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You had a hectic day. So, you were planning to have a good cup of coffee to correct your mood, but suddenly your Keurig coffee machine starts to flash Light. This will not lift your mood but make your mood worse and swing.

It’s very normal for you to get worried when Lights start to flash in your Keurig coffee machine, but you have to understand that when Lights start to flash, it indicates some issues with your machine.

It can be due to clogged needles or the requirement of descaling. Lights can also flash due to an empty water reservoir.

Let’s dive in.

Possible Reasons Why are your Keurig Light is Blinking or Flashing

After repairing more than 50 keurig coffee makers, I bring you the best troubleshooting guide on internet that will help you know why your keurig light is blinking or flashing. Here you go…

Ready to Brew Light On & Three Cup Size Light Blinking

When only the brew light is on it specifically shows that the machine is ready to brew, and if only three cup size is blinking it is due to the selection of the cup. But what if both start to blink? It can give you a little stress.

You must reset the brewer to clear any wrong messages to solve this.

For that, you have to turn off the brewer. Then you have to press and hold the auto-off button. For three cup selection, press and hold the large and medium buttons.

You can release the button once all the lights stop flashing. Then the machine will turn on itself. If you didn’t, you can turn it on by pressing the power button.

The Water Filter got Slightly Shifted

When the lights start flashing, then one of the causes can be the water filter on the reservoir being shifted. A water filter is responsible for removing impurities and filtering the water. It can shift due to various reasons, such as not being installed correctly, knocking it out during cleaning, or sometimes the filter getting shifted while filing.

You can properly place it to solve this problem. For that, you need to find a water filter compartment in the water reservoir. Then you should insert the filter properly. Once you do that check if the problem still exists by brewing the coffee.

Add Water, Heat, and Medium Cup Lights Flashing

Many Keurig owners have a similar problem. The button on the coffee machine starts to flash suddenly, but they have no idea what to do.

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For troubleshooting of Add Water, Heat, and Medium Cup Lights Flashing problem you can follow these given instructions

  • Make sure that the cold water reservoir is properly seated at the machine. If not, you can take the reservoir out and re-attach it properly in its alignment.
  • You can perform the Brew using water without a k cup. holder on either 6oz or 8 oz. If the expected amount of water is dispensed, the further step should not be carried out. But if the amount of water is not dispensed, then you must carry on with the other few steps.
  • If you are using the water filter, then remove it. Then only run only water, Brew.
  • You can change your charcoal filter if the expected water is dispensed. If not, then again, perform 3 times the only water Brew cycle.

By this time, the expected amount of water should be dispensed.

Using Reusable K Cups & Packing them Tightly

Usually, k cups are designed differently to be reused, but some coffee machines have the feature to use reusable k cups I.e you can fill the k cup with the coffee grounds on your own.

Filling the k cups and packing the coffee grounds top Tightly can cause you to flash red light in your Keurig coffee machine. When you use a regular k cup, the grind size of the coffee is not the problem, but when you fill coffee on your own, the size of the coffee grounds can be an issue.

If you fill too much coffee grounds and tamp it very hard, the water won’t pass through it properly, creating a lump. In this situation, the machine will detect it as a blockage or clogging and flash the light to indicate cleaning.

The solution to this problem is simple when you refill the k cup, ensure you don’t fill it together up to its brim or top and don’t tamp coffee grounds too hard. Just fill up to its capacity.

A Blocked Needle Exit

The Needle in the Keurig coffee machine is responsible for puncturing the k cup or k carafe pod. These needles can get blocked by coffee grounds and other debris. These blocking problems can be indicated through weak or no coffee flow, water leakage or error code, and Flashing light on the machine.

You can resolve this problem by running the machine with fresh water without a k cup for few times. You can also clean the needles by powering off the machine and unplugging it. Then you can take up the handle, and some parts can be separated into two in the funnel. Snap the funnel, and you can see the exit needles.

With the help of a paperclip, run through the needles and rinse them with the water. This will help to unblock the exit Needle.

Keurig Duo Descale Light Flashing

Descaling is the cleaning of the internal components of the coffee machine. It generally refers to the cleaning of mineral buildup due to hard water.

When your Keurig duo starts to flash descale light, it’s time for you to understand that your machine needs descaling. Once you descale the coffee machine. The descale light will turn off automatically.

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Many Keurig duo owners seem to ignore this light flashing but let me remind you ignoring this light is directly related to paying a huge price. Ignoring the indication and brewing the coffee can clog your water hose, water pump, and many more. To sum up, your coffee machine will stop brewing coffee.

To descale, you can use Keurig’s official descaling solution. Empty the water reservoir and ensure no beverage cup is in the k-cup pod holder.

You can descale the machine by giving the below instructions

  1. First, power off the machine, then you can put a bottle of descaling solution into the water reservoir, fill the bottle with water, and pour that into the water reservoir.
  2. You can place the ceramic mug on the drip tray and press the power button. Then you can select POD and press the 12 buttons.
  3. Afterward, you should press the brew button, and the solution will start to dispense in the mug. You can throw the solution in the sink.
  4. The important step to remember is to ensure the carafe is on the heating plate. To start the carafe rinse Brew, you have to press the CARAFE button and 12 buttons then you can press the brew button. You can throw the water which has been dispensed in the mug.
  5. You can press the power button to turn off the heating plate.
  6. Finally, you can let the machine stand for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, discard any remaining solution in the reservoir and rinse it off.
  7. The next step is rinsing with fresh water. For that, you have to fill the water reservoir with fresh water up to the maximum line and keep the carafe on the heating plate. Press the power button, select the carafe, then 12 buttons, and finally press the brew button. When the carafe Brew is complete, press and hold the carafe button to turn off the heating plate. Discard the dispensed water into the sink.
  8. You can repeat the carafe water Brew for more 3 times.
  9. Here is the last step. You can refill the water reservoir with water up to the max line. Then you should press the power button and select POD and press the 12 buttons and finally press the brew button. The water dispensed shall be thrown in the sink.
  10. You can repeat the process 3 more times.

Blue Light Flashing when Reservoir is Low

It is very important to have enough water to start the brewing process. In the case of the K-cup coffee maker, when there is not enough water, then the machine will not be able to start brewing.

If the brewer detects that there is not sufficient water in the water reservoir, then it simply will start to flash the blue light.

To solve this problem, you have to fill the water reservoir simply. The minimum line is 6oz in cases of Keurig model> so you should fill water above 6 oz> even when you fill the water to 6 oz, the machine will not start brewing even if it pumps water. So remember to fill water above 6 ounces.

Machine stuck in Heat up Mode

Usually, the coffee machine will take some time to heat before brewing the actual coffee, known as a heating mode.

When the machine is heated but does not brew coffee, it may cause you to lose a lot of time. When the machine is stuck in heat-up mode, it generally flashes a red light.

Unplug your machine and remove the water reservoir to solve this problem. After a minute, re-attach the water reservoir and plug the machine back. This will rest the machine and clear the error instructions. This shall work to troubleshoot the problem. If you need help with customer service, you can seek help with customer service.

You can also use this method as it works for some people. You can unplug the machine, fill the water reservoir with hot water, and turn on the machine. But using hot water isn’t recommended by Keurig therefore, if you want to use this method, it’s at your own risk.

The Magnet in Reservoir is Dislodged

The magnet in the reservoir is used to activate the flow of water, and if it is dislodged, then water cannot flow to the brewing chamber.

When the magnet is dislodged, then various indications may be provided as per the model in the case of Keurig. Some Keurig models may flash the red light, and some may flash the red or yellow light.

To resolve this problem, you must take out the reservoir and place the magnet back in its original position.


It is sometimes annoying to see the lights flashing when you just want to prepare coffee. It’s tough to understand why it is blinking, isn’t it?

But when there is a will there is a way. Hope this article has solved your problem with lights blinking. For more troubleshooting updates, you can read articles on our site.

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