10 Best Single Serve Iced Coffee Makers Reviewed For Ultimate Convenience - ALL ABOUT COFFEE (2023)

Best 10 Single Serve Iced Coffee Makers Reviewed

1. Keurig K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker – The Keurig K-Elite is a versatile coffee maker that can brew both hot and iced coffee. It has a strong brew setting that allows you to make a bold and flavorful coffee. Additionally, it has a large water reservoir, which means you can make multiple cups of coffee without having to refill it.

2. Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker – The Ninja Specialty coffee maker is a great option for those who want to make iced coffee as well as other coffee drinks. It has a built-in frother that can create both hot and cold froth, which is perfect for making lattes and cappuccinos. The 50 oz water reservoir also allows you to make multiple cups of coffee.

3. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve Coffee Maker – The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is a budget-friendly option that can brew both hot and cold coffee. It has a 40 oz water reservoir, which is enough to make multiple cups of coffee. Additionally, it has a programmable timer, so you can set it to brew your coffee before you wake up.

4. Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single Serve Coffeemaker – The Cuisinart SS-10P1 is a premium single-serve coffee maker that can brew both hot and cold coffee. It has a 72 oz water reservoir, which means you can make multiple cups of coffee without having to refill it. The hot water button is also perfect for making tea and other hot beverages.

5. Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker – The Keurig K-Mini Plus is a compact coffee maker that can brew both hot and iced coffee. It has a 12 oz water reservoir, which means you can make one cup of coffee at a time. The strong brew setting is also perfect for making a bold and flavorful coffee.

6. Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker – The Sboly single-serve coffee maker is a budget-friendly option that can brew both hot and cold coffee. It has a compact design, which means it won’t take up too much counter space. Additionally, it has a reusable filter, which is great for the environment.

7. Black+Decker Single Serve Coffeemaker – The Black+Decker single-serve coffeemaker is a great option for those who want a simple and easy-to-use coffee maker. It has a 16 oz travel mug, which means you can take your coffee on the go. The removable filter basket is also easy to clean.

8. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker – The Nespresso Vertuo is a great option for those who want to make both coffee and espresso. It has a unique centrifugal brewing system that can create a rich and creamy coffee. The large water reservoir also allows you to make multiple cups of coffee.

9. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker – The CHULUX single-serve coffee maker is a budget-friendly option that can brew both hot and cold coffee. It has a 12 oz water reservoir, which means you can make one cup of coffee at a time. Additionally, it has a compact design, which is perfect for small kitchens.

10. AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker – The AdirChef Grab N’ Go is a great option for those who want to take their coffee on the go. It has a 15 oz travel mug, which is perfect for commuting or traveling. The permanent filter is also easy to clean and saves money on disposable filters.


Single-serve iced coffee makers are a great solution for those who want convenience and delicious coffee. There are many options available on the market, and we have reviewed the 10 best single-serve iced coffee makers for you. Whether you want a budget-friendly option or a premium coffee maker, there’s something for everyone. So go ahead, make your favorite cold brew, and enjoy the ultimate convenience!

# Press Coffee at Scottsdale Waterfront

Press Coffee is a popular coffee shop located at Scottsdale Waterfront in Scottsdale, Arizona. The location of the coffee shop is ideal for those who are looking for a place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, as it is situated near the beautiful waterfront area of Scottsdale, which provides a breathtaking view of the city. The waterfront is home to a variety of wildlife, including ducks, geese, and turtles, which add to the overall ambiance of the area. In this blog post, we will be discussing the history of Press Coffee, the menu options available, the overall atmosphere of the coffee shop, and the benefits of drinking coffee.

The History of Press Coffee

Press Coffee was founded in 2008 by Steve Kraus and Tram Mai, with the aim of providing a unique coffee experience to their customers. The first Press Coffee location was opened in Phoenix, Arizona, and it quickly became a popular spot for coffee enthusiasts. The success of their first location prompted the founders to open more Press Coffee locations throughout the state of Arizona. Today, Press Coffee has over 10 locations across the state, and it continues to be a favorite among coffee lovers.

In 2017, Press Coffee opened its Scottsdale Waterfront location, which has since become one of the most popular coffee shops in the area. The location offers a modern and inviting atmosphere, with plenty of seating options for customers who want to enjoy their coffee in a relaxed setting. The coffee shop is also known for its commitment to sustainability, as it uses recyclable and compostable materials whenever possible.

Menu Options

Press Coffee offers a wide variety of coffee drinks, including pour-over coffee, espresso, and cold brew. They also have a selection of teas, smoothies, and iced drinks. In addition to their beverages, they offer a variety of food options, including pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and salads. Their food is made using locally sourced ingredients, which ensures that their products are fresh and of high quality.

One of the unique features of Press Coffee is their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. They work with local roasters and farmers to ensure that their products are of the highest quality. This commitment to using local ingredients sets Press Coffee apart from many other coffee shops in the area.


The atmosphere at Press Coffee is modern and inviting, with plenty of natural light and comfortable seating options. The coffee shop has a large outdoor seating area that overlooks the waterfront, providing a beautiful view of the city. This outdoor seating area is particularly popular during the warmer months, as customers can enjoy their coffee while taking in the sights and sounds of the waterfront.

The interior of the coffee shop is designed to be comfortable and inviting, with plenty of seating options for customers who want to work or relax. The walls are decorated with local artwork, which adds to the overall ambiance of the coffee shop. The coffee shop is also equipped with free Wi-Fi, making it a great place to work or study.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

In addition to providing a unique coffee experience and a beautiful location, drinking coffee has many health benefits. Coffee is known to increase energy levels, improve cognitive function, and boost metabolism. It is also high in antioxidants, which can help prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Drinking coffee in moderation can also help improve mood and reduce the risk of depression.

Common Issues with a Black Decker Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a must-have appliance in every household, and Black Decker is one of the renowned brands that produce high-quality coffee makers. However, like any other machine, a Black Decker coffee maker can malfunction or stop working altogether. The problem can be frustrating, especially if you rely on your coffee to start your day. Here are common issues that you may encounter with your Black Decker coffee maker.

Coffee Maker not Brewing

One of the most common problems with a Black Decker coffee maker is when it does not brew coffee. This can be caused by several factors, including a clogged water line, a defective heating element, or a dirty coffee maker. If you suspect that the water line is clogged, you can clean it by using a paper clip or a toothpick. On the other hand, if the heating element is defective, you will need to replace it. Cleaning your coffee maker regularly can help prevent this issue.

Leaking Coffee Maker

Another common problem with a Black Decker coffee maker is when it leaks. This can be caused by a loose or broken component, a damaged seal, or a dirty coffee maker. If the component is loose or broken, you can tighten it or replace it. A damaged seal can also cause a coffee maker to leak, and replacing it can help solve the problem. Additionally, cleaning your coffee maker can help prevent this issue.

Coffee Maker Not Turning On

If your Black Decker coffee maker does not turn on, it can be frustrating, especially if you need your coffee to start your day. This can be caused by several factors, including a faulty power cord, a broken switch, or a blown fuse. You can troubleshoot the problem by checking the power cord, switch, and fuse. If the power cord is faulty, you can replace it. If the switch is broken, you will need to replace it. On the other hand, if the fuse is blown, you can replace it.

In conclusion, Press Coffee at Scottsdale Waterfront is a must-visit coffee shop for anyone who is looking for a unique coffee experience in a beautiful location. The coffee shop’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, combined with its modern and inviting atmosphere, sets it apart from many other coffee shops in the area. Whether you are looking for a place to work, relax, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee, Press Coffee at Scottsdale Waterfront is the perfect destination. Additionally, drinking coffee has many health benefits, making it a great addition to your daily routine. Finally, if you encounter any problems with your Black Decker coffee maker, you can troubleshoot them by following the steps outlined above. Remember, a well-maintained coffee maker can serve you for many years.

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10 Best Single Serve Iced Coffee Makers Reviewed For Ultimate Convenience - ALL ABOUT COFFEE? ›

Our top pick overall is the Cuisinart Single-Serve Reservoir Coffee Maker, a solid option that's compatible with all brands of coffee pods and comes with a reusable filter cup for loose ground coffee. The best single-serve coffee makers are a convenient and affordable brewing method if all you need ...

What is the number 1 single serve coffee maker? ›

Our top pick overall is the Cuisinart Single-Serve Reservoir Coffee Maker, a solid option that's compatible with all brands of coffee pods and comes with a reusable filter cup for loose ground coffee. The best single-serve coffee makers are a convenient and affordable brewing method if all you need ...

What single serve coffee maker makes the hottest coffee? ›

It's the Redline MK1 Coffee Brewer that makes the hottest coffee with its temperature control feature that brews between 196 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. That's surely SCA Gold Cup Standard coffee!

What single serve coffee maker doesn t store water? ›

Black+Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker

There's no reservoir to hold extra water, so you'll need to fill it each time you brew coffee.

What brand of coffee does McDonald's use for iced coffee? ›

Gaviña Coffee: A McDonald's Coffee Supplier | McDonald's.

Can you get a coffee machine that makes iced coffee? ›

Go Iced Classic – The Ultimate Iced Coffee Maker, Make delicious and flavorful iced coffee at home in less than 2 minutes from the comfort of your home.

Do you need special coffee for iced coffee maker? ›

Ingredients for Iced Coffee

Coffee Grounds: a medium-to-fine grind, as you would use for regular drip coffee, is needed. As mentioned, freshly ground whole beans are best, but because we are using the same grind as a drip brew, storebought pre-ground coffee will work for this recipe.

What kind of coffee maker does Jennifer Aniston use? ›

Cuisinart Coffee Maker: $99, Jennifer Aniston's Favorite Coffee Maker – SheKnows.

Do some coffee makers make better coffee than others? ›

While the process seems simple, different coffee makers can produce different results. The temperature of the water affects the flavors extracted from the ground beans, while the time the water is in contact with the beans can affect the strength of the brew.

How do you make strong coffee in a single serve coffee maker? ›

To make coffee taste stronger with a coffee maker use dark roasted, coarsely ground arabica coffee beans – the fresher the better. Add more than 2 tablespoons per every 12 ounces of water, yes – you want to break that “golden ratio” rule.

Why can't I use distilled water in my coffee maker? ›

We wouldn't recommend using pure distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water for your coffee brew. This is because they are too pure to brew with, leaving most, if not all, of the flavour behind.

Is it OK to leave water in coffee maker overnight? ›

The short answer is you can leave water in your coffee maker overnight. It's a time-saving technique that ensures you have time for your morning joe without needing to add extra minutes to your routine. But it's better not to leave water in the coffee reservoir for over 12 hours for many reasons.

What bottled water is best for coffee machine? ›

Check the labels on bottled water for their minerality levels, which are usually measured in mg/l and called “TDS” or “dry residue.” Choose a water with minerality in the range of 50 to 157 mg/l. The brand we always recommend for brewing coffee (with a minerality of 130 mg/l) is Volvic.

Are coffee pods better than K-cups? ›

Coffee Quality

This will come down to your personal preferences, but most coffee lovers agree that coffee pods produce superior coffee. Because pods use a paper filter rather than a plastic cup, you'll get better extraction and a richer aroma during brewing.

Why not to use coffee pods? ›

Some plastic pods have been found to contain bisphenol F (BPF) and bisphenol S (BPS) — two chemicals known to be endocrine disruptors linked to hormone imbalances, weight gain, and fertility issues.

How many times can you use a single coffee pod? ›

All in all, the number of times you can use reusable coffee pods is usually infinite. However, they may be some exceptions due to various brand standards. But, even in the worst-case scenario, every coffee pod has at least 100 uses in it.

What coffee machines do Starbucks use? ›

Starbucks has been using the Mastrena machine since 2008, and the company has worked closely with Thermoplan to customize the machine to their specific needs. The Mastrena machine is used in most Starbucks stores worldwide and is a key part of their coffee-making process.

What kind of coffee does Dunkin Donuts use? ›

We use 100 percent Arabica coffee beans and have our own coffee specifications, which are recognized by the industry as a superior grade of coffee. Based on Dunkin' Quality (DDQ) specifications, coffee is milled and processed specifically for Dunkin'.

What does McDonald's use in their vanilla iced coffee? ›

Our McCafé® French Vanilla Iced Coffee is a refreshingly cool iced coffee made with 100% Arabica beans. McDonald's Vanilla Iced Coffee recipe features our premium roast coffee and smooth French vanilla syrup. Personalized with your choice of sweetener and creamer for a taste that's unmistakably yours.

Is Starbucks and McDonald's coffee the same? ›

Although their process is different, the end product (gourmet coffee) is similar. Choosing between McDonald's and Starbucks cannot be determined by quality. They both boast high-quality products.

Can you turn any hot coffee into iced coffee? ›

First things first, brew your coffee extra strong by using the same amount of grounds but half the amount of water. Pour the hot coffee over a cup that's filled with lots and lots of ice. You'll notice a few iced cubes starting to melt which will help dilute and bring it to room temperature.

How to make good iced coffee at home with machine? ›

  1. Grind your coffee. Grind your coffee to the specifications of the manufacturer. ...
  2. Add water to the reservoir. Fill the coffee maker with half as much water as normally required.
  3. Add ice to your carafe. ...
  4. Run the coffee maker. ...
  5. Serve the iced coffee.
Jul 16, 2021

What is cold brew vs iced coffee? ›

Cold brew steeps grounds, slowly, in cold water. Iced coffee is brewed hot—using a standard coffee maker— cooled and served over ice. Certain light, floral notes can only be extracted using hot water, so iced coffee tends to have brighter (acidic) and more pronounced flavors than cold brew.

Does it matter what coffee grounds you use for cold brew? ›

Yes, you can use regular coffee beans to make cold brew, so your favorite coffee is a great place to start! However, we recommend using coarse ground coffee beans. If you use regular or finely ground coffee beans, you'll wind up with a bit of thick, gritty sludge at the bottom of your cold brew jar.

What's the best way to make iced coffee? ›

Fill a glass with ice. Pour in coffee. Add cream and sugar (or simple syrup). Stir and drink!

What coffee does Brad Pitt endorse? ›

Spark brought De'Longhi and Brad Pitt together 18 months ago. After the huge success De'Longhi is now extending the relationship with the launch of a new campaign entitled 'TrueBrew. Coffee, from bean to cup in just a touch'.

What kind of coffee maker is in all star movies? ›

The All Star Movies Resort rooms has a Cuisinart single-serve coffee maker. Does this coffee maker use the K-cups or the pods?” Hi Mary Kay, and welcome to planDisney!

What coffee does George Clooney own? ›

Clooney, together with entrepreneur Rande Gerber (father of Kaia Gerber) and real estate mogul Mike Meldman, founded Casamigos back in 2013. To date, the business is said to have reached almost triple its brand value, per The Drinks Business.

Does a more expensive coffee maker make better coffee? ›

An expensive coffee maker is worth the price. Period. By expensive, we mean one that is SCA certified and costs between $200 to $300. If you want full flavor, amazing nuanced coffee notes, and the optimal brew temp, step up your coffee game.

Why are Ninja coffee makers so good? ›

These machines use a dual-thermal system that keeps the coffee hot for up to 12 hours, so you never have to worry about reheating it. Some Ninja coffee makers make your coffee in under 60 seconds, while others brew up to 12 cups at a time. It all depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Which coffee is more preferred by coffee connoisseurs and why? ›

Arabica Coffee Beans: The Smooth Operator

Arabica beans are known for their rich, smooth taste and low acidity, making them a favourite among coffee connoisseurs.

How do I make my Keurig coffee taste like Starbucks? ›

Clean Your Keurig
  1. Fill the Keurig's chamber with white vinegar.
  2. Run brew cycles until all the vinegar empties out.
  3. Next, fill the chamber with water. You can squeeze a lemon into the chamber to help remove the taste of vinegar.
  4. Run as many brew cycles as needed to empty out all the water.
Nov 15, 2022

How much coffee do I put in a coffee maker for 1 cup? ›

The standard ratio for brewing coffee is 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 ounces of water – 1 tablespoon for lighter coffee and 2 for stronger coffee. That 6-ounce measure is equivalent to one “cup” in a standard coffeemaker, but keep in mind that the standard mug size is closer to 12 ounces or larger.

Which coffee has the most caffeine? ›

Arabica may be the more popular of the two, yet Robusta is the clear winner in the caffeine competition. On average, Robusta beans have twice as much caffeine content as Arabica beans (1). Robusta is easy to find as it is almost always the bean of choice for cheaper, supermarket-ready brands.

Is it OK to drink distilled water in coffee? ›

As distilled water has hardly any mineral content (roughly 9ppm), using it for coffee preparation will result in a bitter cup. We often say that you should use water that you like to drink to make your coffee -- after all, coffee is over 98% water.

Does Starbucks use distilled water for coffee? ›

According to Water Filtration Tips, Starbucks uses a triple filtered, reverse osmosis water filtration system. The reverse osmosis process works by water flowing through a series of filters that remove sediment, then it moves on to an activated carbon filter to reduce unwanted tastes or odors like chlorine.

Can you drink distilled water? ›

Distilled water is safe to drink. But you'll probably find it flat or bland. That's because it's stripped of important minerals like calcium, sodium, and magnesium that give tap water its familiar flavor. What's left is just hydrogen and oxygen and nothing else.

How many times should I run water through coffee maker after vinegar? ›

Step 4: Run Water Through the Machine

When cleaning your machine with vinegar, it can leave a smell and taste. Since you don't want vinegar coffee, you'll want to run water through the machine 2-4 times or until the vinegar smell and taste are completely gone.

Is it OK to put cold water in coffee maker? ›

The Consensus Is…

Cold water should always be used to supply coffee makers.

Can you leave vinegar in a coffee maker overnight? ›

Clean coffee maker with vinegar ratio of 50/50 mix of cold tap water and distilled or filtered white vinegar after brewing cycle runs through once typically. For the best result, let it sit overnight, then rerun the brew cycle without any pod or filter basket inside the brewer.

Can I use tap water for coffee? ›

Tap water in most parts of the world just isn't suited for coffee brewing. Even if it's clean and potable, it can still be very high in calcium and bicarbonates. And oftentimes, there will be nasty tasting compounds as well.

Is tap water good for coffee machine? ›

Tap Water. Water from the tap is a fine option to get water for your machine. If you live in a major city, the water is cleaned before it gets to you, but not ultra purified. You may want to put it through a Brita or Pur filter to clear out any large particles, but tap water is not an enemy of the espresso machine.

Is tap water best for coffee? ›

Water — the biggest ingredient in coffee by weight — can make or break the flavor of a freshly brewed cup, according to a chemist-barista research team. Tap water brings out better flavor in coffee, though there are trade-offs between hard and soft water.

Is A Nespresso better than a Keurig? ›

The main difference between Nespresso and Keurig pods comes down to cost and taste. Nespresso delivers a more flavorful cup of coffee or espresso but at a higher price point. Keurig pods are more budget-friendly, do not offer an espresso brew option, and can lack flavor.

How long do Keurigs last? ›

Most Keurig customers say that their machines typically last for three to five years. But here are some other signs that might let you know when to replace your Keurig before then: Your coffee doesn't come out piping hot.

Which Keurig takes all pods? ›

Which Keurig Uses All K-Cup Pods? If you're in the market for a new Keurig, you don't have to worry about making sure your brand-new machine uses all K-Cup Pods. All brewers from the Keurig 2.0 line are compatible with all K-Cups, but the 2.0 brewers and 2.0 K-Cups were discontinued in 2019 due to consumer backlash.

How long do single serve coffee makers last? ›

Automatic coffee makers, such as drip coffee machines or single serve coffee brewers, should last for anywhere between 5 and 10 years. The machine can last this long thanks to regular cleaning regime, which includes descaling and cleaning.

Why does Nespresso taste so much better than Keurig? ›

The Nespresso machines simply brew much better coffee than most Keurigs. The thin layer of crema produced by Nespresso's centrifugal approach further enhances the aroma and taste experience.

Why is Nespresso so popular? ›

Nespresso is popular because its products provide easy access to café-style coffee. Users don't have to go out of their way to get premium-quality drinks. Additionally, Nespresso machines are built to last, and most people find the taste and flavor superior to cheaper alternatives.

Why is Nespresso so successful? ›

Nespresso's success can be explained by the diffusion of innovations theory, which explains how new ideas and technologies spread in networks. In order to gain a small foothold in the global market, Nespresso slowly introduced its products in the global market by opening pop-up stores.

What are the disadvantages of Keurig? ›

Here are a few Keurig cons to consider before committing to the products.
  • Keurigs wreak havoc on the environment. ...
  • Relying on K-Cups limits your options and quality. ...
  • K-Cups give you lower-quality, less fresh coffee. ...
  • Using a Keurig is more expensive. ...
  • Keurigs aren't great for hosting company. ...
  • Keurigs need tedious cleaning.
Sep 26, 2022

Is it OK to use vinegar in a Keurig? ›

Even though a Keurig makes coffee in a snap, it is essential to spend a few moments to regularly clean it for the best coffee ever, every day. Descaling it with a simple solution of equal parts water and white vinegar will extend the life of your favorite coffee maker and keep your coffee tasting fresh.

Is it better to leave your Keurig on or off? ›

Should I leave my Keurig® coffee machine on all the time? No. We recommend you power off your machine after each use.

Which Keurigs are discontinued? ›

Unfortunately, the Keurig 2.0 brewing system received a bit of backlash for removing the ability to use third-party pods, and this line of brewers has now been discontinued. While you can still buy a Keurig 2.0 coffee maker if you are considering investing in one we recommend opting for a current Keurig model instead.

How to get a new Keurig for free? ›

It is recommended that you register your brewer on Keurig.com/new so that your purchase information will be stored in our system. Keurig will, at its option, repair or replace a defective brewer without charge upon its receipt of proof of the date of purchase.

What does K stand for in K-cup? ›

K-cups are specifically designed to be used in the Keurig single cup coffee maker only. Keurig has recently changed the name of their "K-CUP" to "K-CUP PODS" but they are very different than actual paper coffee pods. Standard coffee pods look like a round sealed pouch made of filter paper that is filled with coffee.

How do you know when it's time to replace your coffee maker? ›

Furthermore, some of the sure signs that your machine needs attention include:
  • There are puddles or drips in places. ...
  • There is a lack of steam pressure. ...
  • There's a burnt taste in the coffee. ...
  • The steam and/or hot water tastes off, or has a bad smell.
May 6, 2019

Do coffee makers stop making good coffee? ›

Even if your coffee maker used to brew coffee at the correct temperature, the heating element can wear out over time. A sign of this will be weak, under-extracted coffee that often tastes slightly sour.

How many times should you clean a coffee maker? ›

You should clean your coffee maker after every use, removing the grounds and cleaning the brew basket, lid, and carafe. A deeper cleaning to remove mineral deposits should be done at least every three months.

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