Best Risky Business Costume Ideas - 2023 (2024)

If you’re having a fancy dress party at any time, a Risky Business costume might well guarantee you a spectacular entrance. Everyone’s eyes will be on you, especially if you arrive in a underwear, a white shirt, white socks, and sunglasses.

Female Risky Business costumes are also available. A pink dress is a great choice for a women’s Business costume. These costumes are costumes that have been inspired by the 1983 movie Risky Business.

The teen sex comedy drama film is about a high school student whose parents leave town, and he turns their house into a brothel while they’re gone. The movie starred Tom Cruise, an American actor and producer and receiver of various accolades and Golden Globe Awards.

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Risky Business Costumes

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The Risky Business movie features several unusual business casual for teens that people love to wear to costume parties. Take your pick from the women’s costume or something else that Lana might have, such as her dark sunglasses. Other popular costumes from the movie include a black leather jacket and sunglasses and a pink button-up shirt and black sunglasses. Choose from a host –

Easy costumes

Easy costumes include the classic white button-up shirt, socks, and underwear worn by Tom Cruise in a dance scene. Easy costumes like this can be put together with ease with items you might even have at home already.

Ferris Bueller costume

Ferris Bueller is known for his red and white striped sweater vest, The Ferris Bueller costume is worn by the protagonist from the film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,”. A Ferris Bueller costume will include a white button-up shirt, and gray pants.

Risky Business costume girl

Rebecca De Mornay wears a Business costume girl outfit for her character Lana. The girl outfit includes a pink dress, high heels, and heavy makeup.

Risky Business costume guys

Guys can wear the popular costume of Tom Cruise. The white shirt, socks, and underwear is the perfect Business costume guys can wear.

Risky Business costume couple

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Going to a party, a Risky Business costume couple outfit could be to dress as Joel and Lana. That means the the underwear and white shirt outfit. It also includes the pink Lana Risky Business costume. Great for a fun couple.

Risky Business Mandela effect

With the Risky Business Mandela effect, Tom Cruise doesn’t wear sunglasses in the movie. However, with every Risky Business dance scene recreated, the Risky Business Mandela effect is experienced as he wears sunglasses.

80s costume

The 1983 movie “Risky Business” shows off a lot of 80s fashion. An 80s costume is the white shirt and underwear costume, but there are other 80s costume styles, such as shoulder pads and high waisted pants.

Risky Business costume sunglasses

Risky Business costume sunglasses are a top accessory in the movie. They’re worn by Joel and Lana. If you want a look, add a pair of black aviator-style sunglasses to your look.

Risky Business dance scene

The Risky Business dance scene is a famous moment in the film. It’s where Tom Cruise dances in his underwear to Bob Seger’s ‘Old Time Rock and Roll’.

Risky Business Costume Movie

Risky Business with Tom Cruise Risky Business costumes, has become a popular source of tech business casual inspiration for a fancy dress party. For a Risky Business Halloween costume party, it isn’t difficult to think up a cool costume design.

Costume designing in Hollywood is huge, with movies such as Risky Business casting the spotlight on the weird and wacky outfits the characters’ wear. It’s added a whole new way of bravely wearing what no-one has worn before.

Baby Risky Business Costume

There isn’t a baby character in the movie, but if you need to take your baby along, it can be worn by your infant. A baby can also wear the white shirt, white socks and diaper to complete the movie look.

Best Risky Business Costume Ideas - 2023 (3)

The movie Risky Business offers plenty of Risky Business Halloween costumes for parties. A Risky Business Halloween costume is possible option.

Female costumes will always include the pink dress of Rebecca De Mornay. There is even a Baby Risky Business costume option. Whether you choose a Joel Risky Business costume, there are just so many opportunities to come up with creative outfits.

Influence of Movies on Fashion and Costume Design

The popularity of these costumes for fancy dress parties is a testament to the influence of movies on fashion and costume design. Hollywood movies like Risky Business have a significant impact on the fashion industry, inspiring designers to create new and innovative looks that reflect the styles portrayed on the big screen.

The movie has inspired a wide range of costume designs, from the classic Tom Cruise Risky Business costume to the Lana Risky Business costume. The iconic Business costume, which features a white button-up shirt, white socks, and underwear, has become a cultural touchstone, and has been widely recreated and referenced in popular culture.

Furthermore, the movie’s emphasis on wacky and unusual outfits has paved the way for new ideas and trends in costume design. It has encouraged people to be bold and daring in their fashion choices, and to experiment with different styles and looks.


In conclusion, the Risky Business movie has become a popular source of costume inspiration for fancy dress parties, with its iconic white shirt, underwear, socks, and sunglasses ensemble worn by Tom Cruise’s character. The movie has also inspired other costumes such as the pink dress worn by Rebecca De Mornay’s character, Lana, and the Ferris Bueller costume.

The Risky Business costume is easy to put together and is perfect for an 80s-themed party or Halloween. With so many options available, anyone can create a creative and unique outfit based on this classic movie. Overall, this costume is a timeless and memorable costume choice that is sure to make a bold statement at any party.

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an enthusiast and expert in costume design and fashion inspired by movies, I have a deep understanding of the influence of iconic films on popular culture and the fashion industry. My knowledge extends to the specific details and nuances of costumes, as well as the impact of movies on costume design and fancy dress party trends.

The concept of a Risky Business costume is rooted in the 1983 movie "Risky Business," featuring iconic outfits worn by the characters, particularly Tom Cruise's character Joel and Rebecca De Mornay's character Lana. The movie revolves around a high school student turning his parents' house into a brothel while they are away, and it has left a lasting impact on fashion and costume design.

The table of contents in this article covers various concepts related to the Risky Business costumes, including easy costumes inspired by the movie, the influence of the film on fashion and costume design, specific character costumes such as Ferris Bueller and Lana, the iconic sunglasses worn in the movie, the famous dance scene, and even the possibility of a baby Risky Business costume.

The article delves into the details of each costume concept, including the components of the easy costumes such as the classic white button-up shirt, socks, and underwear worn by Tom Cruise in a dance scene. It also discusses the Ferris Bueller costume, the Risky Business costume for girls, the influence of movies on fashion and costume design, and concludes by emphasizing the timeless and memorable nature of the Risky Business costume for any party.

The given article provides a comprehensive guide to understanding, creating, and embodying the spirit of the Risky Business costumes, capturing the essence of the movie's impact on fashion and costume design.

Best Risky Business Costume Ideas - 2023 (2024)
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