or in body mass at the beginning of summer, when the bats inhabit the summer roosts.

What is the cutest bat? ›

#1: Honduran White Bat

This tiny creature tops the list as the cutest bat.

Do MLB players tape their bats? ›

Bat tape has become a more and more popular accessory used by baseball and softball players. Bat tape is not only a way to accessorize the appearance of the bat, but also can aid in improving the grip and comfort of the batting experience. We are even seeing a greater number of MLB players using it.

Why MLB doesn t use aluminum bats? ›

Both the major and minor leagues have banned the metal bat because of the skill level of their participants. Thanks to the “trampoline effect,” a metal bat will have a slight give when connecting with the ball, transferring more energy.

Why can't college baseball use wooden bats? ›

The reason why high schools and colleges use aluminum bats over wood is to cut the costs of purchasing new wood bats when they break. Aluminum bats are more durable and don't need to be replaced as often.

Does 1 oz make a difference in a baseball bat? ›

Yes, every ounce makes a difference. Two ounces doesn't seem like much but I've seen it make a large difference. 1 inch in length is huge.

Can a baseball bat be too light? ›

A bat that is too light will cause batters to swing too fast, which also affects rhythm and keeps the batter from doing their job. A light bat also sometimes causes the shoulders to get ahead of the hips. In an effective swing, the hips should lead the rest of the body.

How do you know if a bat is still good? ›

We have even heard of the tried and true method of holding your bat by the barrel and tapping the knob on the ground. If a bat is dead, it should make a dull thud sound. While if a bat is not dead, it should make a normal, high-pitched ping.

Is it good to practice with a heavier bat? ›

What Science Says: Working with heavier and lighter bats during batting practice increases your bat speed by up to 10%. Studies show that a controlled 12-week program of weighted training bats that are around 12% heavier and lighter than your game bat will allow you to hit more home runs.

Does reducing bat weight make a difference? ›

A heavier bat can generate more power and momentum, enabling the ball to be hit farther and faster. However, a heavier bat can also be more difficult to control, especially for players with smaller physiques. On the other hand, a lighter bat maybe easier to control and maneuver, but may not generate as much power.

Does rolling a bat make it lighter? ›

A great way to lower your bat's swing weight is to work with bat rolling and shaving services. Shaved Easton USA bats and shaved baseball bats have a much lower swing weight than conventional bats. In a Just Bat Reviews test, a shaved bat swings 7% lighter than its originally identical counterpart.

What weight bat did Mark McGwire use? ›

Mark McGwire used a 35oz bat to hit his 70 home runs in 1998, and Barry Bonds used a 32oz bat to hit his 73 home runs in 2001. Most of today's major league players typically use 31-35oz bats. Physicists have shown,[3,4] from a simple collision analysis, that the optimum bat weight is between 15 and 18oz.

What size bat did Ken Griffey Jr use? ›

But would Ken Griffey Jr. hit 40 to 50 home runs every year if he didn't swing his signature 34-inch, 31-ounce Louisville Slugger? Baseball bats are so important to Colorado Rockies left fielder Dante Bichette, he doesn't even endorse one.

Who is the heaviest MLB player currently? ›

Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera is 6'3” and weights at 240 pounds (109 kgs).

How heavy was Jackie Robinson's bat? ›

According to factory records, Robinson used a fairly hefty piece of lumber. Many of his bats are in the 34-36 ounce range, and the majority of his gamers were made with a thick handle and smaller knob.

How big was Jose Canseco bat? ›

She said the former slugger Jose Canseco used to order 34-ounce bats. The most popular size for major league players is 34 inches and 32 ounces.

How big is Mike Trout's bat? ›

Q: What is the bat's length? A: This Old Hickory Bat Co. Mike Trout Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MT27M Adult is 32" & 29 oz.

What bat did Derek Jeter use? ›

The DJ2 (formerly known as the P72) was Jeter's bat of choice for his entire professional playing career. He compiled over 3,400 hits, 250 home runs and 1,300 RBI using a P72. We renamed the model DJ2 in honor of him when he retired in 2014.

What weight bat does Chris Gayle use? ›

Heaviest Cricket Bats: #2 Chris Gayle

The cricket bat used by Chris Gayle is the Spartan CG Bat, which weighs around 1.36 kg.

How much does a brown bat weigh? ›

What is bat drop weight? ›

What is Bat Drop? Bat categories are determined by what is commonly known as bat drop. Drop weight is the difference between the length (in inches) and weight (in ounces) of the bat, so a bat that is 30 inches long and has a drop weight of -10 will weigh 20 ounces. The bigger the drop weight, the lighter the bat.

How effective is a baseball bat as a weapon? ›

A baseball bat is weighted to be used as a club, but not an efficient one. It is not designed to damage its target, but to send it flying. There are a lot of real world cases where people have been killed with baseball bats. They can get through the skull and damage the brain, but it take a lot of work.

How do you know if a bat is too light? ›

If you feel like you can't control the bat or if it's too light for you, then it's probably not the right bat. Another way to tell if a bat is too light is by the sound it makes when you hit the ball. If the bat is too light, it will have a hollow sound. If it's the right weight, it will have a solid sound.

What is the size weight of a big brown bat? ›

Big brown bats weigh between ½ and ¾ of an ounce and their wingspans range from 13 to 16 inches, with forearms > 1 ½ inches long.

Will a heavier bat hit farther? ›

So, using a heavier bat should result in faster hit balls, which means the hit ball will travel farther. If a player can maintain the same bat swing speed with a heavier bat, the heavier bat will produce higher batted ball velocity and an increase in distance.

Is a drop 8 or drop 10 better? ›

Drop 8 bats tend to have a bit more weight to them, helping with mass transfer on contact,” Stevens said. “These bats carry more barrel than drop 10 bats, so if you are strong enough to move up to a drop 8, it's highly recommended.”

What does drop 10 mean on a baseball bat? ›

• The drop is the difference between the length of the bat and the weight of the bat. For. example if a bat is 30 in. long and weighs 20 oz. then the drop is 10.

Is it illegal to carry a baseball bat? ›

Unless you intend a criminal action with the bat, you may legally transport it in all 50 states.

Can a bat beat a knife? ›

All else being equal, I'd say the bat. It's longer and can parry better than a knife. You can maximize your reach by striking at his weapon arm, and then when he is injured, striking for his head. Use the bat to maintain distance until you can down him or flee safely.

Can a baseball break a bat? ›

A hard-thrown ball hit in on the hands or way out on the end of the barrel can cause that thin handle section to flex too much and break off. Bats can also splinter and flake along the barrel.

Should I swing a 32 or 33? ›

Those between 5'1" and 5'8" in height who weigh between 101 and 140 pounds will need a bat that is 32 inches in length. A bat of 33 inches is ideal for those in this height range who weigh between 141 pounds and 180+ pounds. A 33-inch bat is also perfect for players between 5'9" and 6' who weigh 121 to 160 pounds.

What color light attracts bats? ›

Migratory bats are attracted by red light but not by warm-white light: Implications for the protection of nocturnal migrants.


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