Explain How You Can Break Apart One Of The Addends To Make A Ten To Find The Number Of Points Jeannie (2023)

English High School


Answer 1

Mathematic central will help with examples or just type in addends. Use three of the numbers from Jeannie or/and Kevin to make ten. That's my understanding.

Answer 2

Nnot sure what the asnwer is. Please help

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How is hospitality an essential element in everyday life?


Hospitality is an essential element of everyday life because many service industries which we purchase services fromor are employed in require hospitality as an essential element of the business. Also a great deal of our lives either in terms of our interactions with friends, family, business partners, or colleagues requires some degree of hospitality in the relationship.

Vowel sound in rope


The vowel sound in "rope" isalong o.

Say the word aloud. The o is being pronounced how you would say it if reciting the alphabet. This means it is a long vowel. An example of a short o would be in the word "tot," since the o is pronounced "ah." Also, the reason the vowel is the o, not the e, is because the e is silent.

In which one of the following sentences is the semicolon used correctly? A. Donald has three sisters; Carla, Donna, and Maggie. (B. Jacob, who plays in the orchestra; has a solo in the concert.) C. Cheryl’s favorite snack is chocolate; she could eat it daily. D. Whenever I feel afraid; I think of Aunt Margaret.


Answer to your question is C

Explain how you can use an array to find partial products for 4×36


You can go four across and 36 going down.

The word for political or social change is abolition. strike. reform. suffrage.


The word is reformbecause:

strike means a mass of people who don't agree the new rules applied so they make a revolt.

abolition means to get over the old rules and apply a new ones

suffrage means the paper who prove that a people had voted a certain president or a certain rule

The word for political or social change is "reform."

What does etymology study?


Answer: Origin and words development

Explanation: Etymology is a science that studies the origin of the words. Also, etymology contributes to a better understanding of words that are no longer in use, that is, studies the development and change in the meaning of words throughout history. In a word, it connects the original meaning of the words, its origin in a particular language, its changes, and its wider meaning in other languages. For example, the word etymology itself comes from the Greek word etumos, which means the truth.

The study of the origin of words and how their meanings have changed throughout history

One way in which Robespierre and Louis xvi of France are similar is that both


Both individuals have aspects of their record which are controversial and paint each individual as a tyrant and unjust leaders. In different ways each individual is remembered for a degree of injustice that they inflicted on to the people of France as a result of their political rule.

How is a compound sentence formed


A compound sentence contains two or more coordinate main clauses, and does not contain a dependent clause. (If it did, it would be called a compound-complex sentence.) The two or more coordinate clauses could stand as simple sentences on their own, and could be joined into one sentence with a comma and coordinate conjunction, but they could also be joined by a comma or a conjunction on its own, or by a semicolon.

A car rental agency advertised renting a car for $23.95 per day and $0.28 per mile. If Brad rents this car for 2 days, how many whole miles can he drive on a $250 budget?




16.1 is what percent of 70


16.1 = x
70 100 set up as a proportion... this is 23%

What is the number value of the 2's in 2,200


The value of the first two is 2,000. The value of the second two is 200.

First 2 ( read from left to right) 2,000 Second 2 is 200

What type of word indicates that a noun is to follow?


Adjectives are also a good indicator that a noun will come next.

A bigdoor
A furrydog
A breezy day

What is the relationship between literature and place


There is a very significant relationship between the literature and place as places influences the characters and the plot of the story.

What is the importance of place in literature?

The place carries very important relevance in the literature as it is one of the useful concept because the writers incorporate the various quality of the place in its literary works and links the literature with the location.

There is the great relevance of the relationship between the place and literature places influences the characters and the plot of the story. It enhances the beauty of the literature by explaining the beauty of the place.

Learn more about literature here:



The relationship between literature and place -- also known as the setting -- is a strong one. The place in which a story is set influences the story's plot and characters. A character who lives in 20th century Manhattan will be very different from one who lives in 18th century England. Furthermore, the plots of these stories will also differ greatly, even if there are some similarities. Therefore, the place in which a story is set is a crucial element in literature.

Can you find three errors in this sentence "Neither the man or his brother have any idea if the brick was thrown at him."


Neither the man nor his brother has any idea if the brick was thrown at them.

CORRECT MY GRAMMAR SPELLING PUNCTUATION MISTAKES THANK YOUU! To continue, Crooks is very lonely because he is the only black man on a white
man's ranch and is isolated because of it. He lives by himself in a small shack
and is kind of forced to read books because he has nothing to do. Crooks has
very few friends and has no one to rely on, which makes him ever more lonely.”A
guy needs somebody-to be near him. A guy goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody.” Furthermore,
Crooks acts like if he doesn’t need someone on the outside but on the inside he
wants to have friends and not feel lonely.”Come on in. If everybody’s comin’in,
you might just as well.It was difficult for Crooks to conceal his pleasure with
anger.”Loneliness was an important factor in Crooks life. The poor man only wants friends or company, which he did not
get in this novel.

Value of society is also a topic that Steinbeck
is revealing to us. Crooks is someone that goes to work and comes back to his
shack. .He wasn’t considered an important person to the other ranch workers. He
did not have any importance in the society. He was always rejected from
entering the bunkhouse or even to do activities with others. In 2014, it’s not
the same anymore; everyone is equal and has their own rights.

In conclusion, Crooks goes through a lot in the
novel because his black. Steinbeck did an amazing job , by emerging several
themes such as loneliness, discrimination and value in society, into one unique


"Crooks acts like if he doesn’t need someone" Should be, Crooks acts like he doesn't need anyone. Add the in front of value of society You didn't provide where/who the quotes were from/said by or what story you read.

How is personal and academic writing similar


Personal writing and academic writing are similar in that creativity and imagination can be used to decide upon the subject matter and the structure of the work. Beyond similarities such as this there are stark differences between academic and personal writing in the validity of the writing, the style, the prose, and also the content. Academic writing requires that the topic being discussed not be fictional and that the subject matter cannot be fabricated and it must be verifiable through sources or some other empirical method. Therefore, academic and personal writing are drastically different from one another for the most part. Personal writing has a great deal more freedom in comparison with academic writing in terms of subject matter, style, and construction.

Traditional Chinese writing is arranged in vertical columns that are read from top to bottom. Is it coordination,subordiantion,or parallelism?


It is parallelism, hoped this helped

How does the book the princess diaries end? the book by meg cabot


Well its a series of books, so by that I presume you mean the series?
Wellmia dumps j.p cause he was using her forher fame. He was the one who ended up calling the paparazzi so they would see them together so he could get his play made into a movie.and when mia is about to leave prom after dumping j.p she bumps into michael and they get back together...
I hope this is descriptive enough?!

Write five names for 132


Five possible ways of expressing the number 132 might be as follows:

44 x 3 = 132

150 - 18 = 1323

130 + 2 = 132

396 / 3 = 132

66 x 2 = 132

What's the importance of getting to know people before judging


You just never know what a person is like until you truly meet them. I used to hate this guy for several years, but now we are best friends. I didn't know we had so much in common and he me a lotin arguments. Not that arguing is good or anything. You get the point...I hope.

Not letting yourself assume things based off of their physical appearance or behavior. Get to know them before you form an unrealistic opinion

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