CASSANDRA 6 by Regis (2023)

Feature Writer: Regis

Feature Title: Cassandra 6

Published: 11.04.2023

Story Codes: Young, Gore, Slavery, Erotic Horror

Synopsis: The continuing epic of wild-assed, unbridled debauchery in the old west.

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Cassandra 6

One of the wranglers brought a pair of Duke’s infamous Gypsy-made woman whips, with the spread female organ as a handle. Gina was somewhat taken back at the suggestion that two whips were needed. She was not getting naked, and was not interested in getting herself whipped, particularly by an ex-student. Duke’s stark suggestion was outrageous. It was inconceivable that her host would allow a slave girl to use a whip on a guest.

This was such a bizarre ranch her friend was a part of that she realized almost anything was possible, particularly now that she was acutely aware of being the only female present who was not a slave. It was unthinkable they could act so harshly, that she would be so suddenly moved from the status of guest to a naked bitch whip-fighter.

She was also startled at the sight of the incredible weapons that were brought forward. From the cunt handle with its puff of pubic hair, she determined immediately that the whips were fashioned from fine human leather. Bitch leather. These were Duke’s infamous Gypsy whips, infamous weapons that were such effective tools on the meat of naked women.

She had heard of such bizarre weapons, and knew that in more than one culture women were peeled of their skin while alive, to produce the leather for such heinous weapons. She had told her class of such weapons, and was intrigued to now see one, and to think that she would have the opportunity to use one on her beautiful ex-student.

“You are a guest at our ranch retreat, and you have abused that privilege when you damaged one of our stock,” Duke said. He pointed at Cassandra’s vagina. “Look at that comely cunt bleed! I think we are entitled to a fair contest, to see which of you punishes the other more brutally with these wonderful woman-whips. Get our new cunt-fighting bitch naked, boys!”

Gina looked like she was numb with shock, which was true. A pair of wranglers grasped her and began ripping her clothes off. She screamed and struggled, but to little avail. She had been brought to this very remote Devil’s Haven as a guest, but as it turned out, that was only a ruse to get her here without a struggle. She was now certain that no woman ever came her for her own enjoyment.

The cattle rancher who had invited her had done so only to see her used as an entertainment sex object, and now that she was in their control, it was time for her to produce, as they required of her. She liked being in full control, but this would work. She knew how to use a whip, particularly on a naked woman.

The ranchers were happy to see that her fully revealed figure was even better than the partial exposure afforded by her clothing had promised. They were looking forward to seeing her bare meat and that of the nude Cassandra flagellated into serious bleeding welts.

Gina had perfect skin, tanned and supple, which made her total nakedness appear to be perfectly natural. She was not at all used to being forced to parade naked in front of a group of men, and certainly not to being required to perform indecently for them. She noticed it was not a bad feeling.

She was glad she kept her bulging pubic area shaved clean, and realized her clit was extending outward, from her hidden excitement about what was about to occur. The clit didn’t lie. Gina showed she was highly sexually stimulated by what she was about to get into with her beautiful nude ex-student.

She felt disgusted with the man who had brought her here with sweet promises of sexual debauchery beyond her wildest imagining. This private retreat had turned out to be all he had promised and more, but the headstrong woman, a committed fan of extreme sadism.

On the other hand, she was no masochist, and with what she had been promised, had not anticipated she would become part of the extreme carnal entertainment. As a female, she realized the men saw her as no more than a cunt, and were forcing her to behave as one.

Now the men were turning their attention to her in a way that caused her to blanch, and to feel both anger and disgrace, as well as an uncontrollable rising sexual passion. This was a new situation for her. She stood in her spike heeled boots stark naked, otherwise wearing only her glasses.
She was used to being treated as a sex object by the male professors and administrators at the University, but there she used her sexuality to get her way with them, and then on weekends took out her aggression through the sessions of sadism at the bordello.

Here she was not in control. At the university she had endured the pinches to her bottom that were common in the office area, and had slept with the right people to advance to her position, but she had never before stood publicly naked and been openly ogled by a group of strange men. These ranchers proved to be stranger than she could ever imagine.

Gina had no choice but to stand stark naked before them. The weapon in her hand could only be used on the other nude woman on the long table, who was similarly armed. She had never used a whip before, but was certain she would have on difficulty in using it to good effect. This was going to be most satisfactory.

It was one thing for a female student to be subjected to this kind of treatment, but not a professor. The humiliation was unbearable, but she recognized that her feeling of helpless frustration was causing her anger to and excitement to grow. She had a terrible temper, and was known for making students severely suffer because of it.

Gina was fitted with a pair of the foot bending shoes similar to those the other slave girls and Cassandra were wearing. When she was lifted up onto the long table, she surprised the men by appearing to be under control in the startling footwear, standing right up on her toes with no practice. The severe bending of her foot forced her to walk on her toes.

The extreme arching of her feet also caused her legs to appear much longer and sexier than when she stood in bare feet. They even forced her chest to tilt so that her remarkable breasts thrust outward with a defiant jutting action, which became quickly more pronounced when she moved.

She, in her depraved search for sexual expression, had obviously found similar shoes somewhere, and was used to wearing them. Gina was proving herself to be the cunt the man who had invited her was certain she was. She would make a perfect opponent in a whip fight with their cunt Cassandra.

She stood at one end of the large table, now evacuated by the other slave-girls. Her striking naked form was erotically illuminated by the large candleholders hanging from the rafters, and by the flickering light of a roaring fire on the large open hearth.

She was an imposing figure, and standing on the tips of her toes in these incredible shoes made her appear to be much taller and more erotic than before. Her pelvis was thrust forward, presenting a great view of her bare vagina to all the ranchers watching the remarkable nude bitch.

Cassandra stood near the other end of the long oak table, and made an equally impressive figure. The erotic sight of their naked opponent at the opposite end of the table holding an exotic whip made both women’s clits rise and pulse in sexual excitement, approaching orgasm.

This was getting to be totally physical. The two impressive naked and incredibly provocative bitches on the table, which now served as a stage or fight ring, were going to get it on in a winner-kills-her-opponent cunt fight, using brutal bitch-leather whips!

The large dining table made an ideal platform from which these naked women could fight with their lethal whips, with the ranchers seated around it getting a perfect view. With this elevation, the two naked bitches would embark on their bizarre whip-fight in full view of all of the ranchers, and a fall over the edge would be fully visible, and could be spectacular.

Cassandra held her favored whip, one in which the handle was fashioned from a woman’s cunt. Gina’s was identical. She saw that she was going to get the opportunity to vent her anger on the beautiful girl who had been her student, and she took full advantage, gripping the dried leather female sex organ.

As soon as Duke instructed them to proceed, she lashed out at the impudent young bitch at the other end of the table. She was startled that the girl had her whip handle up in an instant, and blocked the main power of the blow, although the slender end of the weapon whipped around and stung one of the teen girl’s big breasts.

She got in a second quick shot, but with the same result. This time, before she could get in a third blast with the supple weapon, Cassandra’s whip slashed at her, striking her a vicious stinging blow across the bottom of her tanned tits. Gina’s sharp scream was as much from surprise and disbelief as it was from the searing pain.

Cassandra had got her with another clean strike to her large bulging mammaries, which was unforgivable, particularly from a lowly student. The whip struck Professor Gina a third time, this time lashing up between her gorgeous legs to strike her gorgeous cunt and smashing her clit with a blow she could feel reverberate up her nude torso.

Gina retaliated swiftly with an incredible rising blow that came up between Cassandra’s spread legs and blasted her bare cunt with such force that it her eyes bulged. Cassandra replied with a stinging blow, with the tip of her whip snapping sharply against the dangling lips of Gina’s gaping cunt.

Woman leather on woman flesh was something that had to be experienced to be understood, and both were getting a brilliant education from the other in this kind of forcefully stinging intimate contact. Both women felt it stimulating and liberating. This was true cunt-on-cunt warfare.

The men were delighted that they had a real cunt-fight going between such amazing female adversaries. Gina was astounded at the impudence of the girl. Cassandra was showing total disregard for her position and power. This brazen young bitch was going to have to be taught a lesson. She could not treat a professor like this. This was war.

The amazing nudes got into sync with their blows, striking each other with the vicious whips so rapidly that there was no opportunity for defense. While one whip was recoiling, the other was striking. The bitches alternated screams as they alternated blows, bringing sharp reports as the tightly braided women-hide whips snapped hard and viciously against their voluptuous flesh.

The succession of brutal blows brought piercing screams with each violent contact. Each strike of the whips bit into tender bitch meat. Searing pain came with each vicious blow, and the blows were repeating at what appeared to be an unsustainable tempo. These malicious bitches were going at each other with a remarkable and unrelenting passion.

Cunts, bellies, buttocks, legs, arms, breasts, backs, and faces were taking the unrelenting punishment each gave to the other. Large welts rose up on their flesh, with spots of blood oozing where the skin was broken. Both naked bitches pissed on the table from the frenzied attacks they were enduring, and neither appeared anywhere near ready to give in.

Gina’s eyeglasses were an early casualty, and they smashed as the flew to the floor. Her sight was not so bad that she could not carry on, but she had lost her scholarly look when the glasses were slashed from her face. The blow that removed the glasses also broke her nose, causing it to gush blood.

Gina had a slight edge in strength, and as outraged as she was to have to perform with one of her students, she swung the whip with an air of authority. Her blows landed hard, and seemed to produce slightly larger welts and deeper cuts in the naked meat of her young student.

Cassandra appeared to have greater skill with her specialized weapon. Her blows were more accurate, and their effect seemed to be more telling. Neither one of the bold bitches was ready to yield to the other, but both of the naked whip fighters were sustaining incredible physical damage to their raw and fully exposed meat.

When Gina accidentally dropped her whip, Cassandra took full advantage when she bent to pick it up, and popped the tip of her whip against the exposed anus of her professor, snapping the weapon with such force that she ruptured the woman’s thick sphincter muscle.

The effect was that she painfully removed Gina’s power of anal control, in order to maintain countenance. Her esteemed professor would now shit like a horse, whenever her bowel moved her feces forward. With anal control gone, Gina released a string of fat shit sausages.

The considerable damage to her rectum did nothing to impair her ability to attack. One of Gina’s blows put Cassandra momentarily off balance, and when she teetered backward, the whip came up at her gaping cunt with such force that the tip snaked deep inside her, and snapped against her cervix.

The explosion of pain from this blow would have dropped a lesser whip fighter, but Cassandra endured the fire that spread through her torso, and got her weapon moving again with an incredible deftness. She struck her older instructor’s face with such force and accuracy that the bitch’s right eyeball burst.

In retaliation, Gina’s whip wrapped around one of Cassandra’s big boobs, and she jerked it so hard that the mammary was burned by the sliding leather all the way around. The fat tit was pulled severely out from her chest, causing the nipple to expand, and the pain was startling, much more intense than the tit hanging just a month ago had produced.

Cassandra now went at the professor bitch’s pretty face with a passion, realizing that she would have an enormous advantage if she could completely blind the cunt. The older woman realized her vulnerability, and bobbed and weaved as each blow swung at her, effectively making her good eye an extremely difficult target.

Cassandra took advantage of the concentration Gina gave to defense, and suddenly wrapped her whip around the naked professor’s ankle. With a sudden jerk of the whip, she easily pulled her foe off balance, which was precarious at best in these outlandish shoes.

Gina crashed onto her back, her legs akimbo, and she lost her grip on her whip. She grasped around for it desperately, because unarmed she had no chance against this aggressive student. Cassandra recognized the sudden advantage she had created for herself, and went after her fallen history professor with renewed passion, and was surprised she got the mature cunt screaming for mercy.

Gina was down and defeated. Cassandra used both her whip and the hard toes of her shoes on the voluptuous bitch, giving her a vicious beating that was so intense it soon had the men up on their feet, their exposed cocks in the grip of their rapidly pumping fists, cheering her on. Their favorite cunt Cassandra was proving herself once again.

This was the kind of brutal cunt fight action the ranchers loved, one in which there was severe physical damage done to both of the naked combatants, a fight in which one of them at last took full command, a brutally violent fight they would not allow to stop until one of the naked bleeding and battered bitches had killed the other.

An even fight was interesting, but it was always more exciting when one bitch got a clear advantage and used it to inflict senseless and merciless damage on the other. Cassandra was giving the older cunt an incredibly violent beating, and it was clear her passion had risen to the point she was intent on killing her voluptuous history professor.

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The only thing the men would like to see better than a cunt killing would be for both bitches to die from the brutal violence they committed on each other. Butchering bitches, or coercing them into killing each other, was the most enjoyable kind of sport for these hardened cowboys, who had made the death of women a natural conclusion to their passionate sport, and had prospered from it.

Raw brutality had become a way of life for these ranchers. They had used merciless violence to get ahead in the rough world of the American west, and now they had successfully transformed this kind of raw violence into a sport. Cassandra was a master of the new sport, and the amazing young woman had become a capable performer.

Gina flipped over onto her belly to protect her breasts, and her exposed anus and cunt became the targets of the vicious whip. She rolled onto her side, and her kidneys became the targets of brutal kicks. The hardened toes on Cassandra’s shoes dug into Gina’s sides, breasts, and then cracked several of her ribs. Gina now realized her farm-girl student turned sex slave was going for the kill.

“Oh God no! Please stop!” Gina screamed. Cassandra kicked her cunt, driving the toe of the shoe deep into the damaged female sex organ. She then went after the side she had missed, and cracked several more of her professor’s ribs. She had no thought of bringing the fight to an early end.

“My God, you stupid bitch, you’re fucking killing me!” cried the hysterical woman. Cassandra said nothing. Her actions spoke for themselves. The whip made of toughened woman hide slashed across the nude professor’s beautiful face, cutting the bridge of her broken nose and splitting her lip.

Gina cowered, and then crawled on her back to the edge of the table. Cassandra found her tits again with the whip, and then concentrated on the voluptuous woman’s exposed belly. Gina screamed hysterically and begged for mercy, sobbing between blows at the raw violence of the brutal attack, but her pleadings only intensified the fury of the merciless assault.

Cassandra moved in, intent on blinding her foe completely. She drove out the screaming professor-cunt’s other eye, but not with the whip. It was now easier to kick the fallen bitch with the hard pointed toe of her shoe than to whip her. The downed older woman was now fully vulnerable.

Cassandra got Gina in the temple with several rapid blows, and managed to pop the target eye right out of its socket. She also kicked the other whip off the table, out of Gina’s reach. It was exciting and stimulating to totally dominate her professor, who had often emotionally abused her power over the class of female students.

Now Gina was dead meat. Cassandra lashed savagely at the blinded bitch with her whip as the nude cunt struggled, kicking out blindly with her gorgeous legs. Cassandra stood out of range and blasted the downed woman repeatedly, mercilessly attacking the bitch’s big cunt and fat tits.

At last Gina managed to struggle to her feet, without her whip, which Cassandra had kicked off the table. She was fighting the pain of many severely cracked ribs, and yet still her bruised clit stood at attention. She was getting sexual satisfaction from the highly destructive action, somehow! The sadistic bitch was also proving to be what she believed she could never be, a masochist.

Cassandra blasted the sightless woman with vicious blows from the woman whip, knowing that the ranchers required that only her professor’s death could mark the end of this incredible battle. She knew the men would not permit her to stop the brutal whipping and kicking fight until she had killed the beautiful woman.

The professor’s bloodied cunt and tits were now the prime targets of her whip, not because blows to them were lethal, but because she knew the pain they brought, particularly to the erect clit, and that was what the men wanted to see before she finished her opponent.

This fight was all about entertainment, and the men would get full value for their investment, one way or another. What they wanted was to see one of these bitches being butchered alive with the whip, and that was exactly what they were getting. The lethal whip was doing extraordinary damage to the well-tenderized human meat.

Strands of bloodied inner tit meat dangled from Gina’s ruined breasts, and still the amazing woman stayed on her feet. Cassandra delivered a succession of damaging blows to the vulnerable vagina, and soon the female organ began to split, opening out so severely that the big bitch began to actually shit out her own uterus, and then her guts through her gaping cunt! It was an incredible sight. The ejaculating ranchers loved it.

At last the big professor-bitch stumbled blindly toward the edge of the table, and with a last meat-splitting crack of the whip across her ass, Gina fell to the floor, cracking her skull when she hit. The history professor bitch was now history herself. Her erotic form lay in a naked heap on the floor, her beautiful whip-welted ass propped high in the air.

A final fat turd exited the ruptured anus of the naked female professor as her body sagged in death. The violence that framed the entertainments here at Devil’s Haven had once more exacted its merciless toll, this time at Cassandra’s hand, and another beautiful woman had given up her life for the entertainment of the ranchers, to become nothing more than another slumped pile of ruined bitch meat.


It took nearly five weeks for Cassandra’s whip wounds to heal. She managed it with the help of the vet and two of the girls in the stable who were natural helpers. They had dressed her wounds and had nurtured her back to health, although she still had to endure several brutal gang rapes by the group of horny wranglers, who were not at all fussy about the condition of the females they ravaged to satisfy their raging lust.

When the men who owned the retreat next returned to Devil’s Haven, once more they had brought with them a new female companion, although this one did not come to the secret retreat as a voluntary guest. This time the new bitch arrived at the ranch buck naked, trussed to a pole by her wrists and ankles, like a dead deer.

Her lively moans of distress through her gag revealed that she was in fact alive and well. She was a mature woman, in her late thirties, with greying hair, and a portly build. This was only the second time any of the captive girls, the oldest of whom was twenty-two, had seen a mature woman on this ranch, other than Gina, and that was what attracted their attention to her.

They all thought of themselves as girls, and this one was clearly a woman. Were the sexual tastes of the men who held them captive changing? The most attractive things about her were her seasoned face that, even though partly concealed by the gag, revealed good breeding, supported by her excellent bone structure.

Her large full and still firm breasts hung like large water bags from either side of her as she swung in a bow-shape from the sturdy pole. These mammaries were both large and quite firm for her age. The mature cunt had probably nursed several children, as women were in such demand in the west that she could not have escaped being bred many times.

She also had gorgeous legs, which was quite uncommon for women of her age. In the West, women like this one worked hard and long on the ranches of their husbands, and as a result they usually aged early. This bitch had somehow kept her body in good shape, which was a trick for a prairie wife.

In most respects this woman had held her age well. Unlike most prairie women, beaten by the severity of life in the raw west, she had somehow maintained a physical elegance that made her most attractive to the group of debauched men who were her captors.

This was the first time a mature woman like her had ever been brought here, and it was also the first time a bitch had ever arrived at the ranch in this fashion. It was as if she were the prize of the hunt. The very nature of her unusual arrival and presence were the talk of the stable.

The female herd was cut and eight young ladies selected and taken to the house. That night the girls out in the stable heard the muffled snapping of the whip, ongoing screams from the throats of terrified and tortured females, and as the evening progressed they also heard a number of gunshots fired.

The sound of gunfire could only mean slave women were being shot. The ranchers were having themselves another wild sex party, and the girls in the barn were pleased that they were not personally involved, since few females survived being guests at these late night affairs.

After several hours of horror things settled down, and after the ranchers retired, there was finally silence. Another night of debauchery had taken place, and the females in the stable who would live for at least one more day settled down for a restless night of sleep. Cassandra slept like a kitten.


The next day, while the women and girls were exercising naked in the corral, Duke and three other ranchers sat on the railing to watch. The men selected several of the lovely cunts, and the wranglers roped those selected. Cassandra was one of these selected and was roughly roped and pulled aside.

The selected cunts were all securely collared, set one in front of the other, linked together in a long line by a chain joining their collars, and were moved to the large ranch house. The eleven girls selected to participate in the evening’s event were taken in through the kitchen.

They were bathed one by one in a large tub beside the great kitchen stove. The major difference between Cassandra and the other slave girls was that the other ten of them believed they were about to die. Cassandra alone was certain that she was going to have a good time.

That was why she believed they had selected an odd number of the female slaves. The odd one out would be the survivor, and she would ensure that one was her. They loved her, and she was more valuable than any of the others. She was also very skilled in competitions, whatever they may be.

On the other hand, she supported the belief of the others that they were going to die horribly this evening, and she told them so. By this point in her career at this ranch, death of other girls was the expected, and Cassandra had no particular feeling about it. What was important was that she did not feel herself to be in the least threatened.

Duke came into the kitchen, and instructed that the girls be strung together by chains attached to their collars in two rows of five rather than in one long single row. Cassandra was taken by a wrangler into the tack room beside the pantry, where she was to be somehow costumed in a special way to prepare for the evening’s entertainment event.

Cassandra was given a harness of studded leather straps that reminded her of illustrations she had seen of ancient Roman soldiers, or gladiators. This incredible attire had been carefully designed to fit her without concealing any of her strikingly alluring sexual charms.

Her breasts bulged out between the thick leather straps, spreading them apart, and the form-fitting tooled leather hip protection covered the sides of her hips from the waist down half way to her knees, but left both her pubic mound and the crease of her buttocks fully exposed.

She was given leather sandals which laced up over shin protectors, a broad belt, and a fancy headpiece that fit her perfectly. The harness maker here at the ranch was a fine craftsman, and had done his job exceedingly well. She not only looked like, but also felt like a Roman gladiator. She lacked only a killing weapon.

She was returned to the kitchen, and saw that the nudity of the ten other young women was now draped in rough bleached hemp. The lovely creatures wore green garlands of woven nettles and thistle in their hair, and trickles of their blood wandered down over their pale faces. They looked quite attractive as the wept.

Cassandra knew she was seeing them alive for the last time, and was aware of how beautiful they were in their grief and self-pity. She wondered if she was going to be told to kill them, as she had the four girls who had crossed the natural bowl out on the prairie, and the beautiful history professor she had whipped to death.

The girls were taken into the great hall, following in two lines. When they had passed through the double doorway, it swung closed. Cassandra heard strange heavy scraping sounds, then banging and hammering, accompanied by a chorus of screams. It seemed to go on and on, and Cassandra was anxious to see what was going on.

When at last the door opened she was given a wooden box to carry by its leather strap, and a trident spear, with barbed points on each of the three prongs. It was a weapon that would keep something as a souvenir of the flesh it visited. And the victim would feel it going missing. It was the kind of weapon Cassandra liked, because of its vicious design.

The box had an open top, and inside it were several huge crude spikes, nearly a foot long, rusty and thick, like railroad spikes that secured the rails to the wooden ties. Also in the box was a large sledge hammer. Excitement grew in her gut as she thought how these might be used.

Cassandra entered the dining hall. She was shocked at what she saw. The ranchers sat at the great table, enjoying their feast, and applauded her entrance, and her revealing costume. On each side of the dining hall stood five tall wooden crosses, and the ten young ladies, now stripped naked, were spiked to these, crucified by their wrists and feet.

At the head of the large oak dining table sat Duke, and on the floor at the other end of the table lay another great cross, empty. Cassandra blanched, suddenly fearful that she would be nailed to this monstrous device. What a terrible way for such a wonderful beauty like herself to die.

She swallowed back her fear, recognizing that there was nothing she could do about it if she were the one to be spiked next, which to her seemed most likely. Duke beckoned to her, and her heart dropped as she moved over to stand before him, as commanded.

“You have proven yourself and your value to us time and time again, young lady,” he said, “and with each test you face, you prove yourself to be more and more a degenerate spirit, much like ourselves. You’ve had a great ride here at Devil’s Haven, and I know you’ve enjoyed much of it.”

Cassandra knew her time here was getting short. she thought she was unlikely to be the victim to ride the remaining cross, but she had no idea who that victim might be. It was unlikely the ancient style execution device would go unused. She saw the big branding irons heating in the blazing fire, and wondered who would receive them this time.

“We have another challenge for you, cunt,” Duke said. “This one is more interesting, I think, than any you have faced so far.” She thought of the many atrocious things she had done since she had arrived here, and some she had done before. They had made her into a cold-blooded murderer since her arrival at this outrageous ranch.

She had always been totally obedient to their wishes, and had passed that test with flying colors. She remembered the pleasure she had taken in shooting those four bitches from the university. She had also whipped to death that vain professor named Gina, who had also been a deserving victim.

The most disgusting thing she had been forced to do was to slay her own sister, who had been out looking for her ever since she had been kidnapped. Willy had been so persistent she had succeeded, only by falling into the hands of these powerful ranchers herself.

She had really regretted slaughtering her beloved younger sister just to entertain these dominant men, but as it had been her life or that of her sister, she had made what she was sure had been the right choice. If it had been Willy who had to make the life-or-death decision, she knew Willy would have wanted her to live, so this way, they both got their way.

The girls hanging from the painful spikes through their wrists and feet were quivering and whimpering in their agony. Cassandra saw the beauty in the scene of lovely young nudes, dying slowly as a matched set. Duke instructed Cassandra to use her trident to make the girls scream.

He was specific when he said he did not require them to live long. He was certain that the talented girl would see to it that they did not. He was also confident that she would not speed them on their way, but would make them suffer extensively for the entertainment of the ranchers.

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That was exactly what Cassandra did. She moved from cross to cross, giving the crucified girls a taste of her trident under their breasts and buttocks, and under their chins. She thrust the sharp barbed prongs into the tender meat of the young ladies, and then pulled them out, ripping fine bleeding strands of meat out of the puncture holes.

Some of the girls were getting drowsy with the incredible pain and shock of crucifixion, and Cassandra reawakened them with her remarkable three-pointed spear. She had used it in their cunts, to stimulate their clits, and even drove it up under the ribcage of a couple of girls who seemed too far gone, and could not be sexually stimulated.

The men were pleased to see their most aggressive female slave was back in peak form after the incredible whip fight she had recently endured. They encouraged her with suggestions, but saw that her imagination was quite sufficient to provide creative and entertaining butchery of the young ladies hanging on their crosses.

Cassandra dug her trident into the belly of one of the girls who had fainted, and brought the buxom bitch screaming back to life when she ripped the prongs out of her, and dragged some of the bitch’s guts out with it. This was a popular move, second only to the ripping of the breasts.

Most of the girls sported firm round boobs, with a couple of them toting major melons. She thrust the prongs into the larger tits with gusto, lifting them up against the owners’ shoulders as she pressed the triple spear heads right through the bulging breasts.

Then she twisted the weapon inside the fat tit of the crucified girl before pulling it out, ensuring the maximum damage to the internal meat, as well as improving the return action, so that strands of ripped tit meat was extracted. Cassandra was providing the men with an enjoyable event, but the girls were fading from the extreme damage the trident was doing to them.

Before they expired, Cassandra did the rounds one last time. She thrust the end of the spear handle up into the vagina of each of the five girls on one side of the room, thrusting it deep into them, ruining their inner sex organs, and stirring their guts to ensure they would die within the hour.

Then she visited the girls on the other side of the table, and drove the devastating weapon into their sides and their bellies with such severe carnal damaging with her twisting and thrusting that she actually ripped the bellies of two of them open, spilling their guts.

Cassandra returned to Duke’s side, awaiting his further instructions. That was when two wranglers brought in the long pole, from which hung the mature naked woman Cassandra had heard of but had not seen. Now she realized why the woman had stirred such a commotion.

She indeed had large breasts, and a fabulous head of greying hair. Again Cassandra’s attention returned to those breasts. It was seldom that mammaries of that size were seen anywhere. Her mother was endowed with huge breasts like those, and there were also a couple of women at her church that had big bosoms.

Cassandra admired huge breasts on a woman. She had grown up in a family with very large breasts, with her own as well as her sister’s and mother’s. She knew it would give her pleasure to see these bountiful big mammaries being brutally spiked to the cross. This was going to be hot!

Even strung up as the woman was by her bound wrists and ankles, Cassandra could see that the mature cunt had a very handsome if full figure. It was not just the crimping by her slung posture than made her boobs seem so big. She really did have enormous breasts.

Cassandra realized that this newly captured woman would be the one who was to be crucified on the remaining cross. She assumed her job would be to spike the big voluptuous bitch in whatever manner she pleased to her cross. That would be the reason she was supplied with the big toolbox.

Cassandra put down her long-handled trident, and picked up the box she had been given, slinging its stout strap over her shoulder. She looked down at the large hammer and the set of large rusty iron spikes that made the box so heavy. They looked like they had been retrieved from railroad ties.

Her clit was tingling, and she felt a growing knot of sexual excitement rising in her gut again, and because she felt a blush with the thought that nailing a naked woman to a cross was giving her sexual arousal, she knew with certainty she would be able to do it.

It was at that moment that the woman hanging from the pole turned her head, and in an instant Cassandra recognized her mother! ‘My God,’ she thought, ‘these evil men actually expect me to kill my own mother!’ The woman had not yet seen her, but was staring in disbelief at the double row of crucified young girls.

Her face showed her shock at the obvious signs of the extreme torture they had endured. Then the woman’s eyes lifted from staring at the near-naked torso of the girl in the revealing gladiator costume standing before her, her cleanly-shaved vagina on full display, and saw for the first time the startled face of her lost daughter.

“My God, Cassandra!” the woman said, “What’s happened to you? What are you doing here, undressed so outrageously, with everything that should be private on full display in a crazy costume like that? You know it doesn’t cover anything! You’re acting like nothing but a common whore!”

“I’m a slave here, Mom. These men have made me their sex slave,” Cassandra’s voice cracked, and tears welled in her eyes. She was so shocked she started to piss on the floor. “I don’t have any choice, I have to do whatever they tell me, no matter what. What you’re seeing going on here is the kind of thing that happens here all the time!”

“Your folks are real nice, girl,” Duke said, “Me and a couple of my hands visited them one day, and they were real gracious. Martha here made us feel at home, fixed us a real fine meal and everything. A couple of days later, when the men had left the ranch to go into town, we slipped in and picked her up. We thought you might like to see her again, just like you did your sister, and have a chance to play with her one last time, just like you did your sister.”

Martha asked, “Was Willamina here too?!”

“Yes,” she said noting about what had happened, “I’ve been here more than a year, Mom, they brought all kinds of us here, and they’ve made me do …” She paused, unable to express her experiences. Then she broke out and sobbed uncontrollably. “Oh, Mom … Yes, Willy was here.”

Her mother’s face was suddenly drawn.

“Willy … you said ‘was’. Did she get away?”

“No. They made … I couldn’t help it, Mom, so help me God, these men insisted, I had no choice, they made me do it.”

“Do what? Tell me!”

“This fine little lady of yours made a pig-on-a-stick out of her sister,” Duke said, “It was quite a sight, sister on sister, but she is a well-trained slave, and did exactly as she was told. She’s a good girl. She stuck a big Indian spear right up the pretty little lady’s cunt, and right on up through her, right here at this table, and then she sliced off her head just as clean as you please. It was really something, you should have been here to see it.”

“My God,” Martha said, staring directly at Duke, “You’ve made my daughter into a savage killer!”

“We thought you should know, so we arranged for you to make this visit,” Duke told her, “We thought you might find it interesting to see just how far this daughter of yours will go, now that we’ve got her trained.”

The boys carrying the stout pole Martha was tied to now set it down, and unbound her wrists and ankles. They were numb from having her full weight hanging from them for so long. The wranglers pulled Martha over to the reclining cross, and laid her, unlike the other crucified girls, onto her belly along the vertical beam of the ancient form of heinous killing rack.

“Get your box out and get to work, slave!” Duke said to Cassandra, “Hold the bitch still for her, boys.”

The wranglers held Martha down, and pulled her arm out across the stout crossbeam. Sobbing, Cassandra opened the big box, and took out a long rusty iron spike. There were no other options open to her.

Disobedience was no longer a possibility. She had obeyed her orders for too long to contemplate rebellion now. Duke knew this, and had arranged this test expecting her to succeed. If she did not, he would not hesitate to kill her on the spot. But not as punishment.

This was her punishment. He would kill her because if she disobeyed it would please him to cause the sexy young cunt’s death. To reinforce the limits of her choice, Cassandra saw the wrangler leaning against the kitchen door frame, with his rifle leveled at her head.

She had never before had a gun trained on her as she had performed, although back at the brothel saloon where she had worked she had often seen men use their guns to force other whores and performers to hurt themselves or others. That was just how things were in a whorehouse.

Now there was a bullet with her name on it, and she knew the keen-eyed wrangler would not need Duke’s permission to waste her. Her death was perhaps only an instant away, and only complete compliance with the wishes of these evil men could keep it at bay.

Wiping the tears from her eyes to clear her blurred vision, Cassandra placed the sharp point of the spike over the back of her mother’s wrist, and raised the hammer.

Martha screamed, “NO! CASSANDRA, DON’T DO THIS!”

Cassandra raised the big hammer as far back as she could reach, as her father had taught her when driving staples into the fence.

She hesitated just a second, then she brought the heavy hammer down with a firm blow. Her aim was true. The thick iron spike drove in through the soft flesh of her mother’s wrist, scraped between the bones, and the point stuck into the wood. Four more sturdy blows with the hammer secured the shrilly screaming Martha’s impaled wrist firmly to the stout beam.

The wranglers stretched Martha’s other arm out along the beam, and Cassandra moved into position and took out another long thick spike. This was incredibly difficult for her, but she was their slave, and as such, she could refuse nothing they commanded her to do.

Cunts were, for these evil people, nothing but slaves, and Cassandra had been born as a cunt. Knowing that, she would always be nothing but a cunt. That was how it was for young attractive women in the wild west. She had come to terms with her disposition.

Her mother’s arm strained as she positioned the spike over her wrist, and again she screamed as the big hammer smashed down squarely on its head, driving the rusty iron spike through the arm that had held Cassandra so often and had comforted her as she grew up.

Both she and her mother were sobbing hysterically as she drove the heavy spike home into the stout beam. Cassandra knew that her terrible job was not nearly done. Her mother shrieked and wailed as she saw her daughter shift her position, and prepare another spike.

Cassandra couldn’t believe they were actually making her crucify her mother. This was insane. Instead of stretching the big mature woman flat along the upright beam, the wranglers forced her to kneel, her ass propped high in the air, with her knees on either side of the vertical post.

Following precise instructions, Cassandra proceeded with the abomination upon her mother. She spiked the woman’s thighs just above the knees to the sides of the post, so that she would hold this position when the cross was raised to stand in its place at the foot of the table.

This left her mother’s lower legs free to kick, if she had the energy to do so after the raising of the cross. Now Martha’s huge breasts were pulled outward and stretched over either side of the big wooden post. “Spike ’em, good, girl!” Duke commanded.

Cassandra did as she was told, shaking as she pressed the spikes into the sides of her mother’s huge bulging mammaries. With her hands shaking, she obediently impaled the big boobs on which she had suckled as an infant, spiking them securely to the heavy wooden cross.

Martha was a big woman, but these big railroad spikes would easily hold her weight on the cross. Cassandra knew there would be more expected of her before she finished with her mother. There wasmore to come. Much more.

She watched sullenly as the big cross was hoisted up, with the form of the woman spiked to it facing the beam in a squatting position. Cassandra could not help but notice how creatively her mother was positioned on the cross. Her puckered anus and her pouting vulva were fully exposed for the enjoyment of the men.

Duke gave Cassandra the cunt-handled woman-whip, and told her to produce a full display of fresh bitch blood. Cassandra quietly sobbed as she took the whip, pressing the spread and dried cunt leather against her palm, and felt the softness of the pubic hair rubbing against her forefinger and thumb.

This was woman on woman, with the leather of woman in between to be used as the tool of bitch destruction. So be it. Cassandra always felt a stirring of tension and excitement when she got to use a whip. She had always felt a sense of power with it, even when she had used a small switch against the hide of a calf when she was a child.

She felt it coming now, rinsing away the guilt and shame as she addressed the exposed broad ass of her crucified mother. She was committed to these men, completely in their power, and could take no responsibility for her actions, no matter how debasing they were. She was simply and dutifully doing the bidding of the men who owned her.

She swung the profane woman-whip back, feeling its balance as the tip flew over her shoulder and the tightly woven smooth human leather sailed out its full length behind her. This was a powerful weapon, in anybody’s hands, and Cassandra knew how to use it.

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With measured timing, she cocked her wrist and skillfully snapped the whip forward, driving the special weapon with enormous acceleration at the broad human flesh target. With a rapid jerk back, she triggered the violent snap of the whip that exploded with vehemence against her mother’s displayed rectum, forced partly open by her position on the cross. This displayed anus was the perfect bull’s-eye.

Martha jerked so hard against her restraining spikes that she felt as if she had nearly ripped her big breasts off the sides of the beam. A flood of pain swelled inside her from that terrible blow to her anus. The round trip was two seconds, which seemed a lifetime and at the same time a split second.

In that brief time the woman-whip returned for an identical repeat performance. That was enough. The pain-racked anus opened, and without control, spilled its contents. At first great thick stools emerged, plopping into a heap on the floor below her. Then thinner ropes of her crap sloughed out, and curled over the heap of large steaming lady turds on the floor.

Her damaged sphincter could no longer close to contain the product of her intestines. The screaming woman emptied her bowels for the men watching her misery from the comfort of their leather chairs at the dining table. She was putting on a show of anal expulsion for them, with the assistance of her daughter.

When the evacuation of offal was complete, Cassandra laid a series of biting welts across the curve of each hip, landing the blows with such power that the rising welts began to split, and blood soon streaked Martha’s marvelous ass. Cassandra was starting to get over the shock of her target’s identity, and although she was not enthusiastic about her task, she was doing it admirably, without too much coaching.

She moved up the beautiful back with the whip, crisscrossing the female meat over the small of the back and across the shoulder blades, adding blood-streaked stripes to the strong form of the woman. The whip did not miss her large spiked breasts, nor her arms and legs.

Martha was filling the room with her shrill powerful voice, adding to the exciting crack and smack of the flailing woman-whip as her brutal thrashing proceeded. It was time to move on to the next phase of the torture program, and Duke took the woman-whip from Cassandra.

“Give the bitch a devil’s tail!” he said, pointing to the trident spear.

Cassandra picked it up tentatively, realizing that to do as he commanded would not only cause damage, but would take her further down the dreaded road toward killing her own mother.

With a wrangler’s gun pointed at her, she was given no choice in the matter. Cassandra was a total slave, but her limit was being pressed as she was moved to do more harm to the woman who had whelped and then raised her on the family ranch. She appeared to be approaching her limit.

Duke saw her hesitation.

“Now!” he commanded her.

The game girl moved forward, and reversed the long shaft of the spear in her hands. She moved the end of the handle against her mother’s whip-swollen anus, and pressed it so that it creased the opening, which provided firm resistance.

Her mother’s sphincter ring had been bruised and tenderized by the whip, but not ruptured. The pressure of the woman’s resistance provided also helped Cassandra to center the handle, and then with a powerful thrust she overcame the closure of the sphincter and gained deep entry with the thick, unlubricated wooden shaft.

Martha gasped at the intrusive invasion of her fundament, and screamed, “NO! CASSANDRA, NO!”

She realized the handle of the trident in the grip of her colon was long enough to completely impale her. It appeared that Cassandra’s evil transformation was complete.

She now took her orders from Duke, not her mother, and she heaved again on the stout spear handle, driving it deeper, all the way to the sharp bend where the colon met her mother’s the large intestine. It could go no further without doing the woman irreparable damage.

“Deeper!” Duke commanded.

“NO!!” screamed her mother.

Cassandra grasped the shaft securely, then she heaved again, with such force that the handle dug into and through the big woman’s gut. Now the spear handle was planted deep inside Martha’s torso, and the trident head looked very much like a devil’s tail.

Cassandra twisted the shaft to straighten the spear head, and the men appreciated her sharp eye for such detail at a time such as this. She was one in a million, and it would be a major task to find a suitable replacement, although the time was approaching to do just that.

With the incredible pain raging inside her, Martha was able to somehow find new mobility with her gorgeous spiked legs, and could actually straighten them in front of her as well as fold them into a tight tuck, using the spike through them as the fulcrum. The men appreciated her mobility while spiked in such a manner.

She used the full range, as she screamed and kicked in her misery, being so terribly tortured in front of these horrible men by her own enslaved daughter. Martha was a proud woman, but she found there was no respect for a bitch’s pride at the Devil’s Haven Ranch.

Now Duke indicated the hammer, and told Cassandra to put it into her mother’s cunt. Cassandra took the tool with the heavy iron head, and thrust the handle against the opening from which she had emerged nineteen years earlier. With brutal twisting and pushing, she was able to gain entry.

With a powerful heave, she drove the thick handle of the sledge deep, into her mother’s womb, reaching the full depth of the mature fuck shaft. Cassandra was not sure if her mother’s unusual grip on the stout handle would be enough to hold its considerable weight. The iron head was very heavy.

“You’ve got it backwards, cunt!” Duke said, “Put the iron head of the sledge into her fuck-hole!”

What he was asking seemed like an impossible challenge. Cassandra pulled the handle out of the cunt that had dropped her almost twenty years ago, and was surprised at the grip her mother had on it.

The farm woman had taken good care of herself, and she still had a nice tight cunt. No wonder her father had been content to ride her, and had never felt the need to rape his lovely daughters. That was unusual on the open prairie, where it might be a month without seeing another female.

Now that control over her maturing body would work against the woman. Cassandra saw that the large heavy head of the sledge could not possibly be pushed into her mother’s beautiful tight cock-holster. With orders to make it work, Cassandra tried to push the big steel head into the womb, but managed only to mash the cunt-lips painfully.

“Swing it, slave,” Duke said, “That’s the only way it will work.”

She realized he was right. But to swing the heavy hammer at that beautiful cunt could only destroy it. She looked over her shoulder at the table of waiting men, and at the man with the rifle leveled at her, and understood she had no choice.

She held the big hammer back, and hesitated as she studied the problem. At the instant she heard the bang, she felt the bullet burn across the side of her breast, as if the fat mammary had been pushed. That was a warning. She swung the heavy hammer with all her might, and smashed it against the cunt that had born her.

The heavy metal head bounced off the resistant female organ, which was simply too small to accommodate it. Cassandra turned to Duke, with a look of helplessness, and another bullet slammed into her, this one going right through her big tit. She screamed, and looked in shock at her wounded mammary.

These guys were getting rougher with her than they had ever been before. As tough and brazen as she was, she was not doing enough to please them, and her life was at risk, more than it had ever been before. She spun around and swung the sledge hammer again, and when it bounced she delivered another vicious blow, causing renewed screaming from her mother.

With the seventh blow, the head stuck in the softened and weakened female sex organ, and now Cassandra used the handle as an effective lever, to force the entire iron head of the large hammer into the ruined meat of her mother’s cunt. She used both hands, and as she struggled, a bullet slammed through her other breast.

She nearly panicked as she thought she was not doing well enough to please them. With a sudden powerful lunge on the stout handle, Cassandra forced the other end of the iron mallet head to plunge into her mother’s impossibly stretched womb, and now the three-foot handle stuck straight out of the big woman’s invaded cunt like a thick wooden cock.

Now there were two appendages to the groin area of the bizarrely crucified woman, stuffing her twin fuck holes. Cassandra’s beautiful mother was a startling sight, apparently squatting in the air with blood dripping from the ends of the two large implements.

They were jutting obscenely from her crotch as she dangled, spiked securely by her wrists, breasts, and knees to the big cross. The men who were spectators had forced her own daughter to do this to her, and were now reveling in the sight and sounds of her terrible misery.


Now Duke picked up the large DH branding iron out of the fire and handed it to her. Cassandra was surprised that the terrible weapon glowed nearly white hot. “Mark her as ours, bitch. Do both of her hips, and make the brands deep!” he instructed. Cassandra moved over to the cross, and raised the big glowing iron to her mother’s exposed flank.

She moved deliberately, knowing that the slightest sign of hesitation on her part would bring another of those violent steel cased bullets slamming into her. She knew she was no more than a piece of raw meat to them, but she wanted to preserve her meat for another day.

Survival was everything, even with her mother the target of her merciless actions. Martha turned her head in time to see the big glowing iron approaching her rump, and she screamed as she tried desperately to twist out of its reach. She had less than a foot of movement, and when she reached the end of her range she stretched her big impaled breasts severely.

Her movement also tightened the target muscles of her rump. When Cassandra pressed the searing iron into her meat, she jerked so rigorously that she ripped one of her big mammaries, but not enough to affect the hold the thick breast-spike had on her impaled breast.

The glowing iron easily sizzled its way deep into the meat of her hip, pressed firmly by Cassandra. The daughter knew that anything less than a bone-deep brand would not be sufficient to satisfy the ranchers. Black sputtering smoke rose from the brand as the iron cooked its way into the restrained bitch hip, filling the room with the aroma of roasted bitch-meat.

When Cassandra felt the brand meet the resistance of her mother’s hip bone, she withdrew the iron carefully, so she would not mar the perfect letters of the Devil’s Haven brand. She was startled when she retracted it to see that the meat of her mother’s hip had not significantly cooled the hot iron.

She moved to the opposite side of the cross, and again applied pressure to the iron, pressing it into the sizzling meat of the other hip for a second time. Again Martha jerked in her spikes, now ripping the other breast on the thick rusty spike. Again she was in no danger of falling off the cross. Cassandra had now heartlessly branded her Mom.

When she had finished the sadistic bitch-branding, Cassandra withdrew the iron once again. As she set it back in the fire, doing as she was told, she felt a hard smack, as if she were suddenly kicked in the ass, as a bullet slammed through her lower buttocks.

She stood stark upright, screaming at the pain, humiliation, and unfairness of the unwarranted shot. She had done nothing wrong. A second slug stung her other buttock, and she realized that this game was now out of control. Her captors were out to kill her, and nothing would stop them.

These men were no longer punishing her, they were now just playing with her. She knew for certain that her time had finally come. She had seen enough of their vicious, vindictive killing games to know when one was in full swing. It was time for Cassandra to die.

They were killing her slowly, just for sport. She felt sudden fear, realizing that her sexual attraction to the men was fading fast. She was a sex toy to them, and toys were disposable. She was no longer an erotic figure to them, and her actions were no longer outrageous enough for them to find her entertaining.

Her ability to shock them and make them see her as a tool to make their heinous sports more enjoyable was her only hold on life. The rifle barked again, and once more her breast was slammed up hard against her shoulder. She knew for certain now that she would not see another sunrise. For Cassandra, it was dying time.

In desperation, she grabbed a long thin iron out of the fire, and screaming like a banshee, leaped up onto her mother’s back. She grabbed the woman’s head by the chin and pulled it back as far as she could. This was not her idea of a good time, but she was entirely in the control of these men, and they gave her no choice. She had to perform.

When her mother opened her mouth to scream, Cassandra thrust the glowing iron into the hysterical woman’s mouth and right down her throat. Smoke sputtered out of the gaping mouth, and the bitch’s tongue seared onto the iron, welding itself to the hot metal. This would show them the stuff she was made of.

Cassandra leaped down, and grabbed the handle of the mallet. Jerking on it with all her strength, she managed to yank the large tool out of her mother’s womb. Blood spurted after it, demonstrating the damage the act did to the woman’s mashed sex organ.

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She would show these men how obedient and compliant she was. They wanted her to abuse and kill her mother, and she would do it. She would not stop the terrible onslaught until she was forced to. They wanted brutal action; she would give it to them, in spades.

Using all of her might, the desperate girl began swinging at the naked woman, smashing the bones in her legs, her hips, and her arms. She determined she would smash every bone in the crucified woman’s body. When the limbs were virtually demolished, she went at her mother’s ribs.

Cassandra was sweating profusely and breathing hard as she swung the destructive sledgehammer with all of her might. The heavy head broke through her sides, viciously and violently ripping and smashing apart the body of the woman who had loved her like no other.


Her mother was long dead from her ordeal when Cassandra finally slumped, totally exhausted from the extreme effort over the past fifteen minutes. She sat on the floor in shock, sobbing uncontrollably. She had totally spent herself in the destructive assault on the dying woman, and she had destroyed every bone in the woman’s once beautiful body, now reduced to a pile of meat. She knew they could expect no more from her.

Duke got to his feet, smiling and nodding in approval at his prize captive’s degenerate behavior. He moved to the hearth and picked the big DH brand out of the fire. It was again white hot. He put his cowboy boot against Cassandra’s blood-streaked chest, between her bullet riddled breasts, and pushed the weeping girl over onto her back.

She spread her raised knees instinctively, offering him her beautiful organ as a target for the heinous brand, but he was no longer interested in her alluring vagina. Duke removed what little there was of her costume, except for the helmet. He placed the large glowing brand with its six-inch high letters over her belly.

He then let the handle slip through his grip, until the brand rested on her tight tummy. The skin, fat, and muscle sputtered and sizzled as the iron sank by its own weight, cooking its way slowly into her tender meat. The aroma of cooked human venison filled the room.

Cassandra screamed, and thrusting her hips, raised her belly into the brand as if her mind had snapped. She was now reaping her reward for more than a year of cooperation as an obedient and brazen sex slave. She had done so much to add to the entertainment of her owners, and had stopped at nothing to please them.

As a result, they were allowing her to die under their brand. Within moments the iron had cooked its way through her stomach wall, and was sizzling its way deep into her intestines. The remarkable bitch writhed in her stark agony, displaying her beautiful and well-used sex organs for the amusement of the men at the table.

They had all often enjoyed that wonderful cunt, and in their minds preparing to have fresh meat take its place at their ranch. She lost control, and after sending a spray of amber urine jetting from her elevated crotch, she released the contents of her colon.

She messed the floor as she smeared the wooden surface and her buttocks with her own fresh excrement. The remarkable young bitch had completely lost control. He was cooking the beautiful bitch alive. When Duke at last removed the smoking iron, it brought with it some of her intestines, cooked onto the hot metal.

She was still conscious and writhing when he picked up the sledge hammer and broke her feet and legs, smashing the bones flat with powerful blows. He then repeated the destructive operation on her hands and arms, rendering her a total cripple.

One of the young wranglers produced a large axe, and handed it to Duke. The big rancher raised the heavy tool high over his head, then brought it down with such force that he chopped her beautiful right leg off cleanly just below the hip. Quickly he repeated the terrible amputation on the other leg and then both of her lovely arms.

The brand was put to use again rapidly, to cauterize the flow of blood from her stumps. They had no intention she bleed to death, as they had other plans for their outrageous cowgirl. The lively young lady was now just a bizarrely branded torso and head, but with full capability to scream, which she demonstrated with gusto.

Duke grasped the naked female torso of Cassandra in both hands, and lifted her for everyone to see. The limbless bitch twisted and squirmed frantically as she screamed out her stark horror for the male audience. She was an amazing cunt. It was her kind that made this type of effort so well worthwhile.

The best slave bitch the men had ever hosted at the Devil’s Haven ranch was now giving them a last performance they would long remember. After all of the entertainment she had given them, she was now screaming her lungs out as she was about to bow out.

The men cheered as Duke took the amputated torso of the marvelous Cassandra over to her dead mother, and with an amazing display of strength, thrust her entire helmeted head up into the woman’s ruined cunt, which she had loosened herself with that big hammer.

He let her go, and the shapely limbless body hung from the crucified woman’s crotch, the head tightly gripped in the packed sex cavity which was its place of origin. Cassandra made a marvelous sculpture, hanging by her head buried deep in her mother’s womb.

Her ribs heaved, showing she was trying desperately to breathe, but in the warm moist cavern of her dead mother’s vagina, the incredibly sexy young woman was painfully suffocating to death. She was unable to hear the cheers she received for her valiant struggle for life.

The men watching her death had no interest in her succeeding in her hopeless struggle. It was her losing battle for life that they found to be so appealing. Killing cunts was the favorite sport at Devil’s Haven, and this was the cunt the men had looked forward to killing for a long time.

Now that her time had come, the exciting death of the luscious young bitch had proved to be well worth waiting for. She was in every way to consider it, a chunk of prime meat, and even without her shapely arms and legs, she was an enticing figure. Every cock in the room was rigid, being pumped firmly by the fist of its owner.

Duke raised the axe once more, and with a final mighty swing, severed Cassandra’s neck so that her body fell to the floor, leaving her still helmeted head buried deep in the hole from which it had originated nearly twenty years earlier. Cassandra had come full circle, in a manner of speaking.

The men cheered wildly at the artful demise of the marvelous entertainer and sex slave Cassandra. They knew that such a find was rare, but they had made extensive use of her while she lived, and had thoroughly enjoyed both her life and her entertaining death.

Cassandra had been one cunt in a thousand. Another girl of her caliber was past due, and according to Duke, another such female had been found, and was in the shipment due to be captured and brought to the Devil’s Haven retreat ranch next week. The need for Cassandra was diminishing.

With civilization creeping continually closer every year, the men valued the privacy they had established at the Devil’s Haven Ranch, privacy that allowed them the freedom to live out their most bizarre and destructive sexual fantasies. They would work to ensure they could carry on with their bloody sports for decades to come.

Life and death would go on at the retreat ranch, and here it would go on controlled by the powerful men who owned the ranch, and who played God for their growing herd of beautiful young female sex slaves. With the rapid growth in population, the towns in the region provided an endless supply of fresh young cunts for them to exploit.

The men had many years of perverse sexual enjoyment planned. Always their appetites for outrageous debaucheries increased, and their tastes expanded. Their quest was to extend the limits of cruelty and exciting death for their lovely female subjects for their own enjoyment.

There were many ways to make the extreme suffering of lovely young nudes they had yet to explore, and they determined to find the ultimate in debauched satisfaction. They were all continually reaching for new and more daring thrills in their quest for satisfying their insatiable lust, and as was the nature of such things, their lust kept always one step ahead.


One of the ranchers cut the fence at a family spread near a small town that interested him. He roped a pair of cows and led them off to a nearby gully where he staked them out, as any God-fearing rustler would do, built a crude lean-to with some branches, and then lit a campfire.

He put a large pot of cold water over the fire, well above the flame so that it would heat very slowly, as he might make himself some coffee after awhile. He then moved up to some trees on the ridge overlooking the small camp he had put together, tied his horse well hidden in the trees, got out his rifle, and then he patiently waited.

Sure enough, as he hoped, three hours later the sheriff of the town arrived alone; the town was too small to afford deputies. A minor rustling was something he could handle with his eyes closed. Taking careful aim, the skilled marksman honed his skills as he did some target practice.

He was in top form, and put a bullet through the head of the sheriff, drilling a small hole above and between the eyes of the lone lawman. The exit wound was not quite so neat. A 4-inch hole ejected a spray of blood, brain and bone that quickly spread into a red cloud of mist behind the human target.

He had nothing against the sheriff, but needed to ensure he was out of the way for some fun that he planned at the local whorehouse. The Madam had, in response to demand from cowboys and local ranchers unilaterally dropped the age of consent to produced fuckable whores from the age of fourteen down to a more interesting 8-years-old.

The sheriff had a 10-year-old daughter who worked as a waitress in the bar, and when he discovered his daughter was now working naked, he complained in writing to the Mayor, but for nothing. It turned out the merchant who headed the town council was a regular client at the Madam’s fine establishment.

With her new rules regarding how young a girl could be to work the mattresses, he had found a new passion. As a man with a developed discrimination for changing modern values, he had promptly developed a taste for the feel of an 8-year-old girl’s tight developing little cunnie riding up and down upon his pulsing penis.

When the sheriff, himself a father of three young girls, had delivered the letter of complaint, had argued loudly with the Mayor and then departed, the Mayor had placed the sheriff’s letter of protest into his wastebasket. Public morals and business practices were not the concern of the sheriff. His sole responsibility was to capture rustlers and bank robbers, not to fuck with the fun of the townsmen and their hires.

The insolent lawman was overstepping his bounds with his meddling in town affairs. He was, after all, nothing but an employee. His opinion was unwelcome, and when the lawman had disappeared a couple of days later, it was assumed he had departed from his job, without the simple courtesy of turning in his badge.

The rancher who had permanently taken the sheriff out of the equation with a well-placed bullet returned to Devil’s Haven, and the next day Duke and the other ranchers rode out, intent on engaging in a night of pure evil sport. They were going to a sheriff-free town to frolic with the Madam’s wide-ranging collection of little “ladies of delight”.

The fresh stock of women, girls and children had been recently assembled, brought from far-flung towns and ranches, with the express purpose to bring wild sexual pleasure to the cowboys and ranchers from the area. The Madam would welcome the business of these visiting ranchers.

This collection of prime young cunts in her establishment included her regular beautiful young whores, who were well versed in the methods of providing sexual relief to the hard fucking violence loving wranglers who frequented the place, as well as a new assortment of lovely young teens and several pretty little girls, many of them new to the exciting art of the adult sport the Madam had been teaching them.

Hers was an intimate sport involving deep kissing with their pee-pees, so that a man’s urethra pressed hard against their immature cervix, a sport which she called dick-fuckery. The giggling little girls loved it, because nobody cared, and they could be as bad as they wanted, having loads of hot semen injected into their developing uterus, which was nowhere near ready for impregnation.

They had learned how to lower their pee-pee onto the erect shaft of a man lying on his back, take the entire organ into themselves, and then bounce up and down on the invading male weapon until it spurted the warm creamy goo into their inner-most gonads, a sticky liquid the men called cum. It was so nasty, and such fun!

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” they’d shout as they bounced up and down on a man’s stiff prick, knowing they couldn’t cum, because it was a male thing, but the men really enjoyed it when they shouted that.

The men knew girls couldn’t cum, but they loved to play the game as much as the little girls did.

The children knew for certain they were free to be as bad as anything, because their Mommas would never ever find out anything they did while they were in the Madam’s whorehouse. The reason they knew this for sure was because Madam said so, and the Madam was very wise. She knew everything there was to know about things, even dick-fuckery.

The Madam entered the upstairs room where the children lived, and as always, all activity came to a halt. The little girls were in their “Teasie-jammies,” their usual costume that consisted of a frilly top that did not quite come down far enough to hide their naked little vagina.

“Who wants to play dick-fuckery?“

The children all squealed, jumped up and down thrusting their right arm in the air.

“I do, I do,” they all shouted in unison.

The Madam had molded these pretty little girls into the kind of petite sex machines she required, and they all loved being part of it.

With their lovely little girls missing for a couple of weeks, their distraught parents by now expected the worst, and she didn’t want to disappoint them. The last place they thought their little girls might be was in the town’s notorious brothel, under the control of the Madam.

The naked little girls started to head for the door, but she redirected them to the secret brass pole she had taught them how to slide down, and they eagerly lined up, riding it down from the second floor where their room was located, right past the first floor in the hidden shaft down to the party room in the basement.


Duke and the raunchy ranchers were waiting for them, and as the Madam had suggested, had their flaccid penises out and ready. As each little girl hit the pillows at the bottom of the brass pole, she sprang into action, moving to the nearest of the unoccupied male groins.

The naked children knew exactly what to do, and each took the offered organ into her little mouth to skillfully bring it to full cum-spurting attention. It was party time at the whorehouse. The kind of party that was certain to turn deadly for the pretty, excited little cock-teasers.



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