Best Travel Clothes For Europe In Summer | 2024 (2024)

Europe is undoubtedly at its best in the summer. During this season, the tourist resorts are in full swing, the skies are blue, and the ocean is swimmable.

Every European city looks extra magical with the sun glistening down, and the locals are happy and smiling.

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Therefore, it’s no surprise that Americans and Canadians flock to Europe in the summer with an epic travel itinerary in hand. Still, as the climate differs throughout the continent, it can be confusing to know what to pack.

So if you’re about to jet off for a summer adventure, read on to learn what travel clothes for Europe in summer you will need.

The temperature and weather in Europe during summer vary from country to country.

For example, Mediterranean countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece enjoy splendid weather with highs of 30 degrees celsius and abundant sunshine.

Northern European countries like Sweden enjoy pleasant weather, but it is much cooler, around 20 degrees.

What’s more, summer weather in these countries can be more unpredictable, with a mix of hot days and cold, rainy days.

Therefore, where you plan to visit will determine the travel clothes for Europe in summer you will need. Moreover, summer outfits will be different in a city than in a beach town.

Even so, here is a general idea of the items of clothing you’ll need to pack for your European summer vacation.

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Rain Jacket

Europe Travel Outfit Ideas For Summer



Final Thoughts On Travel Clothes For Europe In Summer

T-Shirts & Vest Tops

In most European countries, summer equals t-shirt weather, so one item of clothing you will need plenty of is short sleeve tops.

Avoid dark colors like black as they absorb the sun and make you feel hot.

What’s more, steer clear of thick fabric and synthetic materials like nylon and polyester as they trap heat and sweat against the skin rather than release it.

The best fabric for summer tops is cotton, thanks to its high breathability. Thus, pack plenty of light-colored t-shirts and vest/tank tops.

Shirts & Blouses

Casual cotton or linen shirts and blouses are ideal when you want something more formal.

For men, this JEKAOYI White Long Sleeve Shirt is a must. It is made from a cotton/linen blend and has a casual, loose fit, roll-up sleeves, and a turn-down color, making it a versatile clothing item for day and night.

Something like this Davenil Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt in pink is ideal for women. It is made from 100% soft and light cotton, has a loose-fit design, and the sleeves can be rolled up.

By pairing it with denim shorts, you can go from day to night simply by changing sandals and a day bag to wedges and a clutch bag.

Hoodies & Sweaters

If you’re off to a Mediterranean island like Ibiza or Mallorca, you may get lucky with constant sunshine and warm weather. If this is the case, you might not need additional layers.

However, even for these destinations, you should still pack a couple of hoodies and sweaters just in case.

Opt for a thin, lightweight hoodie rather than a fleece-lined one. The Nayked Apparel Lightweight Hoodie is an ideal choice for men.

It is made from soft and breathable Nayked Combed Ring-Spun Cotton and weighs just 4.9 oz, so it will easily fit in your backpack.

Suppose you’re visiting countries in Northern Europe. In that case, you’ll need to pack a few more mid-layers like these. Include a few thick and warm jumpers in case the weather suddenly turns cold.


For bottoms, it’s best to bring a mix of shorts and long pants, although the exact ratio will depend on where you are heading. Pack at least one pair of denim shorts and a few airy, comfortable shorts.

These SMENG Women’s Casual Cotton Shorts are breathable and comfortable with a drawstring elastic waistband. These cotton cargo shorts from Levi’s are a fab option for men.

Long Pants

Leave your jeans at home and bring long pants made from a breathable fabric like linen.

Many stylish linen trousers are available for women, like the CNJXJCD Wide Leg High Waisted Flowy Pants made from a linen/cotton blend. They have a loose-fitting and are ankle length, allowing optimum airflow.

These Sailwind Drawstring Linen Pants are perfect for men as they feature a relaxed and stretchy fit and are highly versatile.


For women, summer is the season of dresses in Europe; for many countries, it is the only season you can show off your pins. Dresses are suitable for daytime exploring and evenings out, so bring a few for both occasions.

Dresses made from lightweight jersey material are drapey and breathable, ideal for casual day wear.

Spaghetti strap dresses like this one from AlvaQ are also suitable for the daytime as they keep you cool by allowing your armpits to breathe.

For the evening, choose vibrant colors and patterns to stand out like one of these BTFBM Ruffle Belt Sundresses. They feature soft, lightweight, breathable fabric and an elegant Halter neckline.

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Include a few different pairs of shoes when packing for Europe in summer. Ideally, you should bring a simple pair of flip-flops like these classic Havaianas for beach and pool days.

You’ll then need a pair of sandals for casual daywear; I recommend opting for comfort over style.

These Cushionaire Luna Sandals have 100% Genuine Suede insoles for ultimate comfort, a flexible cork footbed, and a premium traction design EVA outsole.

You will then need to pack a pair of sneakers or walking shoes. For light everyday walking, these Bruno Marc Men’s Mesh Sneakers are ideal as they are lightweight, breathable, and easy to slip on and off.

Then, if you plan on hiking during your vacation, hiking shoes will be another footwear item to include on your list of what to pack for Europe in summer.

Finally, you’ll want a nice pair of shoes for your evening outfits. Wedges like the Vince Camuto Leera Espadrille Wedge Sandals are the ultimate summer shoe for women.

For men, look for something smart but breathable, like these Bruno Marc Men’s Rivera Oxfords Shoes in black. They have breathable latex insoles that cushion your feet on an air bed.


If you’re traveling to a coastal town in a Mediterranean country, a few sets of swimwear are a must.

For women, the swimwear options are endless and entirely down to personal preference. The Tempt Me Women Two Piece Vintage Swimsuit is an excellent choice as it’s both stylish and flattening.

It features an adjustable self-tie halter neck top with a padded push-up bra for maximum support. Then the high waist bikini bottoms have a pleated front panel to hide imperfections.

This bikini set is ideal for beach days, lounging by the hotel pool, or embarking on some water activities.

For men, these versatile KAILUA SURF Quick Drying 9-Inch Board Shorts make excellent swim shorts, surfing shorts, and casual shorts. They feature an extra soft tripled layer mesh lining with 2 side pockets and 1 back pocket.


The number one summer accessory you will need for traveling in Europe during the summer is a good pair of sunglasses.

While there are many fashion sunglasses on the high street, not all of them offer the UV protection you need.

When buying sunglasses, sun protection should take priority over style, though there are plenty of options that have both qualities.

For example, you can’t go wrong with these Ray-Ban Unisex Aviator Sunglasses with polarized lenses to reduce brightness and reflections.

Or, for a more affordable option, check out these KALIYADI Classic Aviator Sunglasses with 100% UV blocking and polarized lenses.

Rain Jacket

Lastly, rain is common all year round in some parts of Europe, such as Britain. So when traveling in the summer, it’s best to always have a thin rain jacket in your bag.

Luckily, you can get packable rain jackets that fold down into the size of a purse like this Avoogue Raincoat that is specially designed for women.

It’s lightweight yet water and windproof and comes with a carry case for easy storage. There are 25 colors to choose from, including solid, two-tone, and camo patterns.

Europe Travel Outfit Ideas For Summer

Now you know what to wear in Europe during summer, it’s time to plan some stylish outfits.

Here are our top Europe summer outfit ideas for men and women.

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Below, you’ll find outfit ideas for men.

Beach Lover

Your European summer vacation will most likely include some lazy beach days. So dress for the sun and sand with these ‘One and Only 21″ Board Shorts‘ by Hurley in cool gray.

They are suitable for swimming and water sports, and thanks to the 21-inch length, you won’t need to change when you go for lunch at a beachside cafe.

When you’re not trying to catch a tan, wear this stylish COOFANDY Floral Tank Top, which will turn heads. Pair with your favorites Havainas and Raybans, and remember to slap on plenty of sunscreen!

City Explorer

As most tourists head to the beach resorts, many of Europe’s top cities are at their quietest during the summer months.

If you decide to enjoy summer in the city, start building your outfit with these Match Cargo Cotton Shorts in light gray.

Pair them with this classic Wrangler Authentics Short Sleeve Henley Tee in white for an effortless, comfy and breathable look.

Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes to prevent tired feet from all the sightseeing.

These Hey Dude Wally Loafers in beige are lightweight and feature a flex & fold design for complete freedom of movement.

Festival Vibes

If you’re heading to one of Europe’s top festivals this summer, pair this MCEDAR Short Sleeve Button Up Vintage Shirt in blue-green with the GINGTTO Ripped Denim Shorts.

Then, add vibrant accessories like these Sunny Pro Aviator Sunglasses With Colored Tinted Lens and this Peicees Waterproof Crossbody Bag in orange.


Below, you’ll find outfit ideas for women.

Beach Lover

You can still look stylish even if you’re just lazing around by the pool or catching some rays on the sun lounger. Start with this gorgeous CUPSHE High Waist Bikini Swimsuit to create the ultimate beach-ready look.

It has adjustable straps and removable padded cups for support. Then, the ruffle design on the bottom of the top adds additional coverage so you can walk around without feeling too exposed.

When you head away from the beach or pool, throw on this Wander Ago Beach Knit Cover-Up with a pair of Havaianas.

Plus, store everything you need for the day in this ​​Genovega Canvas Waterproof Beach Bag. It has a zipper closure and inner pocket to keep your belongings dry and safe.

City Explorer

Sundresses are one of the most comfortable and breathable attire for wandering around a city in the heat.

Choose a thin and lightweight dress like this KIRUNDO Short Sleeve V Neck Dress in green that features shoulder coverage to prevent sunburn.

Pair the dress with some sandals with a thick and cushioned sole, like these Reef Cushion Vista Hi Sandals in white. The cushion technology and rubber sponge outsole have a high energy rebound for effortless comfort all day long.

Festival Vibes

Turn heads in the crowd with this LYANER Off Shoulder Tie Up Back Crop Top in white, which features elastic ruffle cuffs, a V neckline, and a self-tie bow knot at the back.

It looks super cute with this BTFBM Boho Floral Print Long Skirt in floral red, which has an eye-catching high side split and ruffle hem.

Complete this Europe summer outfit with this Ayliss Suede Fringe Tassel Bag in brown and Life Stride Andrea Ankle Boots.

Final Thoughts On Travel Clothes For Europe In Summer

As a large continent with eight distinct climate types, summer weather in Europe can vary significantly.

Therefore, along with these suggested travel outfits for Europe, we recommend researching the typical summer weather of your destination.

This way, you can select the most appropriate summer outfits for Europe and better enjoy your vacation.

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Best Travel Clothes For Europe In Summer | 2024 (2024)
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