Breazy’s 10 Best Pod Mods of 2018 (2023)

Breazy’s 10 Best Pod Mods of 2018 (1)

As 2018 draws to a close, we put together a comprehensive list of the best pod mods of the year— and it wasn’t easy.

Consumers are demanding ultra-portable vape devices that not only look good but have a robust battery life, and the pod mod industry delivered on their wishes. So with lots of contenders to choose from, our staff here at Breazy had some very strong opinions (to put it mildly) about which one was the best. Tempers flared in our newsroom, but we persevered and managed to agree on the Top 10.

From the hard core vape hobbyists who need a second device to tote around, to the fans of simplicity who just want to plug and play, there’s something on this list to make everyone happy.

As you will see, one notable trend in 2018 was the rise of All-In-One (AIO) device as a major force. Compact and self-contained— with battery, tanks and coils enclosed in the body of the device— they’re easy to use and especially suitable for beginners.

Here’s our list of 2018 all-star pod mods for every kind of vaper.



Breazy’s 10 Best Pod Mods of 2018 (2)

NOVO Pod Mod Kit - Smok
The Novo Pod Mod Kit is one of the most versatile and intuitive devices we’ve vaped on this year. With a cobra pattern on the front and back, the ergonomic design of the NOVO pushes the vape aesthetics to the limit. At the same time, this device makes life easy for beginners. There are no control buttons, fire keys nor leaks in this durable and lightweight device. Filling the NOVO couldn't be easier; it utilizes a side-filling hole with a rubber plug for spill-proof e-liquid injections. It comes with two refillable pods, each with 2 ml of juice, and fires at will to create endless thick and tasty clouds. This device has consistently been one of the most universally praised pod mods for its attention to form as well as function.



Breazy’s 10 Best Pod Mods of 2018 (3)

Panda Pod Mod Kit - VooPoo
When it comes to pod mods that exert power, there is the Panda Pod Mod Kit by VooPoo. This model cements VooPoo’s reputation as a developer of high quality devices. It offers 5 ml of juice capacity and is powered by 1100 mah of power. It features both 8w or 12w power output settings so you can find the best-tailored vape performance for you. Unlike other pod mods with their limited 1ml or 2ml capacity, this is an all day ultra portable device that delivers performance in one small and stealthy package. This is one of the most powerful pod mods that 2018 had to offer.



Breazy’s 10 Best Pod Mods of 2018 (4)

Suorin Air Starter Kit - Suorin

OK, technically this one came out in late 2017, which means it didn’t have a fair shot at getting on all the best of 2017 lists. But we like this all-in-one (AIO) pod mod so much for beginners, we’re breaking all the rules and adding it to our 2018 list.

One thing that stands out about the Suorin Air is its stealth power. Offering a wide range of features, the Suorin Air has a minimalist approach to ultra-portable devices. Made by Foxconn, which makes iPhones, this device has a smartphone-like feel.

The Suorin Air Starter Kit comes with a 400mAh battery, a 2 ml cartridge, an on-off switch, and is easier to refill than other designs. If you prefer to fly under the radar when you vape and you love the all-in-one features, this is a great choice for 2018.



Breazy’s 10 Best Pod Mods of 2018 (5)

Rubi Pod Mod Starter Kit - KandyPensIn 2018, the Rubi Starter Kit stood above other vape pens as a pod mod that’s truly in a class of its own. It was awarded Best E-Cig/Vape of 2018 award by The Vape Guide, and at only four inches long, it’s compact, discreet, and full of power. These devices win because they offer a number of different features, which can be easily be leveraged by any vaper. The Rubi regulates its temperature and promotes OCELL ceramic coil technology. Additionally, it gives an 8-second auto shut-off warning and is air-activated, which means it requires no button to access the dual airflow design. An important, critically acclaimed pen in 2018, the Rubi Pod Mod makes it to the top of our list.



Breazy’s 10 Best Pod Mods of 2018 (6)

Orion 40W DNA GO AIO Pod Device - Lost Vape

When it comes to the future of vaping, pod systems just keep getting better and more popular as their technology improves. In a lot of ways, this pod mod took the market by storm in 2018. The Orion Pod System from Lost Vape comes with an internal rechargeable battery with 950mAh of power. Compatible pods hold 3 ml of e-liquid and its maximum wattage is 40W. It’s powered by a DNA Go chip that offers three vape ranges, replay mode, and a customizable power setting—a first in the world of pod mods. This is another All-In-One (AIO) device that embodies forward-thinking innovation and creativity in one of the most transportable and exciting pod mods out there today.



Breazy’s 10 Best Pod Mods of 2018 (7)

Suorin Drop Pod Mod Kit - Suorin
The latest Suorin Drop Pod Mod Kit is a sleek, round, and stylish device that allows for quick stealthy clouds and is easily concealed in your palm. This one’s for you if you like to keep your vaping on the down low and just needs quick puffs when you’re out to dinner, at an event, or out on the town and don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself. When it comes to ultra-portability, the Suorin Drop made a huge splash in 2018. And, of course, it’s super cute and comes in a rainbow of colors, which only adds to its appeal.



Breazy’s 10 Best Pod Mods of 2018 (8)

Rolo Badge Pod Starter Kit - Smok
Another device from Smok, the Rolo Badge Pod Starter Kit is a solid addition to the world of AIO devices. When it comes to convenience, this device scores high marks. It’s easy to hold, easy to use, fits easily in your pocket and hand, and has all the features you could ask for in a device. They don’t call them All-In-One devices for nothing. This works for vapers at any level, beginner, intermediate or experienced. Its 250mAh built-in battery offers impressive hits. Similar in shape and design to the Suorin Drop Pod Mod kit, this device encapsulates some of the best innovations of 2018



Breazy’s 10 Best Pod Mods of 2018 (9)

Aspire Breeze 2 AIO Kit - Aspire
One of the best AIO pod mods out there came back with a vengeance in 2018. The Aspire Breeze 2 AIO Kit is a great sequel to the original model. It features a built-in 1000mah battery for all day vaping with a steep 3 ml salt nic e liquid capacity. One of the most notable improvement on this device is the way that Aspire remedied the spit back issue that sometimes plagued the original Aspire Breeze Kit. Other notable improvements to the original device includes performance, storage, and durability. Yet another winner to check out in 2018.



Breazy’s 10 Best Pod Mods of 2018 (10)

Vaporesso Nexus AIO Pod Kit - Vaporesso2018 truly saw the rise of so many exciting AIO devices, and the Vaporesso Nexus is no exception. This kit showcases Vaporesso at the top of its game, with an adjustable airflow optimized for Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) vapors.

The Vaporesso Nexus’ adjustable airflow really can change your vaping experience because it’s easy to switch from a wide open airflow to a severely restricted airflow. One advantage to vaping is being able to customize how much vapor you inhale at any given time and this device allows for exactly that.

This model comes with a larger feed hole, which eliminates spillage by offering easy refilling without having to remove the coil. Its CCELL Coils technology employs a special heating element to drive the e-liquid, untainted, through the device, which provides a purer flavor experience. It also includes a built-in tank for salt e-liquid and 650mah of power within a solidly built and ergonomically designed all-inclusive kit. Our top choice for all you MTL’s out there.



Breazy’s 10 Best Pod Mods of 2018 (11)

Mi-Pod Starter Kit - Smoking Vapor

Released at the end of 2017, the Mi-Pod Starter Kit by Smoking Vapor set the stage for the explosion of ultra portable devices in 2018. It has all the features you could possibly want in a small device that you carry around in your pocket.

First, the Mi-Pod looks great and comes in a wide variety of different colors. It offers on-board charging, 1.0 ohm resistance coils, easily refillable cartridges, and technology that protects the device from staying on too long and overheating. This integration of new pod technology foreshadowed 2018’s migration toward ultra portable devices.

It was a good year for vape mods in 2018 and we look forward to puffing on all the new technology hitting the market in 2019.

Happy Holidays and Happy Vaping!

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