11 Best Family Vacations in New Jersey (2023) - All Ages Love! (2023)

New Jersey is full of fun family vacation ideas for every taste.

From bustling seaside towns with amusement parks to serene resorts, the options for a family vacation in New Jersey are seemingly endless.

But, picking a destination can be time-consuming, especially with the numerous options available.

Luckily for you, we’re making things easy on your end by highlighting the best family vacations in New Jersey.

1. Ocean City

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Ocean City offers a wide array of family-oriented activities, including some classic beach fun and amusement parks.

Who should vacation here

With a family-friendly atmosphere and lively kid-approved attractions, Ocean City overflows with fun for the whole gang. Nicknamed “America’s Greatest Family Resort, this seaside hub lures visitors with its iconic boardwalk, amusement parks and arcades.

What’s more, it has a sandy and sparkling beach with lifeguards to ensure everyone’s safety.

And, did we mention that the city is home to the best family hotels in New Jersey?

Expert tip

To save money on accommodations, I suggest that you stay at Ocean 7.

Aside from its terrific room rates, the hotel also has a convenient location.

From Ocean 7, you’ll be literally minutes away to Ocean City Beach and Gillian’s Wonderland Pier.

Recommended Hotel: Ocean 7

2. Wildwood

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With adrenaline-pumping rides and a vibrant atmosphere, the city is perfect for families looking for action-packed family trips.

Who should vacation here

Wildwood is a cheery and colorful resort city known for its waterparks and seaside amusement parks.

A family favorite in Wildwood is the Splash Zone, home to a bevy of thrilling water slides and a lazy river.

Furthermore, the city has fascinating indoor attractions, including the Seaport Aquarium and Doo Wop Experience.

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Expert tip

We recommend the Blue Palms Resort for families visiting Wildwood.

With spacious family rooms and kid-approved amenities, this resort offers families a relaxing and cozy stay.

Not to mention, it’s situated near a bunch of New Jersey attractions.

Recommended Hotel: Blue Palms Resort

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3. Jersey City

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No list of the best fun things to do in New Jersey with kids is complete without an urban adventure in Jersey City.

Who should vacation here

Jersey City offers big-time urban fun, with its outstanding medley of cultural sites, parks and galleries.

Additionally, it’s home to several educational attractions that kids will love, including the Liberty Science Center.

Expert tip

Escape the bustle of Jersey City for a while by enjoying a respite at Van Vorst Park.

Besides its tranquil ambiance, the park has a gazebo, a fountain, picnic areas and paved walkways.

Also, it has a couple of playgrounds for toddlers and older kiddos.

Recommended Hotel: Hyatt Regency Jersey City

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4. Wave Resort

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110 Ocean Ave
Long Branch, NJ 07740
(732) 612-9283

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Looking for fabulous beachside family resorts?

With its first-class service and deluxe amenities, Wave Resort will give you a pleasurable and relaxing getaway in New Jersey with kids.

Who should vacation here

If you’re dreaming of a luxurious and relaxing beach vacation, look no further than Wave Resort.

With a kids’ club and pools, the resort also has activities to keep your kids entertained as you relax.

There’s an on-site spa with refreshing massages as well as body and facial treatments.

Expert tip

Do yourself a favor and stay at the resort’s queen room.

With 2 queen beds and a sofa bed, this room comfortably accommodates up to 4 adults and 4 children.

Likewise, it has a host of convenient in-room facilities.

5. Trenton

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Trenton is one of the top New Jersey vacations for families who are into educational spots, easygoing parks and historic attractions.

Who should vacation here

Trenton offers families an appealing blend of laid-back trills and educational attractions. From picture-perfect parks to remarkable museums, the city also has plenty of surprises and hidden gems.

On top of it all, it’s a great jumping-off point to many family vacations near New Jersey.

Expert tip

Drop by New Jersey Statehouse. With elegant displays and informative exhibits, this historic site will give you a beautiful glimpse of the state’s past.

Recommended Hotel: Skybridge Inn & Suites

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6. Congress Hall

11 Best Family Vacations in New Jersey (2023) - All Ages Love! (6)

200 Congress PI
Cape May, NJ 08204
(888) 944-1816

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For over 200 years, Congress Hall has been one of the best kid-friendly weekend getaways in New Jersey.

Who should vacation here

The first seaside resort in America lures families with its lavish accommodations and first-rate service. Moreover, the resort features a slew of amenities to amuse the entire gang, including a kiddie club and evening entertainment.

Expert tip

Once you’re done relaxing in a beach cabana, do some exploration on your vacation at this resort. From the resort, you’ll be within walking distance to the Colonial House and other attractions.

7. Atlantic City

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Despite its vibrant party scene and glitzy casinos, Atlantic City still bursts with family fun.

Who should vacation here

Atlantic City, though known for its nighttime entertainment and casinos, is filled to the brim with family-friendly activities. With its fabulous beach, kids can spend their vacation here building sandcastles and swimming.

Additionally, the city boasts a bevy of kid-approved attractions, including the Steel Pier, Atlantic City Aquarium, and the boardwalk.

Expert tip

Take advantage of the promos offered by Atlantic City casinos. Before you book your vacation, check if there are casinos offering family packages and promotions. Most casinos offer year-round perks, discounted prices and club cards.

Recommended Hotel: Ocean Casino Resort

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8. Cape May

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Cape May is an excellent choice for anyone searching for budget-friendly places to visit in New Jersey with kids.

Who should vacation here

For a cheap family vacation, head to Cape May. A former whaling and fishing village, Cape May is home to dozens of Instagram-worthy Victorian homes that you can tour for free. What’s more, there’s an admission-free long sandy beach and a boardwalk.

Expert tip

Cape Harbor Motor Inn is a budget-friendly lodging option in Cape May. Besides its terrific rates, the inn also has spacious rooms and has a superb location. In fact, the inn is minutes away to the beach and Downtown Historic District.

Recommended Hotel: Cape Harbor Motor Inn

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9. Asbury Park

11 Best Family Vacations in New Jersey (2023) - All Ages Love! (9)

There’s no shortage of enthralling activities and family-friendly places to go in Asbury Park.

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Who should vacation here

Asbury Park is a lively seaside town with scores of attractions suitable for the entire family. Not only does it offer a sandy stretch and a boardwalk, but it also boasts unique kid-approved attractions. Our favorites include the Silverball Museum and Splash Park.

Expert tip

Asbury Park can be navigated easily by taxi, Uber, bike or car. We, however, recommend walking since it’s free and will give you a real feel of Asbury Park.

Recommended Hotel: The Asbury

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10. Seaside Heights

11 Best Family Vacations in New Jersey (2023) - All Ages Love! (10)

Seaside Heights beckons families with affordable rates and classic beach fun.

Who should vacation here

Seaside Heights is a budget-friendly beach escape with an assortment of age-friendly diversions. Usually, families come here to experience the award-winning sugar white beach.

Even better, it has a jovial boardwalk with a waterpark, an amusement park and a mini golf course.

Expert tip

You might want to swing by Cattus Island County Park. Located around 16 minutes from Seaside Heights, the park has a small nature center where you’ll spot fish, turtles and snakes. There are also easy hiking trails and a jungle gym.

Recommended Hotel: Days Hotel by Wyndham Toms River Jersey Shore

11. Newark

11 Best Family Vacations in New Jersey (2023) - All Ages Love! (11)

Newark is a paradise for families with art connoisseurs, cultural hounds and aspiring Instagram stars.

Who should vacation here

Newark provides endless urban fun with its cultural treasures, museums and parks. The Newark Museum, the state’s largest, captivates families with its natural science exhibits and art collection.

The Alice and Leonard Dreyfuss Planetarium also offers a magical experience to kids.

Expert tip

Try to visit the city, specifically the Branch Brook Park, in April when Newark celebrates the convivial Cherry Blossom Festival. With over 4,000 blooming cherry trees, Branch Brook Park turns into a stunning floral wonderland in springtime.

Recommended Hotel: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Newark Airport

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11 Best Vacation Spots in New Jersey for Families for 2023

11 Best Family Vacations in New Jersey (2023) - All Ages Love! (12)

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11 Best Family Vacations in New Jersey (2023) - All Ages Love!? ›

Plan to budget approximately $2,500 for one person, $3,700 for a couple, and $6,000 for a family of four for an international vacation. Of course, this will vary greatly depending on the destination and your hotel choices.

What is a good budget for a family vacation? ›

Plan to budget approximately $2,500 for one person, $3,700 for a couple, and $6,000 for a family of four for an international vacation. Of course, this will vary greatly depending on the destination and your hotel choices.

What is the average cost of a family vacation? ›

Average Family Vacation Cost

The average family of 4, spends around $4,580 on a vacation annually. This can equal as much as 8%-9% of the average household income. This amount takes into account transportation, lodging, food, and entertainment. Luckily, there are ways you can cut down on costs.

How long should you date before family vacation? ›

Coined a "baecation," the survey discovered that couples will have the smoothest vacation when they go on vacation within the first year of their relationship. For the most optimal vacation experience, they should go on vacation during the 10-month mark of their relationship.

Are family vacations worth the money? ›

Experiences Are More Valuable Than Things

1 reason many families never take vacations, according to the Bankrate survey. But when it comes to spending money, the University of Toronto says you're much better off spending it on family vacations than on things such as toys.

How you would choose for a vacation? ›

How to Choose a Vacation Destination
  1. Decide Who's Going. ...
  2. Pick a Time to Travel. ...
  3. Also read: Celebrate National Plan for Vacation Day by Using All Your Vacation Time.
  4. Estimate a Budget. ...
  5. Decide Where to Go. ...
  6. Decide on Accommodations and Activities. ...
  7. Share Your Travel Plans. ...
  8. Book Your Trip and Consider Travel Insurance.

What age should you start family vacations? ›

Bringing young kids along while traveling is the perfect way to create memories that will last a lifetime. Kids between the ages of 6-9 are the ideal age for family trips. They are old enough to form lasting memories but still young enough to be excited by new experiences.


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